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Brood War Protoss Structures
Level 1: Escape from Aiur.
Level 2: Dunes of Shakuras.
Level 3: Legacy of the Xel'Naga.
Level 4: The Quest for Uraj.
Level 5: The Battle of Braxis.
Level 6: The Return to Char.
Level 7: The Insurgent.
Level 8: The Countdown.

BroodWar Protoss Tips

General Tips:

Ground Units:

  • Archon: Archons are created by the uniting of 2 Templars. Select 2 Templars and a box at the lower right will become enabled. When you click on this box/button, an Archon will be created. Archons are almost completely made of shield. They are vulnerable to EMP shockwave by Terran Science Vessels. They have a strong attack. If gas is plentiful and a lot of Templars can be created, consider creating some Archons out of Templars that have used up their energy with Psionic Storms or Hallucination.
  • Dark Archon: The Dark Archon is created by the merging of two Dark Templars. It has the following abilities:
    Indent - Mind Control: Possibly the most influential of all the additions made in Brood War. Use Mind Control to permanently gain control of enemy units. Mind Control a transport and get all the units inside of the transport. If an Overlord contains a Drone or a Drop Ship contains an SCV (or if you Mind Control a Drone or SCV), you could mutate a Hatchery or build Command Center. Use of Mind Control temporarily lowers its defense and makes it vulnerable.
    Indent - If you are up against the Zerg, one excellent strategy is to attack the edge of a Zerg colony. If there is a gap (like in Protoss Level 8), they will try to send Zerg units carried in Overlords. If you Mind Control the Overlord, you will get the Overlord and all the units inside.
    Indent - Another great strategy is to Mind Control a Zerg Drone. There is a 200 Psi unit limit on your Protoss army, and starting a hive will give you another 200 units, doubling the potential of your army.
    Indent - Maelstrom: Affects biological units kind of like the Archon's Lockdown. Units are frozen. Cool.
  • Dark Templar:
    Indent - Dark Templars can merge into Dark Archons.
    Indent - Dark Templars are permanently cloaked and have a slow but effective slashing attack. Use of these units requires that they avoid all detectors.
  • Dragoons: Dragoons can be used in much the same way that Zerg Hydralisks are used. They are good units against ground and air units as well as structures. They are more vulnerable to close attacks (such as that of Zerglings) than Hydralisks are.
  • Reavers: Reavers are non-robotic units. They attack using Scarabs at long-range. Choose one or more Reavers and click on the Scarab button (15 minerals each). Reavers can hold a maximum of 5 Scarabs each, but in later levels there is an upgrade to enable Reavers to hold 10. If there are a group of Reavers, they must be monitored in order to prevent all of the Reavers from attacking one Zergling or Hydralisk, for example, at the same time when an attack from one Reaver would have accomplished the same thing. The Reavers end up empty before you know it.
  • Templar: (AKA High Templar)
    Indent - Two Templars can develop into Archons.
    Indent - Their only method of attack is by Psionic Storm. This is an electric storm that will damage larger units and destroy smaller units.
  • Zealots: The grunt of the Protoss ground force. Its attack is exclusively a close-up account. Large groups are very effective.
  • Air Units:

  • Arbiter:
    Indent - Arbiters are localized cloaking units. The cloaking is in effect for a limited range. Think of them as the opposite of the Terran's Science Vessel in this regard. This is very useful during an attack on areas of the enemy's base where there are no detector units or structures.
    Indent - Arbiters can place other units within a certain range of a target into a Stasis Field. This is similar to the Lockdown capability of the Terran Ghost, but, unlike Lockdown, units in Stasis Field cannot be attacked.
    Indent - Arbiters have a Recall ability. They can target units and teleport them back to where the Arbiter is. Place the Arbiter at the point where you want ground forces to be moved and click on the Recall icon. The cursor becomes a target. All of the forces in a specific area will be transported (ala Star Trek) to the Arbiter. Before the use of Recall, bunch up as many ground forces as tightly as possible. Another advantage of this is that the recalled forces will be cloaked. Very useful defensively during a strong counter-attack by the enemy. It can also be used offensively to move forces quickly into the middle of an opponent's base.
  • Carrier: Carriers are very effective in groups of at least three. They send out Interceptors, up to 10 at a time.
  • Corsair:
  • Observer: Flying cloaked detector units.
  • Scout: A unit much like the Terran's Wraith.
  • Shuttle: The equivalent of the Terran Drop Ship.
  • Protoss Mission 1: Escape from Aiur.

    Initial Resources: None.
    Initial Forces: Zeratul (Dark Templar), 6 Zealots, 3 Dragoons.
    Initial Structures: None to speak of. Structures exist, but they are not empowered.
    Mission Objectives:
  • Bring Zeratul to the warp gate.
  • Zeratul must survive.

  • Tips: Even though this map is a Jungle map, it works more like an Installation map. There are no resources, no buildings which are powered to do anything, and new forces are acquired periodically. This map can be won in two ways. First, it is possible to rush through most of the map to the Beacon at the lower right (SE). Second, if you use your forces wisely, the skirmishes can be won without too many losses. The Nexus Canals must be destroyed as soon as possible at each site to prevent Zerg reinforcements. The largest foes will be the Ultralisks that are posted around the map. There is one battle that is very difficult to win. The battle is one which your foces are encouraged to join. It is about 50+ Zerg against maybe 20+ Protoss. It may be more strategic to break away as many Protoss units as possible and send in the Dark Templar to pick off as many as possible. Then send in the force you have to destroy the Zerg and the Nexus Canals.

    Protoss Mission 2: Dunes of Shakuras.

    Initial Resources: 600 minerals, 0 gas.
    Initial Forces: 4 Zealots, 4 Probes. (After the Nexus warps in, several Zerg units appear in an attack. 4 Dark Templars appear.
    Initial Structures: None.
    Initial Mission Objectives: Establish a base and find the Dark Templar.
    Ultimate Mission Objectives: As soon as the Nexus warps in, the mission changes to -- destroy the Zerg base.
    Tips: Move your small force W where there is a gas vent and some minerals. Warp in a Nexus, Assimilator, and a Pylon. As soon as the Nexus is warped in, a Zerg force will unburrow and attack everything it can. 4 Dark Templars will soon appear to destroy the Zerg. S of the base is a bridge. S of the bridge is a small Zerg base that can be taken quickly, and E of the bridge is a lightly held area where the warp gate is found. East of the warp gate is a plateau that leads to the main Zerg base. N of the eastern plateau is another set of minerals that is lightly defended. With all the resources on the map, it should be easy to keep churning out Dragoons, Dark Templars, High Templars, Zealots, etc. before the final assault on the Zerg base. Victory is easy.

    Protoss Mission 3: Legacy of the Xel'Naga.

    Initial Resources: 250 minerals, 75 gas.
    Initial Forces: 5 Probes, 2 Dark Templars. They are joined by 4 Corsairs and 4 Dragoons.
    Initial Structures: 1 Nexus, 3 Pylons, 1 Templar Archives, 1 Gateway.
    Mission Objectives: Destroy the Zerg Cerebrates. This requires use of the Dark Templars.
    Indent - The map is made of 3 islands -- one to the N, one to the SE, and one to the SW. The initial forces and structures are on an island to the SE.
    Indent - After a very short time, the 4 Corsairs come followed by 2 Shuttles carrying 4 Dragoons. They attack the small Zerg base on the island to the N. The Corsairs place a Disruption Web on the Spore Colonies. The 2 Shuttles disappear. The Dragoons must be targeted on the Spore Colonies in order to destroy them before the Disruption Web ends. Some Zerglings will have to be dealt with though.
    Indent - Build Photon Cannons as near to the shore of the island of the main base. These will attack structures and units on the island of the main Zerg base. Keep pumping out Dragoons, High Templars, Zealots, Reavers, etc. until almost all the minerals and gas are mined. Remember that Dark Templars are needed to kill the Cerebrates. Use Corsairs to set Disruption Webs over Spore Colonies and Zerg units in order to destroy enough Spore Colonies in order to establish a landing area for the Shuttles. Shuttle units over to destroy more of the Spore Colonies and any Zerg units that come to defend. Keep shuttling more and more units over. Destroy all structures. Bring over the Dark Templars to destroy the Cerebrates.

    Protoss Mission 4: The Quest for Uraj.

    Map Type: Frozen planet
    Initial Resources: 200 minerals, 0 gas.
    Initial Forces: Kerrigan (infested), 3 Shuttles, 3 Dragoons, 3 Reavers, 4 Probes.
    Initial Structures: None.
    Mission Objectives:
  • Bring Kerrigan to the Uraj crystal.
  • Of course, Kerrigan must survive.

  • Tips: At the start of this level, the Terran control the planet. The Uraj crystal is on the beacon that is highlighted to the SE. 3 Shuttles bring a force to a small plateau controlled by Terran. Take control of the units and destroy everything on the plateau. Warp in a Nexus right away. Build your base quickly. Begin warping in Zealots and Dragoons. Build Pylons and Photon Cannons near the ramps that lead to the plateau. Move SW to destroy a small Terran base and begin harvesting the minerals and gas. There is a large Terran base SW of both Protoss bases. Move a large force from the new base to the SE in order to attack the SW edge of the large Terran base. Move right through the Terran base, destroying everything in sight. Bring Kerrigan to the beacon to the Uraj crystal.

    Protoss Mission 5: The Battle of Braxis.

    Map Type: Installation
    Initial Resources: None.
    Initial Forces: Artanis (Scout), 3 Scouts, 2 Dragoons, 4 Zealots, 2 Shuttles.
    Initial Structures: None.
    Mission Objectives:
  • Destroy all power generators to pierce the UED blockade.
  • Artanis must survive.

  • Tips: Carefully destroy all the Terran structures and units around the nearest power generator. Destroy the power generator. It will not be necessary to destroy all of the Missile Turrets (unless they prevent the Protoss forces from destroying the next power generator), since they will be powered down after the power generator is destroyed. After each power generator is destroyed, fresh reinforcements are brought in.

    Protoss Mission 6: The Return to Char.

    Initial Resources: 800 minerals, 400 gas.
    Initial Protoss Forces: 2 Dark Templars, 4 Probes, 1 Observer, 3 Zealots, 3 Dragoons.
    Initial Zerg Forces: 6 Zerglings, 3 Drones, 2 Overminds.
    Initial Protoss Structures: 1 Nexus, 1 Shield Battery, 1 Forge, 1 Gateway, 2 Photon Cannons, 4 Pylons.
    Initial Zerg Structures: 1 Hatchery, 1 Spawning Pool, 1 Evolution Chamber, 3 Creep Colonies.
    Mission Objectives:
  • Retrieve the Khalis crystal with a Probe or a Drone.
  • OR ... Do enough damage to the Overmind to send it into remission.

  • Tips:
    Indent - This level is a challenge. The Zerg forces who oppose your forces are aggressive and strong. You will be able to use a combined Protoss-Zerg force. They will attack from the air (Mutalisks and Guardians) and ground (Zerglings, Hydralisks, etc.).
    Indent - The first thing to do is upgrade your Zerg structures and build some perimeter defenses. There is some more mineral and gas S of the plateau which can be developed very soon. However, it brings your forces close to Zerg forces on a plateau and to the SW of the resources.
    Indent - The Protoss start in the center at the top of the map. An Observer is sitting right over 2 Lurkers on a plateau to the W of the Protoss base. They are defending a Zerg base on the plateau that has plenty of resources. Destroy the Lurkers as soon as possible. Build a force and take over the plateau, and begin to harvest the resources.
    Indent - How to attack the Overmind: If you choose to attack the Overmind (the easiest option), you will need to build a force at the new base, move down a ramp at the S end of this base, and follow a canyon at the left of the map. In the meantime, keep creating Hydralisks with your 2 Hatcheries/Lairs, and rally them SW of the new Zerg base at a point near the opening of the canyon that will choke off ground attacks behind your lines (in your bases). The fastest way to win is to build a force of 5+ Carriers with 10 Interceptors each. Move the Carriers down the left edge toward the Overmind that is highlighted in the lower left. For extra insurance, move a couple Probes down along the western canyon to a plateau and build Pylons and Photon Cannons. Bring the Carriers along the W edge of the map. Use the majority of the Carriers to attack the Overmind and a few others to destroy Mutalisks or Hydralisks that trickle in.
    Indent - How to get the Khalis crystal: This may be a little harder. Build a large force to follow the central canyon. In a secondary attack, transport some forces to the top of the plateau S of the two Zerg bases. In order to do this, you will need to clear out the Spore Colonies that are along the edge of this plateau. You can either fight a long battle through the canyon or go for the Khalis crystal across the canyon. A Drone or Probe will need to grab the crystal in order to get the victory.

    Protoss Mission 7: The Insurgent.

    Initial Resources: 200 minerals, 150 gas.
    Initial Forces: 7 Probes, 2 Dark Archons, 4 Dark Templars, 3 Dragoons.
    Initial Structures: Nexus, Assimilator, Cybernetics Core, Forge, Gateway, Templar Archives, 6 Pylons, 3 Photon Cannons.
    Mission Objectives: Kill the traitor Aldaris.
    Tips: It is unfortunate that it has come to this, but Aldaris must be eliminated. Heavy use of Dark Archons make this level easier and a whole lot of fun. Resources must be developed quickly. There are minerals to the W of the main base, and there is more on a plateau N of the main base. It is vital that Pylons and Photon Cannons be placed at all bridges that you encounter. Another resource area is at the center of the map. You'll have to go across at least one bridge and destroy some Photon Cannons and Pylons. Develop this area, but it will become a center of attack from the three main enemy bases. Warp in plenty of Dragoons, Dark Templars (which can be merged into Dark Archons), Reavers, and Carriers. Mind Control any threatening units. Archons, High Templars, Arbiters, and Carriers are prime targets. There are 3 Aldarises. 2 of them are hallucinations. Kill the right one, and you win the game.

    Protoss Mission 8: The Countdown.

    Initial Resources: 1000 minerals, 1000 gas.
    Initial Forces:
  • Base 1 (at south edge of map): Artanis (Scout), 4 Probes, 3 Dragoons
  • Base 2 (at west edge of map): Zeratul (Dark Templar), 4 Probes, 3 Dragoons.

  • Initial Structures:
  • Base 1: Nexus, Cybernetics Core, Gateway, Forge, Photon Cannon, 3 Pylons.
  • Base 2: Nexus, Gateway, Citadel of Adun, 3 Photon Cannons, 3 Pylons.

  • Mission Objectives:
  • Bring Artanis and Zeratul to the Temple.
  • Protect the Temple from the Zerg.
  • Artanis and Zeratul must survive.

  • Tips: This level will require the use of all the strategies and tricks that you have learned through StarCraft and the Protoss levels of Brood War. Effective use of Dark Archons, Arbiters, and Carriers will make this level easier.
    Indent - Begin by starting to harvest resources in earnest. This includes creating at least 5 more Probes in each site.
    Indent - In the southern base (Base 1) move much of your forces (except Artanis) to the bridge to the W, and place a Pylon and at least 2 Photon Cannons there for support. Zerg forces come across the bridge very early. Then build Photon Cannons in the gap to the N, in the other gap to the E, and inside the right-angled wall to the NE.
    Indent - The other base (Base 2) is to the N along the western edge of the map. Move all of the non-Probe force (except Zeratul) to the E. There is a choke point between two sets of plateaus. Build a few Photon Cannons for support. Zerg forces attack through this point early. Begin building Photon Cannons to the N and along the base of the plateau to the NE as well as at a choke point to the S. Place any new forces at the choke point to the W (a High Templar or two will be especially useful), but place at least 2 Dark Archons at the frontier to the N. Overlords will come from the N and NE loaded up with Hydralisks and Zerglings. These can be Mind Controlled. They will sometimes hover over the top of the plateau in the NE. They are within range of the Dark Archons.
    Indent - The above 2 points cover general defense setup. You should also be building other important buildings (Stargate, Robotics Observatory, Templar Archives, etc.). Upgrade ground force armor, shields, and weapons. Upgrade High Templar and Dark Archon abilities. Upgrade to enable Rievers and Carriers to carry more Scarabs and Interceptors. Keep rebuilding any Photon Cannons that you lose.
    Indent - Build a force of Dragoons, etc. at the bridge W of Base 1. Cross the bridge. By this time it will help if you have at least two Rievers and several Carriers fully loaded. Keep building the forces at the two bases. Gradually move up the Carriers so as not to expose them too much too attack and let them choose their targets. However, it will go faster if you choose 2 of the Carriers to target structures -- particularly the Hive. Use the ground forces for support if necessary. There should some minerals and gas left. Move your forces to the NE where there is a gap. Some Zerg forces will try to come through this gap. Build Photon Cannons if necessary. Begin harvesting the resources in this new base after building a Nexus and an Assimilator.
    Indent - Gradually move the Carriers through the choke point mentioned at the end of the previous point. There is a small area of Spore and Sunken Colonies. An Observer is useful, since some Zerg forces are burrowed. There is another bridge at which you can stop Zerg ground forces. A Lurker is probably burrowed across the bridge.
    Indent - Move the Carrier force along the bottom of the map in an E direction. There is another small area of Spore and Sunken Colonies that can be destroyed easily. Move N along the E edge of the map where there is a very small base with a large mineral field. Destroy the base and build a Nexus and Assimilator. Build some Photon Cannons where you can to the N. Cloaking your Carrier force with an Arbiter will help when attacks come from the N and W. To the W is a larger base. The Carrier/Arbiter force supported by a large ground force should make quick work of it. If you get there quickly enough, there should be some minerals left along with the gas. They can be harvested after the minerals to the E are exhausted.
    Indent - By this time you should have a large force at the choke point E of Base 2 in the N. Move into the Temple area after gradually eliminating Spore and Sunken Colonies. The Temple area is surrounded by Zerg on all sides, but the resources near the Temple are vital. You cannot win without them. There is an island SE of the Temple area that has orange Zerg on it. NE of the Temple area is a strip of land that goes north and then W across the top of the map. It is controlled by orange and brown Zerg. Finally, there is another island NW of the Temple area that is controlled by brown Zerg.
    Indent - Build a ring of Photon Cannons around the site. Build a couple Nexuses (and Assimilators, if necessary). Dark Archons will be necessary to support the ground forces here.
    Indent - Between the Temple area and the area that you just took over E of Base 1 is an island that is heavily developed and fortified. Soften up the edges with the Carrier group. The Zerg colony will attempt to transport Zerg units in Overlords into the Temple area. Mind Control the Overlords. Do the same for any Guardians. They can be added to the Carrier group to do long-range destruction. Eliminate the 2-3 Hives/Lairs and Extractor as soon as you can. The fight will take a long time to finally take the island, but with all the resources available and the long-range attack of the Carrier Interceptors the battle can be won. There should be a large set of minerals and a gas vent on the island which can be harvested.
    Indent - Use the Carrier group to begin clearing out the area just across a gap to the NE from the new base on the island. There are 2 Zerg bases on this kidney-shaped island. The southern Zerg base is easier to knock out. In order to destroy the base at the N of the kidney-shaped island, use the Carrier force to soften up the edges (Sunken and Spore Colonies along the coast). After completing destruction of all bases on the kidney-shaped island, move all your forces on the island to the N. A Dark Archon can be useful. One Overlord that I mind-controlled had a Drone in it which I was able to use to begin my own Zerg base. Guardians and Ultralisks can be particularly useful when you sweep through the rest of the map.
    Indent - Move Artanis and Zeratul to the Beacon at the Temple. A 15 minutes countdown will begin. Since all of the Zerg forces are destroyed, you can watch the minerals and gas resources you have acquired continue to increase. If you conquered all of the Zerg colonies, you can go to the Setup and increase the speed to maximum in order to complete the level faster. If you missed any of the Zerg bases, you will get some attacks. The force of the attacks will depend on how much Zerg forces you have left on the map.



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