The Hyperion Armory



Bunker Projectile Accelerator Increases range by +1 
Neo-Steel Bunker Increases number of Bunker slots by 2 
Missile Turret Titanium Housing Increases life by 75 
Hellstorm Batteries Unleashes additional volley80000
SCV Advanced Construction Multiple SCVs work on same building 
Dual-Fusion Welders Repair occurs twice as fast80000
Terran Building Fire-suppression System Auto-suppression of fire, and auto repair to 50% life 
Orbital Command Scanner Sweep and Mule 


Marine Stimpack  50000
Combat Shield   
Medic Advanced Medic Facilities   
Stabilizer Medipacks   
Firebat Incinerator Gauntlets   
Juggernaut Plating  85000
Marauder Concussive Shells  70000
Kinetic Foam  90000
Reaper U-238 Rounds   
G-4 Clusterbomb   


Hellion Twin-linked Flame Thrower   
Thermite Filaments   
Vulture Cerberus Mine  50000
Replenishable Magazine  60000
Goliath Multi-lock Weapons System  
Ares-class Targeting System   
Diamondback Tri-lithium Power Cell 75000
Shaped Hull   
Siege Tank Maelstrom Rounds   
Shaped Blast  140000


Wraith Tomahawk Power Cell  80000
Displacement Field  125000
Viking Ripwave Missiles  75000
Phobos-class Weapons System  90000


Spectre Psionic Lash  100000
Nyx-class Cloaking Module  125000
Thor 330mm Barrage Cannon Deals massive damage and stuns target130000
Immortality Protocol Destroyed Thors can be repaired and
reactivated in the field without SCVs