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Level 1: First Strike
Level 2: The Dylarian Shipyards
Level 3: Ruins of Tarsonis
Level 4: Assault on Korhol
Level 5a: Emperor's Fall - Ground Zero
Level 5b: Emperor's Fall - Birds of War
Level 6: Emperor's Flight
Level 7: Patriot's Blood
Level 8: To Chain the Beast

Brood War Terran Tips

General Tips:
  • The initial goal of any Terran level is to build enough SCVs at the Command Center in order to be able to mine minerals and gas quickly enough to build everything else. In some levels, you will have to build other buildings or create other fighting units more quickly in order to survive. If you have trouble with some levels, it is probably because you weren't gathering minerals and gas fast enough. Of course, this does not apply to the Installation levels which are a whole different animal altogether.
  • Some levels can be won solely by creating enough Marines, Firebats, Goliaths, and Siege Tanks.
  • Learn how to "hotkey" units or buildings by holding down the CTRL key and typing a number. Hotkeying is useful when organizing fighting units into groups. After you hotkey a building you can hit that number, and options for that building will appear. The first time the number is typed, the main view stays the same, but the information at the bottom of the screen involves the unit or structure. The next time that number is typed, the view shifts to that unit or building. So you can keep an eye on one part of the map while continually queuing up units.
  • A very effective setup: 3 Bunkers in triangular configuration (1 forward, 2 to the rear) with a Siege Tank between the 2 rear Bunkers and behind the forward Bunker with Missile Turrets or Goliaths in there somewhere. An alternative to this is to place 4 Firebats in the forward Bunker with 4 Marines in each of the other 2.
  • Many of the buildings can be lifted off of the ground and landed somewhere else (e.g., Command Center, Engineering Bay, Barracks, Starport, Factory). This feature can be used in defense. Buildings can be lifted and moved away when enemy forces attack a base. This feature can be used in offense in two ways.
    Indent - First, buildings can be built in one base and flown to an area being developed as a new base.
    Indent - Second, a building such as the Barracks can be flown into the "back yard" of the enemy where Marines and Firebats can be pumped out for a quick, unexpected attack.
  • At times you will need multiples of certain buildings. Two Armories and Engineering Bays will speed up upgrades. Two Command Centers, each at a different mineral field, for example, speeds up accumulating enough resources to destroy the enemy. The same can be said for the Factory, the Barracks, and the Starport.
  • Goliaths, Vultures, Siege Tanks, all buildings, and all air units can be repaired by SCVs. Keep an SCV or 2 near repairable units that are on the attack or on defense. SCVs can repair SCVs.
  • When attacking groups of units, you can limit losses by controlling your units and targeting individual enemy units and focusing all of your groups' shots. When attacking a base, rarely target buildings. Just move your units to a point that is within range. Let the program use its built-in priority list to determine what to attack. That way, if enemy units suddenly appear, your units can defend themselves or retreat.
  • Ground Units:

  • Firebats are very effective against Zerg. I always place one Firebat in each Bunker when fighting Zerg.
  • Ghosts are good due to their ability to be cloaked. If the enemy does not have any detector units nearby, this allows them to attack without being seen. They also have the ability to target Nuclear Missiles -- a powerful punch. Finally, Ghosts have the ability to lock-down any enemy unit. Lock-down will completely stop the enemy unit and allow allies to attack the enemy without fear of counter-attack.
  • Goliaths are good in large groups. Goliaths can be used to support Siege Tanks, Bunkers, Marines/Firebats, etc. Groups can be used to attack both ground and air. Susceptible to close attack (e.g., Zerglings, Zealots). Can be repaired by SCVs. The range of the Goliaths can be upgraded at the Machine Shop in Brood War.
  • Marines can be very effective in groups of 10 or more. You can choose a large group and command them to attack one enemy at a time. This will destroy a group of enemy faster than if each of Marines each attack one.
  • Medics can be used to heal biologic ground forces. They can be used to restore any forces that are locked down or in stasis. They can blind any forces. The latter is particularly useful against Overlords, Science Vessels, and Observers. A creative use can be made on ground units that have a long-range attack such as Guardians or Rievers which causes them to move in close enough for Missile Turrets, Bunkers, or Photon Cannons to eliminate them (hopefully).
  • SCVs are the backbone of the Terran. They gather minerals and gas, build buildings, and repair buildings and repairable units. Can be repaired by other SCVs or Medics.
  • Siege Tanks are great in groups of 5 or more (the more the merrier). The Siege Tank walk strategy is one that will work against most enemies. This strategy is accomplished by using a large group of Siege Tanks. The rearward units are repaired and then moved up to the front. No enemy ground units can get close to a large group of Siege Tanks. If the enemy has air units, Siege Tanks are vulnerable from the air -- especially cloaked air units such as Wraiths or Protoss Scouts that are shadowed by an Arbiter. They may need support of Goliaths and/or Marines and possibly Science Vessels (for detection). Susceptible to close-range attack (e.g., Zerglings, Zealots, Marines, Firebats) or long-range attack from Protoss Reavers. If you are fighting against a Terran force and are desperate to destroy a Siege Tank, they are vulnerable to close attack by Marines/Firebats. You will need to move your Marines/Firebats to a spot right next to the Siege Tank. Don't right-click on the Siege Tank, because your Marines/Firebats/Goliaths will remain far enough away to be targeted by the Siege Tank. Can be repaired by SCVs.
  • Vultures are great in groups of 5 or more. Laying Spider Mines can be a great early warning strategy, and they can provide continual reconnaissance of terrain. Can be repaired by SCVs.
  • Air Units:

  • Battle Cruisers can work well in groups of 5 or more, but they are very expensive. The Yamato Cannon can quickly destroy buildings or enemy units.
  • Drop Ships are useful for carrying units from one place to another. A player could move units quickly to a remote spot to start a new base or attack an enemy from behind their lines.
  • Science Vessels are important for detecting when the enemy has cloaked units. Irradiating works great against Zerg (particularly Overlords and Ultralisks). EMP’ing works great against all Protoss and any Zerg or Terran that requires energy for an attack. Another important ability of Science Vessels is to place a defensive matrix around selected units making them less susceptible to damage.
  • Wraiths are better in large groups. They are more effective when they are cloaked and when they are attacking air to air. Their air-to-ground attack is weak.
  • Valkyries are good in large groups. They attack with a swirling pattern of rockets. They are like Wraiths in the respect that they will run off and chase something that is in range. For instance, they will keep attacking an Overlord and be drawn right into a group of Mutalisks or Spore Colonies or Hydralisks.
  • Terran Mission 1: First Strike

    Initial Resources: 250 minerals, 0 gas
    Initial Forces: 4 SCVs, 2 Tanks, 3 Marines
    Initial Structures: Command Center, Barracks, Factory w/ Machine Shop, 2 Supply Depots
    Mission Objective:
  • Destroy the enemy Command Center

  • Tips:
    Indent - The starting base is in the SW. The enemy Command Center is in the center part of the map. Upgrade the Tanks to Siege Tank capability. Build an extra Bunker to the E and fill it with a Marine/Firebat group (3 Marines, 1 Firebat). Put a Firebat in the other Bunker.
    Indent - There is a small enemy base in the center along the bottom edge of the map. Rush a group above the base. You will stumble on another base which will ally with you. Here is where you will meet Duran. He will give you info on where the enemy Command Center is. Build Bunkers to the NE and rally forces near their to repel any enemy attacks.
    Indent - Build Missile Turrets at both bases (mostly the base in the W) to defend against stray enemy air force groups. Pump out Goliaths, Siege Tanks, and Marines/Firebats. March E from the SW base and destroy the small base along the bottom of the map and the smaller base just N of it. You have two options: follow the route revealed by Duran or go up the center of the map. This level is relatively easy.

    Terran Mission 2: The Dylarian Shipyards

    Initial Resources: None
    Initial Structures: None
    Mission Objectives:
  • Steal Battle Cruisers
  • Defeat the Dominion strike force

  • Tips: You will be given enough forces to complete each part of the mission. One of the pilots must make it to each of the Beacons and steal the Battle Cruisers. Care must be exercised to conserve forces. Multiple saves may be needed in order to get all of the Battle Cruisers. At the end, you are contacted by Mengsk. You will have to group the Battle Cruisers and target specific Battle Cruisers in order to destroy all of the enemy Battle Cruisers.

    Terran Mission 3: Ruins of Tarsonis

    Initial Forces: Duran (Ghost), 3 SCVs, 2 Medics, 12 Marines
    Initial Structures: Command Center, Barracks, Engineering Bay, 2 Bunkers (full)
    Mission Objectives:
  • Destroy the Zerg hives to pacify the Zerg broods
  • Take Duran to the Psi Disrupter after you destroy the Hives (i.e., Duran must survive)

  • Tips:
    Indent - A Drop Ship brings Duran into a base that is located at the base of an L-shaped plateau. Soon, four Zerg bases are revealed. They are, in clockwise direction from the left: purple, red, orange, and brown.
    Indent - You will probably need to turtle for a while. During this time, build perimeter defenses. Place 3 Marines and 1 Firebat in each Bunker you build.
    Indent - As soon as you feel comfortable, build a bunker and a couple Missile Turrets on top of the plateau in the E. Move a few Siege Tanks to the plateau -- along with some Goliaths, Firebats and Marines to defend the Siege Tanks. The Lair for the brown Zerg base will be within range. One Zerg base down.
    Indent - When the initial resources are harvested (make sure that you have at least 400 minerals), move your SCVs along the plateau to the minerals in the S. Build another Command Center (or float the one you have down there). If you need to, begin harvesting the minerals in the brown Zerg base to the E and the other mineral field N of your main base.
    Indent - Move a group of 6-8 Siege Tanks W (and a support group to handle Zerg air units) to the plateau of the purple Zerg base -- below where you see the purple Lair is. Use the Comsat Satellite Station to scan along the edge. Target the Siege Tanks on the Spore Colonies. Bring a group of Wraiths in to attack the Lair. The Siege Tanks should then be able to "see" the Lair. Two Zerg bases down.
    Indent - The red Zerg base in the NW has no Spore Colonies. The Lair can be destroyed by a large group of Wraiths, some of whom are used to defend against stray Mutalisks.
    The orange Zerg base in the NE has no Sunken Colonies. Move a large force of Siege Tanks in to destroy the Lair. 10-12 Siege Tanks will make so that the few that you lose to Guardians will not stop the onslaught.

    Terran Mission 4: Assault on Korhol

    Initial Resources: 200 minerals, 150 gas.
    Initial Forces: 4 SCVs, 4 Marines, 1 Tank (not upgraded), 2 Wraiths
    Initial Structures: Command Center w/ Comsat Satellite station, Engineering Bay, Barracks, Academy, Factory, 3 Supply Depots
    Mission Objectives:
  • Destroy the enemy Physics Labs (leads to 5a) ... OR ...
  • Destroy the enemy Nuclear Silos (leads to 5b)

  • Tips:
    Preliminary: Perimeter defenses will need to be strong and continually rebuilt. Place Missile Turrets along the edge of water areas. Build a Comsat Satellite Station. Science Vessels will be vital in order to discover the location of Ghosts which have locked down Siege Tanks and are gradually eliminating them. They can also be used to place a Defensive Matrix on forces that will be going into battle. Wraiths will be necessary for support or last second defenses. Build at least 2 Bunkers at the N, SE, and SW corners of the base and support them with at least 2 Siege Tanks and 3-4 Missile Turrets. More Siege Tanks will be needed at the SE and SW defenses. Move up a ramp in the W and build another set of defenses here. As soon as you are comfortable, move N to begin developing another base at a large mineral field. Build a group of Siege Tanks and Goliaths supported by some Marines and at least one Science Vessel and move S along the top of this plateau. Place your Siege Tanks at the edge of the plateau overlooking the blue Terran base. Destroy all SCVs and buildings, including the Command Center, that are within reach. Gradually move some of the Siege Tanks further down the plateau to destroy more buildings and forces. This will blunt the southern group's strength. Eventually, this base can be eliminated and the resources harvested. To the E of the southern part of the original base is a large mineral field and a gas vent. As soon as there is any activity in this area, both enemy groups will attack. The ground forces of the red Terran will come across a bridge NE of this new field, and the blue Terran will come from the S.
    Destroying the Physics Labs: The Physics Labs are at the NE of the map in the red Terran base. The red Terran base stretches across the top of the map. You can take a route directly to the Physics Labs if you cross the bridge NE of the new eastern base. The Physics Labs are accessible and actually block red Terran ground forces from joining in the battle.
    Destroying the Nuclear Silos: The Nuclear (or, as some people say, Nucular) Silos are in the base to the S. Move a large force S from the new eastern base, since the Nuclear Silos are in the eastern part of the southern base.
    Possible misconception: When I first went through the Brood War levels, I then wrote up this section on Terran Level 4. At that time, it looks like I was under the assumption that you need to destroy the Physics Labs in T4 to get to T5A, and you needed to destroy the Nuclear Silos to get to T5B. However, I'm now going through Brood War again. I destroyed the Nuclear Silos, and both T5A and T5B are available. So I may have been in error.

    Terran Mission 5a: Emperor's Fall - Ground Zero

    Initial Resources: 150 minerals, 100 gas.
    Initial Forces: 2 SCVs, 1 Marine
    Initial Structures: Command Center, Bunker, Barracks, Factory and Machine Shop, Armoury, 4 Missile Turrets, 28 Supply Depots
    Mission Objectives:
  • Destroy Mengsk's Command Center (barely visible in the upper right)

  • Tips: It may be hard to believe, but the 5th Terran mission in which you have to deal with Ghosts and nuclear attacks is actually easier than the other Terran Mission 5. Once you have control of certain bridges and have enough Science Vessels or Missile Turrets for detecting, your bases behind the front lines are relatively safe. The one thing you won't have to deal with is Battle Cruisers. That's a good thing.
    Indent One of my friends described the beginning of this mission as being "nuked back to the stone age." That is a good description. If you slow it down in the options, it still sounds like 20-30 nukes are being launched against you. Run it fast, and the nukes kind of overlap each other. You start out with all of the structures listed above. After being nuked, the only structure remaining is a badly damaged Command Center. The only forces left will be whatever was moved to the area S of the Command Center. Before the nuking begins, queue up the creation of as many SCVs as you can and begin mining. Ignore all the buildings, because they will disappear soon, and there's nothing you can do about it. There will be two massive nuclear strikes at the beginning of the game. The first will destroy all of the outlying buildings. Then there will be a large force of allies that flies in from the SW. That is when the second nuke session begins. As soon as you see that initial force fly in, move all of your SCVs, and as many of the structures that you can move (such as the Barracks), S of the mine field. After the second nuke attack, another set of drop ships will fly in with Marines and more SCVs.
    Indent There are 3 choke points which are the ways of access to the base -- one to the N, one to the E, and one to the SE. You will need to build Missile Turrets and Bunkers supported by Siege Tanks at each of the access points. Placing Science Vessels nearby will greatly improve detecting cloaked Ghosts and prevent little accidents like nuclear attacks. The access point in the E seems to be a target of particular interest to the Ghosts. You will probably have to rebuild your forces here several times. Build Missile Turrets in strategic places between the N and E access points to take care of cloaked/non-cloaked Wraiths.
    Indent As soon as you can move some extra forces N to a choke point between two plateaus -- a short distance from the N access point. Move another contingent N behind the long, narrow plateau to another choke point. Build Missile Turrets and Bunkers at each of these new sites. Begin building a Command Center behind the plateau. Build Missile Turrets on top of the plateau E of this second base. Most attacks will now be made on the forces guarding the access points to the new base.
    Indent Move a force of Marines and Siege Tanks NE from the access point at the N of the second base to a bridge. Cross the bridge and eliminate all of the Goliaths and Missile Turrets that can be found in this area. There is one Siege Tank protecting minerals and a gas vent. A Battle Cruiser can Yamato Cannon the Siege Tank, and the ground forces can destroy the Missile Turret in the same area. Build another base here. Build some defensive structures at the bridge.
    Indent Move another force to the SE corner of the map. There is an enemy contingent defending a large set of minerals and a gas vent that will need to be destroyed. There is a large group of enemy units and structures across this southern bridge. Destroy everything across the bridge. A couple nukes should do the trick. Build another base here in order to get the minerals. There are 2 small nodules of minerals between the original base and this newest base that can be mined quickly.
    Indent There are 2 more bridges that lead to Mengsk's base. Move move forces to destroy the enemy forces and structures at the northernmost of the 2 bridges. In order to defend this bridge, you will need a large force and Missile Turrets and Bunkers. Science Vessels will help detect cloaked units. There are a large number of Spider Mines on the bridge that will need to be destroyed. Spider Mines should be placed (and replaced) on the bridge and in the area on the other side of this bridge.
    Indent A contingent of Battle Cruisers, Siege Tanks, and Science Vessels -- with a well-placed nuke -- should be enough to destroy all of Mengsk's base. If you need extra minerals, there is a large set of minerals across from the middle bridge that can be exploited.

    Terran Mission 5b: Emperor's Fall - Birds of War

    Initial Resources: 150 minerals, 100 gas.
    Initial Forces: 2 SCVs, 1 Marine
    Initial Structures: Command Center, Bunker, Barracks, Factory and Machine Shop, Armoury, 4 Missile Turrets, 28 Supply Depots
    Mission Objectives:
  • Destroy Mengsk's Command Center (barely visible in the upper right)

  • Tips: This is a challenging level. Where in Terran Mission 5b you could limit access to your bases by controlling 2 bridges, it is impossible to stop the Battle Cruisers from attacking your bases. Some things you will need to do are:
    Indent - Use Spider Mines to highlight parts of the mini-map to see enemy units that are approaching your bases. They will also eliminate some of the ground forces, so they will need to be replenished from time to time.
    Indent - Build Missile Turrets on most of the plateaus. Rebuild them when they are destroyed.
    Indent - One option is to build the Engineering Bay, Supply Depots, Science Facilities, and Starport on plateaus along the W edge of the map.
    Indent - Keep Ghosts at each area that is attacked by enemy Battle Cruisers. In order to limit damage from attacks, Ghosts must lock down the Battle Cruisers. Replenish them if they are killed.
    Indent - I can win 5a mostly with Science Vessels and Siege Tanks, but in order to win 5b (against the Battle Cruisers) I have to use a combination of Ghosts, Science Vessels, Siege Tanks, Wraiths, and lots of Goliaths.
    Indent Otherwise, the description in Terran Mission 5a shows where all the minerals/gas are. Winning this level is a matter (as always) of getting enough minerals/gas to build all the units needed to repel attacks and carry the battle to the enemy base or target.

    Terran Mission 6: Emperor's Flight

    Initial Resources: 1000 minerals, 200 gas
    Initial Forces: 6 SCVs, 6 Marines, 4 Siege Tanks, 3+ Valkyries, 2 Science Vessels, 2 Drop Ships
    Initial Structures: Command Center, Barracks, Factory, Engineering Bay, Starport
    Mission Objectives:
  • Destroy Raynor's Command Center

  • Tips: This mission is somewhat easier than the previous two. There are orange Zerg to the E and brown Zerg in the NW corner of the map. The main Protoss base (Protoss are blue) is along the N and NE edges of the map. There is also a small blue Protoss base in the middle of the map, NNE of your initial base, and there is another blue Protoss base on the plateau NW of the initial base. Raynor's Command Center is the yellow dot in the NE corner of the map. There are some Terran structures along with this Command Center. They are all behind the Protoss base. During the game, you will see the Protoss and the Zerg fighting. This is, of course, very good.
    Indent The first view is of a small Zerg base -- one which has numerous Mutalisks. A large group of Valkyries come in and obliterate the Mutalisks. (They cannot be controlled, so just sit and watch.) Two Drop Ships come and drop 4 Siege Tanks on nearby plateaus. They destroy all Zerg ground forces and structures. Two more Drop Ships come in with 6 SCVs and 6 Marines. Two Science Vessels come in, and the buildings for your base float in behing them. Quickly land the structures and add any add-on that you can. Set the SCVs to gathering resources, and create a lot of new SCVs. Build a couple Bunkers slightly N of the northern choke point. Build Missile Turrets along the top of the plateau along the E. Groups of Mutalisks will soon begin attacking from the E. You will need to station 1-2 large groups of Valkyries along the plateau.
    Indent After getting settled, move a large force against the small Protoss base on the plateau. They are guarding a large bank of minerals and a gas vent. After destroying the Protoss here, place Missile Turrets along the NE edge of the plateau. Begin developing the base and harvesting the resources. Place large groups of Siege Tanks and Goliaths at the ramp that leads up to the plateau, at some point along the NE rim of the plateau, and at the choke point N of the gas vent.
    Indent Next, build a force and destroy the Protoss base in the center of the map. They are guarding a gas vent.
    Indent Move a large force of Marines and Siege Tanks supported by Valkyries up the plateau in the W to the brown Zerg base. This base is relatively easy to eliminate. Destroying this base will gain more minerals/gas, and it will relieve you of the threat to your back. Part of the plateau connects the brown Zerg base with the Protoss base. Because of this, Bunkers, Siege Tanks, Goliaths and Missile Turrets should be placed at the eastern at the land bridge -- just in case. Next, move your forces against the orange Zerg base. Destroy it.
    Indent All that is left is the main Protoss base and a small one on the plain between the orange Zerg base and the main Protoss base. It is good to destroy the small Protoss base, because some of the buildings are vital for the Protoss to create units for defense of the main base. After destroying the small Protoss base, move groups of 4-5 Siege Tanks up the ramp to the edge of the plateau on which the Protoss's main base is found. Keep moving more groups of Siege Tanks up. Support these with Valkyries and whatever else is available. Keep moving the Siege Tanks toward the NE. It should be a simple matter to destroy most or all of the Protoss base and Raynor's Command Center as well.

    Terran Mission 7: Patriot's Blood

    Initial Resources: 0 minerals, 0 gas
    Resources acquired during mission: 150 minerals, 150 gas
    Initial Forces: Duran (Ghost), 2 Medics, 10 Marines
    Initial Structures: None
    Mission Objectives:
  • Initial objective #1: Find and kill Admiral Stukov
  • Initial objective #2: Duran must survive
  • Final objective: Go to Override Terminal before time expires

  • Tips: Have you heard me say this before? I hate installation or maze levels!! So much care must be taken to conserve forces, and wandering around in the dark is never fun. Destroy most of the forces that come against you in the first part of the game (blue Terran). Ones that you leave alive will be able to be acquired later for your forces.
    Indent In the beginning of the level, you will have to fight the blue Terran forces. After Duran and Stukov meet, the blue Terran will become allied with you, and your combined forces will fight the Zerg. The challenges related to the Zerg will grow as you get closer to the final goal, the Override Terminal.
    Indent At one point you will have to takeover as many Goliaths as you can and defeat a group of enemy Goliaths. You can takeover the Goliaths by moving a Marine into them. (Save the game before you attempt to move any Marines toward the Goliaths. Believe me. It will be worth it.) It is possible to acquire all six of the Goliaths. Here's how: As soon as you move down the stairs, three civilians go for the Goliath drivers. Follow them, ignoring the rockets coming out of the wall, until you come to an opening of a hallway. Send one or two Marines past the opening to the Goliath that are NW. The Goliath drivers will flee down the hallway. Destroy all of the Goliath drivers when they try to make a dash for the Goliaths, and then you can move one of your Marines to each Goliath. If you cannot acquire all of the Goliaths, use Duran's lock down capability during this fight to get the upper hand. It is easier to win the level if you have as many heavy guns as possible. Later, you will be able to acquire an SCV and 150 minerals and 150 gas to repair the Goliaths.
    Indent Soon Duran will meed Admiral Stukov and kill him. Then Duran will disappear. Surprise! He was a traitor all along. Now you have to fight Zerg. Masses of Zerglings will come against your forces. Protect your Goliath(s) and the SCV. Let the Medics support the Marines. After Stukov is dead, you can send one of the Marines back to gather up any of the forces that you neglected to kill in the first part of the level. You'll have to be quick, since a timer is ticking down 15 minutes. (The countdown is not really 15 minutes. It will speed up or slow down depending on what speed you have set in the Options menu.) You will have to move pretty quickly from one Zerg attack to another, saving as you go.
    Indent Care should be used at one point, because there are several Ultralisks roaming around. (This is where it is easy to die. It is very frustrating to have to go back to the beginning, especially if you haven't saved the game at each point.) Two are in a depression. Keep all of your forces to the SW of them (avoiding a door to the NW) and kill them. Move your forces toward the door and kill two more Ultralisks.
    Indent At one point, you will have to rush at least 2 of your forces through a large force of Zerg, since very little time is left and you have to get to that Override Terminal before the time is up. It is even more frustrating to get a few steps away from the Override Terminal and lose, and have to start from the beginning, because you didn't save the game as you went along.

    Terran Mission 8: To Chain the Beast

    Initial Resources:1500 minerals, 300 gas
    Initial Forces:13 Marines (9 in the 3 Bunkers), 4 SCVs, 2 Medics
    Initial Structures:Command Center, 3 Bunkers, Engineering Bay, 8 Missile Turrets, 4 Supply Depots
    Mission Objectives:
  • Get a Medic to each of the Beacons surrounding the Overmind.
  • Kill the Zerg Cerebrates to weaken the Overmind's defenses.

  • Tips:
  • This level is as hard to win as it is to describe how to win. It is exceedingly satisfying to win this level.
  • There are 3 Cerebrates -- one for each renegrade Zerg group. Kill the Cerebrate, and the attacks and movement from that group come to a halt.

  • Indent - The red Cerebrate makes the Sunken Colonies of the red Zerg impossible to destroy. In fact, you will not be able to target them for destruction until the Cerebrate is destroyed. So at the beginning, you will be attacked by both the Orange, Brown, and Red Zerg, but the Orange and Brown Zerg are far away and the Red Zerg cannot be targeted. The red Zerg only has one base, and the Cerebrate is in the base. The base can be found to the N of the main base. In order to get to it, you will have to have Drop Ships.
    Indent - The brown Cerebrate enables the brown Zerg to create a super-Ultralisk called a Torrasque -- what can best be described as "your worst nightmare." This is the only level in which the Torrasque appears. Even though you will be able to upgrade Ultralisks to a certain extent in later Zerg levels, they never equal the Torrasque. At some point during the game, you will hear a roar come from the speakers, and a message appears on the screen saying, "Tortured Roar." That means that a Torrasque is on the way. The brown Zerg are to the E of the field of red Zerg Sunken Colonies in two bases. One base is on a plateau in the SW corner of the map. This plateau is where most of the Guardian/Mutalisk attacks come from at the beginning of the game. A little to the N of that base is the second brown Zerg base. The Cerebrate is surrounded by 4 Ultralisk Dens in the second base. If you are quick enough, there will be plenty of minerals and gas at both of the bases.
    Indent - The orange Cerebrate is surrounded by 3 infested Command Centers. Any attacks on the orange Zerg base will have to be able to handle Infested Terrans. The orange Zerg base is definitely the toughest base of the three, but nothing compares to the power of the Torrasque.
    Indent - The good news is that as soon as a Cerebrate is destroyed, the whole base comes to a screeching halt.

  • The Overmind is found on the mini-map near the orange Zerg Cerebrate in a yellow 5 dot configuration. One dot is the Overmind, and the 4 surrounding dots are the Beacons to which you have to take 4 Medics.
  • The game opens up with an announcement that your base is under attack. Actually, there are 3 Bunkers and a Missile Turret E of the main base near a large mineral field. One of the Bunkers is under attack by one of red Zerg's invincible Sunken Colonies. There is nothing you can do but retreat. Move all of the Marines that are in the Bunkers up a ramp to the E, and move them along the plateau until they are in your main base. While they are on the move, get your SCVs to mine minerals. At the Command Center, queue up the creation 5 SCVs. At the Barracks, queue up 5 Marines to be trained. Place the Marines you already have in the main base to the N of your structures, and place the Marines that you evacuated to the SE of the main base near some Supply Depots. Zerg forces sometimes attack through this entry point. As soon as an SCV is created, set it up to build the Refinery. Set the next one up to build the Academy, so you can begin training Medics and Firebats. Set up the next SCV to build the Factory. Build the Machine Shop attachment to it right away, and upgrade your Tanks to be Siege Tank-enabled. Begin pumping out Siege Tanks. Keep making a few SCVs now and then, and assign them to either mineral or gas collection. Build an Armory. Begin pumping out Goliaths. Build Supply Depots and Bunkers along the eastern edge of the main base. Fill the Bunkers with 3 Marines and 1 Firebat. Place Tanks in Siege mode behind the Bunker/Supply Depot front two deep. The reason for this is to be able to handle the attacks of the Torrasque. Build a Starport in order to get some air power -- especially Drop Ships. You can use the Drop Ships to explore the areas to the N and E in order to understand fully the strategy that I outline below. You may have to restart the level a few times, exploring with Drop Ships or Wraiths, in order to get a mental picture of the map and the weaknesses of the Zerg bases.
  • One of my friends said that he was able to successfully defend against the Torrasque by surrounding the main base with buildings that can be lost without damaging your overall ability (like Supply Depots). I haven't tried to do that, but it may be worth a shot. You will definitely have to develop a strategy to defend yourself against the Torrasque until you can develop enough infrastructure to launch out. Be prepared to lift the buildings that can lift off the ground at any moment. I found it easier and less costly in minerals to create a grid of Siege Tanks at the N of the main base.
  • To be successful, you will have to take out the brown Cerebrate first. The tip book says to go after red first, but, believe me, it is much easier to win when you don't have to deal with a rampaging Torrasque. Load up at least 2 Siege Tanks, 2 Goliaths, 10 or so Marines with 1-2 Medics and a few Firebats into some Drop Ships. Move the Drop Ships and a Science Vessel to the E. (Recently, I was able to take over the thin plateau with much less. You do need several Marines, a Medic, 1-2 Goliaths, and at least one Siege Tank.) Avoid the Spore Colonies to the SE, and you will find a thin plateau with some Spore Colonies on it which curves around toward the N. The plateau has enough of a landing zone for the Drop Ships. Destroy everything on the plateau using the Siege Tanks. The rest of the forces should be able to fend off all of the air attacks and destroy anything that the Overlords drop on you. Bring the Siege Tanks as close to the brown Cerebrate as possible. They should be able to destroy the Cerebrate from the plateau. With the brown Cerebrate eliminated, you should be able to confiscate minerals and gas at both of the brown Zerg bases. The plateau in the SE corner of the map is remote enough that you should be able to mine out the minerals on the plateau before the air attacks come from the orange Zerg.
  • Now take on the red Zerg. Use Drop Ships to take 4-6 Siege Tanks (with a support group of Marines, Medics, and Goliaths) from the main base to a plateau that surrounds the red Zerg base. Set up a couple Siege Tanks to destroy all the Drones that are gathering resources. There is an area in the red Zerg base which is W of the minerals that is lightly defended. Drop the other Siege Tanks and their support group in that area. Begin moving toward the red Cerebrate avoiding any Sunken Colonies. Destroy the rest of the red Zerg base. You should be able to set up a small base here to begin gathering more resources.
  • That leaves the orange Zerg. They have a very potent attack. They will attack with air units -- combined Guardian, Mutalisk, and Devourer forces. You will need to keep a force of Valkyries and/or Wraiths to destroy the Guardians before they can do too much damage. Mutalisks have to get closer to Missile Turrets, Bunkers, etc. in order to attack, so they will get whittled down (hopefully) before they get to important parts of your base. Wraiths are good due to their cloaking ability. They will attack the base on the plateau you took from the brown Zerg, the original main base you started out with, and the small base between the 2 bases (where the Bunkers were located that were attacked attacked at the start of the game). Keep your Valkyries/Wraiths in a central location and scramble them to the location of the attacks, or, if you can afford it, have 2 groups for faster reaction.
  • Their ground forces will come streaming through one of 2 or more opening between all of the plateaus. There is actually one main opening to their base, but there is a thin plateau that is stretched across this opening around which they will go. So it looks like they are coming from several different directions. They will target your original base a lot. If you have built a small base to harvest the minerals near the Bunkers that were destroyed at the beginning of the game, they will attack that base a lot. Do not dismantle your defensive force of Siege Tanks in the main base.
  • The best defense is a good offense. Begin moving a force of Siege Tanks and support forces toward the opening(s) into the orange Zerg base. Repair/replace anything you lose. Spider Mines are good for whittling down attack forces. They also give early warning of massing orange Zerg units. Use the Science Vessels to detect, and use them to irradiate Overlords. Or use Medics to blind Overlords.
  • Use a Siege Tank walk strategy to gradually move into the orange Zerg base. Destroy Spore Colonies to enable Battle Cruisers to get involved. Destroy Sunken Colonies and any vital structures to blunt their attacks. Do not target anything. Just move the Siege Tanks in range of several structures or units. The program has a built-in priority system of what structures to go after first.
  • When you get to the end, if you have all of the 200 units used up and you don't have enough Medics, don't worry. In this instance, the game allows you to train enough Medics to complete your task. If you don't have enough minerals to do that, you're up a creek.

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