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Level 1: Vile Disruption
Level 2: Reign of Fire
Level 3: The Kel-Morian Combine
Level 4: The Liberation of Korhal
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Level 6: Fury of the Storm
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Level 8: To Slay the Beast
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Secret Mission: Dark Origin
Level 10: Omega

BroodWar Zerg Tips

General Tips

General Tips

  • Healing: Zerg units and buildings gradually will heal themselves after an attack, if they are left alone.
  • Burrowing: Defilers, Drones, Hydralisks, and Zerglings can burrow in order to conceal themselves from attack, in order to ambush, or to heal up after an attack.
  • Ground Forces

  • Broodlings: The result of a Queen's broodling attack -- 2 Broodlings for each unit broodlinged. Their life span is short and is determined by a count-down of their health points. If they are not immediately attacked, they can cause damage to structures or be consumed by Defilers (see below).
  • Defilers:
    IndentoIndent Consume: A Defiler can consume units of its forces (one at a time) in order to replenish energy faster and plague or dark swarm more frequently. Try consuming Broodlings or Zerglings to minimize the resource cost. Avoid consuming larger units like Ultralisks, since the return in energy is not enough.
    IndentoIndent Dark Swarm: Should be used on ranged attack units (especially stationary ones) like:
    IndentIndent -IndentTerran: Bunkers, Missile Turrets, Siege Tanks, Goliaths, Marines
    IndentIndent -IndentProtoss: Photon Cannons, Dragoons
    IndentIndent -IndentZerg: Spore Colonies, Sunken Colonies, Hydralisks
    IndentoIndent Plague: Can only be used on non-robotic units or on buildings. Particularly good against Protoss who cannot be repaired or healed after damage occurs. Good against any other race if the plaguing is followed soon after by attacks. (Wait until the Plague takes effect though.) Larger units like Battle Cruisers or Ultralisks require some time before the full effect of the plaguing is complete. Some Terran buildings are damaged enough to burn down to the point of destruction. Be careful how you use Plague. It can affect your units and structures as well.
  • Drones: Resource gatherers. They can mutate into Zerg structures. Little use as an attack force. Generally, they are used in attacks as a desperation tactic. When you see Drones attacking, you can pretty much determine that the enemy has little left.
  • Hydralisks: Hydralisks are good in groups. They are versatile, since they can attack buildings, ground units, and air units. Can be treated as a combination of mobile Sunken and Spore Colonies. In order to defeat Siege Tanks, don't target the Siege Tank itself. Target the ground very close to the Siege Tank. Siege Tanks can't attack forces within a certain distance. If you select the Hydralisks and then right-click on the Siege Tank to have them destroy it, then they will be outside of that safe zone where the Siege Tank can't attack. This is why Zerglings are great against a Siege Tank. (You can right-click on Siege Tanks when you are using Zerglings.) They have to get close to damage the enemy unit. But Hydralisks can do the same thing if you control them correctly.
  • Infested Terrans: One of the great joys of playing Zerg is being able to infest a Terran Command Center (see Queen). In that case, the Command Center can lift off like a normal Command Center, but it will heal itself from damage and it can pump out Infested Terrans. Infested Terrans are explosive and must be used with care. They will cause a lot of splash damage with their suicide attacks or accidental explosions. They are good against Supply Depots, Missile Turrets, Bunkers, etc.
  • Lurkers: Lurkers are mutated Hydralisks. Think of Lurkers as moveable Sunken Colonies, except where Sunken Colonies have one spike, Lurkers have a multi-spike whip-like weapon. When they are burrowed, they are cloaked. Some levels require the ability to mutate into Lurkers be acquired as an upgrade at the Hydralisk Den. Other levels level it without an upgrade. Several Lurkers can be very devastating. They should be used at bridge crossings or placed near mineral/gas fields. They can be used like Spider Mines to get reconnaissance.
  • Spore Colonies: Drones can mutate into Spore Colonies. They are defense against air units.
  • Sunken Colonies: Drones can mutate into Sunken Colonies. They are defense against ground units.
  • Ultralisks: Ultralisks are heavy-duty ground forces. They cause a great deal of damage. They attack at very close range. In Brood War, an upgrade is available for the plating and speed of the Ultralisk.
  • Zerglings:
  • Zerglings can do a lot of damage when attacking buildings and ground units in large groups. They are good against units that have long-range attack like the Terran's Siege Tanks and the Protoss Reavers or Dragoons. This is especially true when the unit they are attacking is otherwise engaged. For example, if a Reaver has been assigned by the enemy to attack a building, the Reaver will continue to attack the building until it is destroyed. If you are quick, you can send the several Zerglings to attack the Reaver. Another tactic is to send Zerglings against a Reaver one at a time. The Reaver will use up its ammunition (Scarabs), and eventually one of the Zerglings will get through without being hit.

    Air Forces

  • Devourers: These units eject a purple substance called Acid Spores at enemy. Acid Spores cause damage by themselves, but they also increase the damage of attacks of other units. There is a splash damage effect, but it takes time for them to gather up enough of the Acid Spores to attack with. If left to themselves and if the game is Zerg vs. Zerg, Devourers will attack Overlords first. They will attack any air units in sight, and they will pursue them. Be warned.
  • Guardians: Mutalisks evolve into Guardians if the Spire has mutated into the Greater Spire. Great for attacking ground units, especially those which cannot shoot air units (e.g., Terran Siege Tanks, Protoss Reavers). They are vulnerable to attack, since they are soooo slow. They must have ground support (Hydralisks) or air support (Scourges, Mutalisks).
  • Mutalisks: Mutate into Guardians. Great for attacking in large groups, especially when their weapons are fully upgraded. However, they are like sheep -- easily led astray. They can be drawn right into a group of Photon Cannons, Spore Colonies, or Missile Turrets and destroyed. They must be watched constantly or commanded to hold where they are or given specific attack commands.
  • Overlords: It is highly recommended that the speed and distance of sight upgrades be acquired as soon as possible. Overlords have many uses.
    IndentoIndentThey correspond to the Terran's Supply Depot and the Protoss's Pylon.
    IndentoIndentThey are moveable detectors like the Terran's Science Vessel and the Protoss's Observer.
    IndentoIndentThey also correspond to the Terran's Drop Ship and the Protoss's Shuttle, since they can carry units from one part of a map to another.
  • Queens:
    IndentoIndentParasite. Parasite can be used on ground or air units. It reveals parts of the map wherever the parasited unit goes. If fighting against Zerg, one must always be aware that some of the allied units might be parasited, thus giving the enemy valuable advanced information of your base or units. Also, there are usually neutral flying units. They can be targeted with parasite, and they will reveal any part of the map they fly over.
    IndentoIndentBroodling attack: Can be used to destroy non-robotic ground units. Create 2 Broodlings for each unit destroyed. The Broodlings can then be used to attack other units. (See Broodlings under Ground Forces.)
  • Scourges: Flying Kamikaze units. It takes 2 Scourges to destroy Wraiths, Science Vessels, Overlords, Scouts. It takes 5-6 to destroy Carriers or Battle Cruisers. If the enemy uses Carriers or Battle Cruisers a great deal, Scourges may become vital to survival. Scourges can also be set on patrol. They will attack any air unit that comes within their area of sight.
  • Be flexible with your attack. In most levels, minerals are more plentiful than gas (at least at the beginning). Hydralisks are the best for attacking anything, and they have the right ratio of cost (minerals to gas). If you are being attacked by one Protoss Carrier or one Terran Battle Cruiser, Hydralisks are the thing. More than one of each, Scourges will help you through some scrapes. Other levels have plentiful gas. If you are attacked by one or more of the above units, Scourges are the thing. They can be set up in groups of 5-6 which can be easily gathered up to attack.
  • BroodWar Zerg Levels

    Zerg Mission 1: Vile Disruption

    Initial Resources: None
    Initial Forces: See Tips
    Initial Structures: See Tips
    Mission Objectives: Rescue all Hives from destruction.
    Indent This level functions basically as an installation level. There are no resources that you can use, and you will get reinforced at each Hive to some extent. The way the reinforcements appear is when you come close enough to a Hive to where the defending forces "acquire" the Hive. When a hive is acquired, the number of Hives to save is then decremented by one. But it doesn't end there, since sometimes you will still have to destroy all attackers. However, other enemy units can be ignored. For example, there are 4 Ultralisks, but only two of them need to be broodlinged. The other two destroy some Creep Colonies/Spore Colonies, but they do not attack one of the Hives. In a related point: In order to be successful in this level, you will have to rush from one successful defense to the next Hive that is under attack. You will need to do this even though your forces, at times, will have to run a gauntlet of attackers and suffer health damage. You must conserve forces as much as possible while being quick enough to defend each Hive.
    Indent The route you will have to take is basically in the shape of the number two. At the third Hive you will acquire enough Scourges to destroy the Guardians that are attacking the next base. At the fifth Hive you will be reinforced by 4 Queens and need to broodling 2 Ultralisks right away. I had a problem for a few tries where I didn't get the Queens, so my Hydralisks faced all of those Ultralisks. This was because I didn't get close enough to the Hive to establish that I had "saved" it. Then when I arrived at the last Hive, the extra forces did not pop up to help defend it. Needless to say, I lost. So the lesson is, make sure you "acquire" each Hive before you go on.
    Indent The major attacks are on the sixth and seventh Hives. A large force of Mutalisks will attack the sixth Hive. First, they will attack Spore Colonies. You must distract them. As soon as you attack the Mutalisks, they will turn their attacks on your force of Hydralisks. This is good, because then the combination of the Hydralisks and the Spore Colonies will be enough to destroy the Mutalisks. An alternative option is to acquire the Hive. Two Defilers will then unburrow and can be used to plague the Mutalisks making it easier to eliminate their threat. The problem is trying to plague the Mutalisks without plaguing your Hydralisks.
    Indent The real trick to winning this level is involved in defending the seventh Hive. The trick is to use Nydus Canals from the sixth Hive to move your forces to the seventh base. It is vital to ignore all attacks and move to the Hive to acquire it. As soon as you do, a large group of burrowed units will appear to help you defend the Hive against two waves of attacks.

    Zerg Mission 2: Reign of Fire

    Initial Resources: 850 minerals, 200 gas.
    Initial Forces: SCV (with Psi Emitter)
    Initial Structures: None
    Mission Objective:
  • Destroy the Psi Disrupter

  • Tips:
    Indent Level 2 occurs on a snow/ice planet. It starts out with a force of Terran destroying several important structures. After the structures are destroyed, the Terran are removed in Drop Ships. One Drop Ship takes an SCV with a Psi Emitter to another plateau nearby. Use the SCV/Psi Emitter to get control of all of the Zerg units on the plateau (2 Drones and 8 Zerglings). There are 3 Hunter-Seeker Hydralisks below the plateau to the W. Choose one of the Drones to mutate it into a Hatchery. Wait until the Hatchery appears to do anything else. If you use the other Drone to create another structure, like the Extractor, you will automatically lose, so set it to mine minerals. You will need to create at least one Overlord and a few Drones before creating any structures. You will need all the forces you can to survive the first several minutes. Build 3-4 Spore Colonies and a couple Sunken Colonies at the N end of the plateau. (Of course, this requires building Creep/Sunken/Spore Colonies along the way.) This grouping will stop Drop Ships from dropping Terran units that would wreak havoc in your main base.
    Indent One thing to remember: There is a Siege Tank next to each Bunker in the game. Broodling each one. Then send in your ground forces to destroy the Bunker. There is a Bunker and Siege Tank just N of the northern edge of the plateau. They attack the Sunken/Spore Colonies at the N end of your main base. (Note: There is an Ultralisk N of this set of Bunker/Siege Tank. Transport the SCV with the Psi Emitter to the area to acquire it.) Another Bunker and Siege Tank is to the NW of the main base. They are protecting a bank of minerals and a set of gas vents which are vital to be able to continue the attack. There is another mineral field at the NW corner of the map. These should be enough to carry out the mission.
    Indent The Psi Disrupter is in the middle of a base in the NE corner of the map. There is a long undefended arm/peninsula of the plateau on which the enemy base is found. Forces can be landed here. There is a ramp to the S of the undefended peninsula which is defended by a Bunker/Siege Tank. Another Bunker/Siege Tank is on a section of the plateau S of the ramp which will attack your forces as they make their way up the ramp. The attack can be won with the Ultralisk and a large group of Hydralisks.

    Zerg Mission 3: The Kel-Morian Combine

    Initial Resources: 750 minerals, 0 gas.
    Initial Forces: 4 1 Dragoon (Fenix), 4 Overlords, 8 Drones, 5 Hydralisks, 7 Zerglings, 2 Ultralisks.
    Initial Structures: None.
    Mission Objectives:
  • Fenix must survive - AND
  • Obtain 10,000 minerals - OR
  • Alternate Mission: Infest all of the Command Centers

  • Tips:
    Indent Level 3 begins with all of the forces in a tight group between two plateaus. There are 5 Terran bases. One specializes in Wraiths (red), one specializes in Battle Cruisers (white), and one specializes in Nuclear Missiles (blue). It should be said that it will be easier to gather the 10000 minerals than to infest all of the Command Centers. It takes a lot of control to stop units from attacking a Command Center after it is sufficiently damaged. It is necessary to have a Queen nearby to infest the Command Center before it burns itself to oblivion. And you have to do this with each Command Center. Fenix must survive in both options.
    Indent I love to infest Terran Command Centers. I find this strategy to actually be the easiest way to conquer the whole map. As soon as you infest a Command Center, it seems easier to conquer the rest of the base.
    Indent There are some Terran between the Zerg forces and a large set of minerals and a gas vent. The small Terran force needs to be destroyed right away. Begin building as fast as possible. Place Spore Colonies along the base of the plateau to the NW and a few Sunken Colonies at the entrance to the base to the NE. Place a lot of your forces at this entrance. Build all of the structures for all of the units as fast as possible. Upgrade in every conceivable way as fast as possible. Upgrading will help limit losses of units and conserve minerals.
    Indent Build a large group of Hydralisks and Zerglings. Send them up a ramp to the S to the plateau in the SW (part of the red Terran base). Destroy all units and structures on the plateau. Build a new base on the plateau with Spore Colonies along the N edge of this plateau. Place a couple of Sunken Colonies at a ramp on the SE edge of the plateau. There is a Terran base to the E of the plateau.
    Indent The next attack will be on the plateau NW of the main base (part of the brown Terran base). Transport the Ultralisk (if he is available) and some Hydralisks to the SW edge of this plateau. Begin attacking all the units and structures on the plateau with the ground forces and some Guardians. Build a new base here. Place Spore Colonies along the N edge of the plateau (the rest of the brown Terran base). Otherwise, Drop Ships will continually attempt to land Terran forces to retake the plateau. It should be easy to whittle down the Terran base N of the plateau and begin attacking the Command Center. Infest it if you can. Infesting it or destroying it will stop the base from harvesting more of the resources. When the resources that they have already accumulated are used up, the base ceases to function or be a threat. If you infest the Command Center, you can toy with the idea of using Infested Terrans. Hydralisks are better overall than Infested Terrans, but it is up to you.
    Indent Begin attacking the Terran base that is E of the second base (i.e., the base on the plateau E of the original base -- the rest of the red Terran base). This will be a harder nut to crack. There are numerous Wraiths, Siege Tanks, Goliaths, and Missile Turrets. The Command Center is at the SE corner of the map. When the base is eliminated, there will be three mineral fields within easy reach. Build multiple Hatcheries. Have Overlords and ground forces ready to detect cloaked Ghosts at choke points to the N. This is where you might get close to the 10000 goal. It is up to you whether you want to build more forces and carry on the attack.
    Indent There is another small Terran base N of the main base in the center of the map (orange Terran base). With all of the resources at your disposal, you should be able to amass a large group of Mutalisks, Guardians, and Hydralisks (and Ultralisks, if you have them) -- supported by Overlords to detect anything cloaked -- and attack this base. After destroying that base, continue to the N. Another Terran base is in the center of the N edge of the map (blue Terran base). This is the base that has been launching nuclear attacks. Destroy it as fast as possible.
    Indent The final base if a large base in the NW corner of the map (white Terran base). This base will have Wraiths, Siege Tanks, Goliaths, and Battle Cruisers. Send in another Large force of Ultralisks, Hydralisks, and Overlords. Use Scourges to destroy the Battle Cruisers if necessary. By the time you eliminate this base, you should either have the 10000 minerals or have time to get them or have gathered all of the Infested Command Centers.
    Indent Note that whatever minerals you accumulate (up to the 10000) will be what you start out with in Level 4. The same holds true for the Infested Command Centers. Of course, the 10000 minerals will be more valuable than having 5 Infested Command Centers. Also, save the game somewhere near the end of level 3 or at the beginning of Level 4. If you don't you will lose all of the Infested Command Centers that you have acquired along the way. I played one game in which I was attacking the last Command Center when I had only 600-700 minerals. As soon as the last Command Center was destroyed, my reserve of minerals went to 10600-10700 and the voiceover came on to indicate that the level was over.

    Zerg Mission 4: The Liberation of Korhal

    Initial Resources: 10000 minerals, 0 gas.
    Initial Forces: 6 Drones, 5 Overlords, 2 Ultralisks, 4 Hydralisks
    Initial Structures: 4 Hatcheries, 1 Spawning Pool, 2 Creep Colonies
    Mission Objectives: Destroy all enemy bases.
    IndentThis level can be very challenging. My advice is to save early and often.
    IndentIf you have infested any Terran Command Centers in Zerg Mission 3, save the game as soon as you get into this level. If you abandon it, you will have the 10000 minerals, but you will not have the Infested Command Centers. I seemed to have a lot of trouble beating this level at the highest speed when I had 2 Infested Terran Command Centers. The attacks were much more frequent and vigorous than when I didn't have any Infested Terran Command Centers. I don't know if this was all in my mind or not.
    IndentI was able to beat this level and infest the Terran Command Centers that were on the map for Z4. So at the end of this level, I had 8 Infested Command Centers. I thought that was pretty cool. I tend to depend almost exclusively on Hydralisks (this is true of how I play all Zerg levels), though I like Guardians now and then -- depending on the map. They can defend against air and ground attack, and when there are 20-30 Hydralisks attacking a base, it can be very overwhelming.
    IndentBefore describing the action, it would be good to describe the map. When you first start BWZerg4, the map looks like it is long and thin. This impression is misleading. When you start exploring it you will realize that the map is the distance of many maps, but the length from east to west is very long. At times It seems like it will not end. This latter feeling is reinforced by the way the map is jammed full of enemy units and structures.
    IndentQuickly, very quickly, evolve the Creep Colonies into Sunken Colonies, move the Overlords out to the perimeter of the base, evolve one of the Drones into an Extractor, set the other 5 Drones to gathering minerals, evolve one of the Hatcheries into a Lair, evolve all eggs into more Drones, set up a hotpoint for each Hatchery, and set up a rally point for each Hatchery. The first event that will occur is that an enemy Ultralisk will attack as soon as it is discovered. One Ultralisk and the 2 Sunkens will probably be enough. There are 3 ways into the main base: N, W, and SW. Place a row of at least 4 Sunkens across the area W of the Star Wars-like toothy opening in the sand to shut off attacks from the N. Maintain a small force in front of these Sunkens. Place more Sunkens near the ramp that is in the center or W, and place a few Spore Colonies here and there to be safe. But don't neglect to keep building up your ground/air forces during this period.
    IndentOne of the problems at the beginning of the game is the lack of gas that is accumulated. With all the building and upgrades, gas becomes critical. Make sure that there are enough Drones gathering gas. Queens will quickly become necessary for defense. Groups of Terran forces will attack. At first the Tanks will not be able to get into siege mode (thank your lucky stars). Being able to broodling Siege Tanks and/or Goliaths will quickly become necessary. Alternatively, large groups of Zerg will attack with as many as 6-7 Ultralisks (sometimes it seems like more). Being able to broodling Ultralisks will be even more important than against Siege Tanks. Zerglings just don't have the same effect they do against Ultralisks that they do against Tanks/Siege Tanks or Goliaths. One of the early attacks will be a force of 3-4 Guardians. A group of Hydralisks will be needed to destroy them.
    IndentThe way to win this level is with the Zerg rush. The way to effectively use the Zerg rush is to have the Hatcheries/Lairs/Hives hotkeyed. (From here on, I will refer to the Hatcheries/Lairs/Hives as Hatcheries*.) After building a sufficient force at the SW entry area, begin moving them into the Terran/Zerg mixed base along the southern edge of the map just W of the main base. Never target buildings or units. Move groups into an area, and let them decide what to attack. Using the hotkeys, change the rally point for three of the Hatcheries* to be inside the area of conflict. Create Zerglings (mostly) and Hydralisks and Ultralisks (a few). (Create forces with the fourth Hatchery, but have the rally point near the central access point to the W.) It is surprisingly easy to wipe out this southern base. If you are quick enough, there will be some minerals and gas left. Place your forces at the choke point in the W of this southern base just out of the range of the Siege Tanks that are defending a couple Factories and a Barracks. A force of Ultralisks and support forces may attampt to wipe out the force defending this area, so it is important to keep an eye on it. Scramble Queens to help in the defense, and build up the forces a little more.
    IndentStrategically place Overlords along the perimeter of your newly acquired area. You will need to know if a large force of Ultralisks or Siege Tanks or Battle Cruisers are about to attack. Scrambling Queens or Hydralisks (or even Scourges) quickly enough to limit the damage is vital. Send a group of Zerglings to the first baselet in the N and destroy the Missile Turrets and Bunkers and whatever forces are there. Usually the Bunkers are empty and there are no forces. There is a large mineral field and a gas vent here. Move the rally points of the Hatcheries* (after the southern force is large enough) to the area in the center that will be able to defend the main base and the newly acquired land in the N from ground forces. Use the Zerg rush strategy to attack the units and structures in the center of the map. There are 3 more mineral fields and 2 more gas vents across the center of the map along the N edge of the map and one very large mineral field just W of the new southern base.
    IndentPut off building a new Hatchery as long as possible, but don't wait beyond when minerals get to 1000-2000. If you can afford to build 2 new Hatcheries in the newly acquired areas at once, you will be well on your way to winning. There seems to be trigger points in both of the areas (N and S) that involve the building of Hatcheries. As soon as the Hatchery appears, attacks may come. Using the Zerg rush to wipe out the center of the map becomes a good way to defend all of your bases. If your forces can wipe out most of the center of the map and gain control of an important choke point that leads to the last Zerg and Terran bases, it will be difficult to lose this level. Build bases at each of the mineral fields along the N. The last base you should build is one from which you will gather minerals from the large mineral field W of the small southern base that you first took from the Terran/Zerg. Build it just N of the plateau that forms the northern boundery of the small southern base in order to avoid any trigger points.
    IndentOnce you have control of the choke point that leads to the main Zerg and Terran bases, there may be attacks from Battle Cruisers and Wraiths. Be prepared with groups of Hydralisks that can defend the base being attacked. Scramble whatever else is handy in order to destroy the threat. Plaguing the attacking force is always good. You will need to make a decision. Keep building Zerglings with Hydralisks/Ultralisks as support, or just build Hydralisks. I like Hydralisks a lot. A group of upgraded Hydralisks can destroy any air unit and can do a lot of damage on the ground. There one weakness is against groups of Siege Tanks. A group of Queens and Guardians should take care of them. Queens will also be necessary during the attack on the Zerg base, since there are several Ultralisks that are kept back for defense.
    IndentMove Guardians and some Mutalisks along the N edge of the map. There is a Mutalisk and a Guardian hanging around an Extractor that will need to be killed. Destroy the Extractor. Broodling any Ultralisk that is visible. Move up wave after wave of Zerglings and Hydralisks and Ultralisks into the Zerg base, and change the rally points of the Hatcheries to be in an appropriate place within the Zerg base. The Terran usually do not assist in the defense of the Zerg base -- which is good. If you are quick enough, there may be some minerals/gas left in the Zerg base.
    IndentIf you have made it this far, it is a simple thing to destroy the Terran base. There is a group of Sunken Colonies and Spore Colonies along the NE edge of the Terran base. Destroy the first ones in the N. Build a Nydus Canal in the original base, and place the exit in the area vacated by the Sunken Colonies. (You may need to destroy one or two Guardians to accomplish this.) Then set the rally point for each of the Hatcheries* in the main base on the Nydus Canal. Forces will quickly appear on the edge of the Terran base where you need them. Broodling any Siege Tank or attack them at close range with Zerglings in order to enable the attack to move quickly. Destroy everything. Be creative. A group of 16 Ultralisks is very efficient at destroying all ground level units and structures. Or use Zerglings to destroy all buildings and ignore the air and ground forces. Or use Hydralisks to destroy all air units. Lots of possibilities.

    Zerg Mission 5: True Colors

    Initial Resources: 300 minerals, 75 gas
    Initial Forces: 3 Lurkers, 12 Zerglings, 6 Drones, 7 Hydralisks, 3 Overlords
    Initial Structures: 2 Hatcheries, 1 Creep Colony, 1 Hydralisk Den
    Mission Objectives:
  • Destroy all enemy bases.
  • Kill Duke and Fenix

  • Tips:
    IndentThis is one level that I have had few problems in conquering. The map for this level has Terran along the W side and Protoss along the E. The bases get larger as you travel to the S. The main Terran base is in the SW, and the main Protoss base is in the SE.
    IndentZerg 5 begins with 3 Lurkers destroying some Terran and Protoss units and then moving into a Zerg base that is under development. A "5:00 minute" time period begins counting down. (The actual length of the time period varies in length based on what speed you are running the game.) During this period you have a choice. Enemy forces will not attack your base. However, if you attack enemy structures/units and there are military units within range, they will fight back. So you can attack enemy bases, or you can turtle for the period and build up defenses for the coming attacks.
    IndentSomtimes I find it easier to win if I turtle in the beginning. It may be a good strategy to send 1-2 Lurkers to the W to attack a Terran base that is lightly defended, but be willing to extract the Lurkers when the 5:00 minutes is up. Recently, I took all of my forces at the beginning of the 5 minute period and moved them the the Terran base to the W. I was able to destroy the whole base and then start a new Hatchery. That gave me a good start. In other attempts, if I didn't take out that base to the W, Terran forces from that base attacked me numerous times, weakening my forces. So it's up to you. I've had success and problems turtling and not turtling.
    IndentThere will be 2-3 attacks by Terran and Protoss. You may even experience nuclear attacks. In order to stop the nuclear attacks, the Overlords will need to moved forward and forces scrambled to kill the Ghost. Keep the Hydralisks and Zerglings back. It is those forces that will be aimed at by the Ghost. Then rush enough forward to kill the Ghost. The Ghost has to stay crouched. Until he stands back up, you have a chance to prevent the hit of the missile. Upgrade to Queens quickly, since they are good for defense against Dragoons, Siege Tanks, and Ghosts.
    IndentBegin expanding to the W to the lightly defended Terran base. In order to defend the new area, it should be enough to rally forces just S in an area N of the next Terran base. Next, use Guardians, Hydralisks, and Zerglings (and Ultralisks if you have them) to begin attacking from the NE corner of the map southward. There are some lightly defended Protoss bases here. Finally, attack the next Terran base S of first Terran base you attacked. Build Hatcheries very quickly at each new mineral field you acquire.
    IndentThat leaves the two main bases. As soon as one of your units comes within view of either Fenix or Duke, the game takes over with a conversation between them and Kerrigan. Use a horde of Scourges to destroy Duke and broodling Fenix. Duke is in a Battle Cruiser surrounded be a couple of other Battle Cruisers. You will need a very large force of Scourges to take him out. You will find that the Terran base will be more difficult to destroy due to the combination of Siege Tanks, Marines, and Goliaths. You can use the Zerg rush to attack the Terrans, but be aware that the Protoss will attack your southern bases with Dragoons, Zealots, and Carriers. Upgraded Hydralisks will kill the Carriers. The way to get the edge in the Terran base is to broodling all of the Siege Tanks that reveal themselves. Zerglings will destroy all of the Goliaths from close range. Once the Terran base is toast, the Protoss base should be a "piece o' cake."

    Zerg Mission 6: Fury of the Storm

    Initial Resources: 800 minerals, 300 gas.
    Initial Forces: 4 Overlords, 4 Hydralisks, 6 Zerglings
    Initial Structures: 1 Lair, 1 Hatchery, 2 Creep Colonies, 1 Spire, 1 Extractor
    Mission Objective: Destroy the renegade Zerg
    Final Mission Objective: Kill all 30 UED scientists.
    Tips: At the beginning of this level, you have several bases. One of them is on an island in the center with no access except through the air. There are four other bases though which enemy ground forces can attack without the help of transport. Before anything else happens, enemy Zerg ground forces rush in and destroy all of the bases except the one on the island. There are some Zerglings and Hydralisks that put up a valiant but futile defense. It is possible to give in to the inevitable and withdraw what little forces there are in the bases. Move them to a very remote area. Begin researching transporting by Overlord right away in order to be able to retrieve them.
    IndentConvert the Creep Colonies to Sunken Colonies right away. They will be at a gap where enemy forces may try to access your main base. Begin placing Spore Colonies around the island. Some of the island cannot be built on. It must be defended by ground and air forces. Build up ground forces, particularly Hydralisks. Mutalisks are also important for driving away enemy Guardians. If you don't have Mutalisks and are being attacked by Guardians, move the unit further inland in order to lure the Guardian closer for the Hydralisks to destroy. Lure Devourers into range of the Spore Colonies and Hydralisks in order to destroy them.
    IndentIt is important to be able to get Guardians. The easiest base to take is the one on an island to the E. It is linked to another island (on which an enemy base resides) by a bridge. Here is a novel tactic that I used once. Before attacking the base, I built one end of a Nydus Canal within the main base on the island. Then I used Guardians to destroy the first Spore/Sunken Colonies with which they come into contact. Before the enemy Creep retreats too far (you need Creep to build Zerg structures on), I built the other end of the Nydus Canal on the nearest edge of the enemy Creep. Then I destroyed anything that attacked the developing Nydus Canal exit with the Guardians. If you attempt to use this tactic, it may be a good idea to transport units over to it with Overlords. You'll need an Overlord anyway to detect the Lurkers that come around. The real challenge is the Ultralisks though, so you probably will need a good supply of Hydralisks. As soon as both ends of the Nydus Canal are ready, move some of the excess ground forces through the Nydus Canal. When your forces around the Nydus Canal are strong enough, move part of them to block off the bridge and use the rest to attack and destroy the enemy base. Build a new base and begin gathering minerals.
    IndentKeep a vigilant defense of the main base. Contingents of enemy Guardians, Mutalisks, and Devourers will attack. Enemy Overlords will attempt to drop Ultralisks and other units on the base to destroy the Spore Colonies and any Drones that are within view. Many times you will be distracted by events in other parts of the map only to return to the main base and find that most of your ground forces are gone, so don't stay away from the main base too long. Queens would be good in defense. Destroy any Defilers that are burrowed. Whatever isn't needed to defend the main base should be moved through the Nydus Canal to defend the bridge of the new base. It would a good idea at some point to change the rally point for the two Hatcheries* to the Nydus Canal. New units will automatically move over to the new base. Multiple Nydus Canals -- one for each new base -- isn't a bad idea either.
    IndentThen begin eliminating the Zerg bases along the S part of the map. When that is complete, you can think about the final Zerg base.
    IndentBegin moving forces across the bridge. When your forces are strong enough, begin attacking the next base you come into contact with. Another bridge SW of the newly acquired area will need to be defended. Build another base here to gather minerals/gas. Change the rally points of the two new bases to a point across the bridge to the SW of the new base. Keep marshalling your forces into this area. Use up all of your minerals if you have to in order to build Hydralisks, Zerglings, Guardians, Mutalisks, and a few Queens and Ultralisks. (At least, make sure you have all the allowable units -- 200 psi units.) Do not expose your Ultralisks. Keep them to the rear of all of your forces or they will get broodlinged. You will need an overwhelming force which cannot be stopped in order to conquer the base from which all the enemy air units are coming. Also, anything that attempts to attack the large force will easily be eliminated.
    IndentAttack the next base. This is the last Zerg base you will have to destroy. If you are quick enough, there will be some minerals left. Broodling any Ultralisk. Destroy all air force with Mutalisks and Hydralisks. Use the Guardians to attack Sunken Colonies. Use some Hydralisks to target any Queens that you find. Destroy all Defilers. Destroy the whole base. Move your forces quickly to the SW to another bridge. Begin gathering any minerals that are left.
    IndentThere should be enough units left to mount an attack across the bridge. Guardians can destroy the Bunkers. Sweep all forces away from the bridge to gain enough space to move all of your forces across the bridge. Hunt down the 30 UED Scientists.
    IndentA note about the Terran base: There are red Zerg units within the base. They do not move and should not be feared. You can't attack them anyway. The Zerg forces you will need to deal with are those which come from the S through a choke point, if you haven't destroyed those bases, which can be easily defended.

    Zerg Mission 7: Drawing of the Web

    Initial Resources: 300 minerals, 100 gas.
    Initial Forces: Duran (Infested Terran Ghost), 2 Overlords, 4 Drones, 4 Hydralisks, 6 Zerglings
    Initial Structures: 2 Hatcheries, 2 Creep Colonies, 1 Spawning Pool, 1 Hydralisk Den
    Mission Objectives:
  • Bring Duran to each of the Zerg Beacons.
  • Duran must survive.

  • Tips: The Zerg Beacons are involved in long lines of Protoss structures that are visible on the mini-map. There are 5 Beacons. Begin by developing the initial base. Convert any Creep Colonies to Sunken Colonies. Build Hydralisks as soon as you can. The enemy will attack from three directions. They will come through the gaps in the N and W. They will also come across the plateau in the N. Shuttles will bring Dark Templars and Dragoons to the plateau, and these enemy units will march down right into your base. Eventually, it will be necessary to place Hydralisks along the edge of this plateau to turn the Shuttles away and attack forces that are making their way around the plateau on the ground to attack the base. Other attacks will include Reavers. Duran can lock them down and attack when cloaked.
    IndentAnother good tactic is to use a Queen to parasite the native flying creature, the Kakaru, as they fly by. You will get a bird's eye view of what the enemy is doing.
    IndentThe first two places to expand to will be the plateaus to the W and the NE. There are minerals and gas vents here. They will need to have their own defense forces, since attacks will occur to eliminate any defense force in each. In order to detect the Dark Templars and Observers, Overlords are vital. Don't let the minerals/gas reserve get too far ahead of you. Use them up making Hydralisks and other units as fast as you can.
    IndentBeyond the small northern plateau is a larger plateau on which is one of the Beacons. To the W of this plateau is another set of minerals that can be used as a base. Move a group of ground forces to this area before building a Hatchery. Begin marshalling most of the new units to a bridge that is S of the new base and W of the main base. One of the frustrating parts of this level is dealing with Dark Archons. They will steal Overlords, Queens, and Ultralisks if they can get close enough. They will not normally steal Zerglings or Hydralisks though.
    IndentDestroy the base across the bridge and develop a new base. Defend another bridge NW of the new base. Begin marshalling new units in order to attack the area around the southernmost Beacon. Destroy everything and bring Duran up to the Beacon. Remove all forces, since there is nothing worth defending here.
    IndentYou will find that there is a Protoss base in the center of the map which cannot be accessed in any way, since Overlords cannot transport and air units are not available. The rest of the game (at least when I play it) is moving forces back and forth across the map. I like to push the Protoss further up the map on both sides in order to have some more peace in my main bases in the S. Any base that is destroyed will gain another Beacon. The rest of the game is relatively tame.

    Zerg Mission 8: To Slay the Beast

    Initial Resources: 150 minerals, 100 gas.
    Initial Forces:
  • Protoss: 2 Dark Templars
  • Zerg: 3 Hydralisks, 3 Mutalisks, 2 Devourers, 4 Overlords, 4 Drones
    Initial Structures:
  • Protoss: 2 Protoss Pylons, 2 Protoss Gateways, 1 Protoss Templar Archives
  • Zerg: 1 Lair, 1 Hatchery, 2 Creep Colonies, 1 Extractor, 1 Spore Colony, 1 Hydralisk Den, 1 Sunken Colony, 1 Evolution Chamber
    Mission Objectives:
  • Destroy the Overmind with a Dark Templar
  • Must be able to have Dark Templar

  • Tips:
    IndentThe map is divided into two parts by a river of lava that runs somewhat diagonally. Your forces are nestled between two plateaus. There is a Zerg base to the E on the other side of the plateau (in which there are some Terran support forces), a Terran base to the N, and several Terran/Zerg bases to the E across the gap of lava.
    IndentThere are entry points to the main base in the S, NE, and NW. Place a Dark Templar at each entry point. You will need more forces at the NE entry point. There is a ramp to the top of the plateau to the E a little farther down the canyon that goes SE from the entry point in the S. Place a Dark Templar here to stop Hydralisks and Siege Tanks from moving to the top of the plateau.
    IndentMove a Drone to the plateau to the W and start a new base there.
    IndentThe first few times I played this level, I was intent on destroying the Zerg base on the other side of the plateau to the E, but recently I marched up to the Terran base in the N. It was lightly defended, or at least there weren't so many Terran that they caused a problem taking it over. Then, having four Hatcheries, I was able to mass my forces to deal with the larger Zerg base to the E. It is a harder nut to crack. The rest of the description below relates the earlier tactic of dealing with the Terran base second.
    IndentAfter reinforcing the forces at each of the entry points, change the rally points for each of the Hatcheries* to the NE entry point. When there is a sufficient force with plenty of Hydralisks, attack the base on the other side of the eastern plateau. Annihilate everything. Change all of the rally points of the Hatcheries* to somewhere in the base while the battle is going on and keep pumping out units. Place the Hydralisks along the coastline to the E. They will be needed to repel the Drop Ships and Overlords who will try to drop attack forces.
    IndentStart a new base in the newly acquired area. Move some extra forces SE from the new base. There is another cluster of minerals. Start another new base here.
    IndentChange all of the rally points of the Hatcheries* to the NW entry point. Attack the Terran base to the N. Broodling any Siege Tanks that are revealed when they attack your forces. Change all of the rally points for the Hatcheries* again to be in parts of the Terran base where the action is and continue to pump out units. Annihilate everything. Place Hydralisks along the coast in the E from the newly acquired area. Build a new base here.
    IndentMove your Queens to the base in the SE and then move them across the lava along the S edge of the map. You should find a large mineral field and a gas vent. Move a Drone and some ground forces in an Overlord following the same route as the Queens to the new area. Make sure that there aren't any Lurkers waiting. Broodling them if there are. Begin making a new Hatchery at the new site. At the same time, place one end of a Nydus Canal at a central point of all of your bases. When the new Hatchery hatches, place the other end of the Nydus Canal on the Creep of the new base. Change all of your rally points of the other bases to the Nydus Canal and begin funneling all new forces to the Nydus Canal.
    IndentThere is a plateau that curves around the N of the new base. There is a gap to the W and then another plateau. There is a Defiler and some other forces burrowed in the gap between the two plateaus which must be destroyed. There is a Terran/Zerg base N of the plateau W of the gap. Destroy this base. The newly acquired area can become a staging area for your attacks on the Terran base that surrounds the Overmind. The approach to the Terran base is up a ramp. You will need to sacrifice some ground forces in order to expose Siege Tanks to be broodlinged. After that, the attacks on the Terran base are rather routine. There are at least two other Terran bases that can be destroyed if you want a complete victory.

    Zerg Mission 9: The Reckoning

    Initial Resources: 300 minerals, 200 gas.
    Initial Forces: 2 Overlords, 1 Ultralisk, 5 Hydralisks, 2 Lurkers, 8 Zerglings, 2 Guardians, 8 Drones
    Initial Structures: 1 Hive, 1 Hatchery, 1 Extractor, 4 Spore Colonies, 4 Sunken Colonies, 2 Evolution Chambers, 1 Defilers Den, 1 Queens Nest, 1 Hydralisk Den, 1 Spawning Pool, 1 Ultralisk Den
    Mission Objectives:
  • Destroy the Protoss base within 30 minutes (see Tips text)
  • Recover the Matriarch and Zeratul

  • Tips:
    IndentThe goal is to destroy the Protoss base. All structures in that base will need to be destroyed within the 30 "minutes" that begin to count down from the opening screen. The speed with which the "minutes" count down depends on the speed setting of the game. Setting the speed setting to the fastest setting will not make the level easier. Unless you can do things very quickly, it is a very good idea to slow things down a little. NOTE: If you can finish this level before the counter gets to 5:00 "minutes" to go, you will be given a chance to play a secret level (described in the next section). In order to complete Zerg level 9 in 25 "minutes" you will probably need to change the speed to the slowest or second slowest speed.
    IndentThe enemy is a mix of Terran and Protoss. There is a Terran base to the NW, one to the N, and a small baselet to the SW. The Protoss base is to the E. Most, if not all, of the attacks on the main base will be from the Terran. The Matriarch is being held in a Stasis Cell in the Protoss base. The only base you need to annihilate is the Protoss base. Do not spend too much time attacking the Terran bases.
    IndentMove the Hydralisks and one Lurker to the N to guard a choke point where Terran forces make their attacks. Burrow the Lurker. Move the rest of your forces to the south edge of your base. Move the Guardians gradually to the SE. They will need to destroy a Siege Tank that is on a plateau. This will allow your forces to attack the small Terran base to the SW without incurring losses on the way. Destroy the Terran baselet. Terran forces will make it their priority to kill the Lurker that you will have burrowed during the attack. Make sure to defend the Lurker. After gaining control of the new area, move the Lurker and some forces N toward a choke point. Do not move them further N toward the Terran base above the choke point. Attacks on the Terran base will just stir them up, and you will end up dealing with stronger Terran attacks which will weaken your attacks on the Protoss base.
    IndentBuild a new base with 2 Hatcheries in the newly acquired area. Mine minerals and gather gas at as the highest rate possible. Hotkey all of your Hatcheries* and change all of the rally points of the Hatcheries* to a point in the SE corner of the map -- an area that can be used as a staging area. There is a Bunker that will need to be destroyed along the way. Build another Hatchery or two in the SE area.
    IndentAlong with the usual Zealots and Drones, you will face the following Protoss forces: at least one Carrier, a few Corsairs, several Dark Templars, one Dark Archon, at least two Reavers. The Dark Archon will attempt to gain control of any Overlord, Ultralisk, or Guardian that it can come close to. The Dark Templars are a pain, since you need to get an Overlord near the point of battle to minimize losses. The long-range attack of the Reavers also causes some tense moments. Destroy all of these units as fast as you can. Once they are destroyed, the base should fall rather quickly. Make sure that you change the rally points of the Hatcheries* to enable your forces to join the action right away.
    IndentPart of the Protoss base in on a plateau which can be attacked only by air. There are some Pylons and some Photon Cannons in place around the Stasis Cell. When all of the Protoss base is destroyed, a movie clip type display will be shown where Zeratul has to kill the Matriarch.

    Zerg Secret Mission: Dark Origin

    Initial Resources: 0 minerals, 0 gas.
    Initial Forces: 1 Arbiter
    Initial Structures: None
    Mission Objectives:
  • Investigate the energy signature.
  • Zeratul must survive.

  • Tips: The Arbiter will recall 4 Dark Archons, 2 Dragoons, and Zeratul (a Dark Templar). The Arbiter disappears. There is only one way out of the starting point. You must move E. Carefully though. There are 2 Siege Tanks and some ground forces. Mind Control as many as possible -- particularly the Siege Tanks, of course. Do not expose Zeratul too early. There is a Science Vessel nearby that may Irradiate him. Mind Control the Science Vessel if possible. Mind Control any of the advanced units: Battlecruisers, Siege Tanks, Science Vessels, Wraiths. If you Mind Control an SCV, you will get 200 minerals and 200 gas with which to repair. If you Mind Control a Medic, you will be able to heal all of the ground forces. There are several Beacons surrounded by Pylons. You must bring Zeratul to each of the Beacons. This is what is meant by "investigate the energy signature." Information will be given about creatures in Stasis cells. The final creature is a Protoss/Zerg hybrid. Duran will speak to Zeratul. This may be a hint of what StarCraft 3 would have included (and may still include -- if Blizzard does it right).
    IndentOne thing you must remember is to save the game as soon as this level starts. If you make a mistake and exit the level to begin again, access to the Secret Mission will not be available. The only way you can get back in is using the "Load Saved" option.

    Zerg Mission 10: Omega

    Initial Resources: 500 minerals, 200 gas.
    Initial Forces: 5 Drones, 4 Hydralisks, 6 Zerglings, 3 Overlords.
    Initial Structures: 1 Hive, 2 Hatcheries, 1 Extractor, 1 Hydralisk Den, 1 Spawning Pool, 1 Evolution Chamber, 12 Spore Colonies, 2 Sunken Colonies.
    Mission Objectives: Destroy all enemy forces.
    Tips: The initial base, which I will call "the main base", is in the center of the map. The base is surrounded by enemy forces (a Protoss base and two Terran bases) all around. Build up the numbers of Drones quickly and place defensive forces at the openings to the SW, SE, and N. Most of the first attacks will be at the SW and SE openings.
    Indent One thing to watch out for in this level is the attacks of Battle Cruisers from the N. Another thing to be aware of is that the Terran base to the SW has nuclear silos, so you will need to deal with Ghosts from time to time. In fact, air units will attack the Spore colonies along the western limit of the main base in order to open up the ability of Drop Shops landing Ghosts to launch attack after attack of nuclear missiles.
    Indent You will have to "turtle" a little at first. You will need to upgrade in every possible way as fast as you can while building up enough forces at all the entry points to defend from attack. One thing that is necessary is to place a Sunken Colony in the middle of the three Spore Colonies in the SW corner of the main base. Also, I recommend that you have three Sunken Colonies at the SW and the SE entries
    to the main base. However, if you turtle too long, the enemy units will be upgraded as well with better shields and weapons.
    Indent There is a large mineral field and gas vent on a platform south of the base. Begin sending some ground forces there every now and then. When you feel comfortable, start a base with a Hatchery next to the minerals. Make sure you keep enough forces there, because there will be attacks from Protoss and Terran.
    Indent Begin building up forces at the flat area near the bridge in the N of the main base. When your forces are large enough, move across and sweep away all Terran forces hidden among the turning fans. There will be a large mineral field and gas vent where you can start your third base. This base will be attacked from the N, NE, and the SW. As you gain strength there, you can move a force along a thin plateau to the SW where there are enemy Missile Turrets.
    Indent There is another large mineral field and a nearby gas vent at the lower left corner, SW. You can use a couple of Overlords to carry a Drone and some Hydralisks, skirting the Terran Missile Turrets and Bunker and the W and the Protoss Photon Cannons in the western-most part of the Protoss base.
    IndentAfter you are able to defend yourself at each of the 3-4 bases, begin mounting a large force. It should be a combination of Zerglings and Scourges. There is a small plateau just N of the base in the N. Destroy the Missile Turret on that plateau. There is another plateau to the NW where part of the white Terran base is. Between the two plateaus is a gap through which your Zerglings can rush to destroy some Supply Depots, a Factory, and some other buildings along with some white Terran units. This attack will trigger white to defend its base with Battle Cruisers. There may be as many as 5-6 (at least that's what I've seen), so you will need to have 5-6 groups of 6 Scourges. Once you have destroyed the Battle Cruisers, the white Terran base is no match for your Zergling rush. I have to say that I have won almost every level using Hydralisks. They are good against air units and against ground units -- as long as you know their limitations. They are basically a unit kind of like a Siege Tank. They have an attack that takes place at a long range. That can be overcome if you are up against a Siege Tank, for instance. Instead of targeting the Siege Tank with your Hydralisks with a right mouse click, target a spot on the ground right next to the Siege Tank. Anyway, BW-Z10 is a great level in which to use the Zergling rush. As long as those Battle Cruisers are out of the way, you can rush the Zerglings up into the middle of the white Terran base.
    Indent When you have cleared out the area just north of the plateau, you will have split up the white base. Part of the base is to the NW, and part of the base is to the NE. In my latest attempt, I attacked the base in the NE first. After you have softened it up, you can rally hoards of Zerglings, Hydralisks, and Scourges (40 or more Zerglings and a large group of Hydralisks) to a corner to the W on the same plateau as the NE white Terran base. There may be a Battle Cruiser or two in that base. When you feel that you have enough, begin moving them into the base. Don't target buildings at first. Just send them to a point in the middle of a set of buildings. Your Zerg rush should overwhelm the base. That leaves the last bit of the white base to the NW. All of the Battle Cruisers should be gone or they would use them against you. Bring your massive force down to annihilate the rest of the white Terran. There are a few Missile Turrets and one Bunker on a plateau between the NE white Terran and the Protoss base to the E of the main base. You can send a few Zerglings around to mop them up.
    Indent Now you will have a wealth of resources. Nothing can stop you. You should have minerals and gas in both parts of the white Terran base. There is another mineral field in the NW corner of the map (to the W of the white Terran base). There is a medium sized mineral field and a gas vent just south of the white Terran base that was in the NE corner of the map. And there is still yet another mineral field in the SE corner of the map. You can transport a Drone along the absolute southern edge of the map and avoid any Protoss forces.
    Indent The next base to destroy is the red Terran. Create a large group or two of Guardians, and create another large group of Scourges. Use the Guardians to destroy the buildings and any ground forces, and use the Scourges to destroy the Wraiths and Science Vessels that get near the Guardians. You should be able to sweep through the red base without much problem.
    Indent The last base to destroy is the Protoss. Use large groups of Zerglings to attack buildings and units -- particularly the Dark Archons and Reivers. Use Scourges to destroy Carriers and other air units. If you have Infested Terrans, they can be used to destroy Pylons and Photon Cannons, making the job of the Zerglings much easier.



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