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A couple of notes:
           I drove to Gettysburg to be at the 147th anniversary of the battle, July 1-3. (The 150th anniversary will be in 2013.) During the anniversary, the Military Park holds two types of special events: Real-time and Battle Walks. The Real-time talks are 30-60 minutes each, and sometimes it involves a little walking. Battle Walks can be 2.5 hours or so, and they involve a lot of walking. But I understand that there are walking tours with park guides much of the year.
           Whenever I tell my family and friends that I've taken pictures at the Gettysburg Military Park, I think they expect that the pictures will be of places where the battle took place. However, the distances sometimes are large enough that a picture of a battlefield would look like a grass field. There isn't a way to show the perspective of the nature of the geography of the battlefield. So I end up with a lot of pictures of monuments and farm buildings. They are interesting to me, and I hope they are interesting to you.

July 1 - McPherson's Ridge
July 1 - By The Railroad Cut
July 1 - The Wills Farm - The Eternal Light Peace Memorial
July 1 - Oak Ridge
July 1 - Barlow's Knoll
July 2 - Peach Orchard, Wheat Field, Devil's Den, Round Tops
July 2 - East Cemetery Hill
July 3 - Spangler's Spring and Culp's Hill
July 3 - Virginia Monument, The Angle, The High Water Mark, The Lincoln Train Station

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