The following links are to Excel files which contain invisible movie quizzes. If you enter the correct title of the movie from which the quotation is taken, you get a point in your total. The first file was created by someone else (don't know who). People at work suggested that I create my own. So I did. I've checked the files for viruses, and they are clean. If you do run into anything — or if you have any questions or comments, let me know.

Instructions: If you click on the link below, the file will be loaded into a browser window (IE or Netscape or whatever). Then you can do Save As in the File pull-down menu and save it to where you want on your system. OR you can right-click on the link and save the file to any folder on your hard drive that you want.


Vol. 1 - The original Famous Movie Quotations Quiz
Vol. 2 - Easy Famous Movie Quotations Quiz by Gary
Vol. 3 - Tougher Famous Movie Quotations Quiz by Gary
Vol. 4 - Get a Life Famous Movie Quotations Quiz by Gary
Famous Movie Quotation Quizzes Answers