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StarCraft Protoss Tips

General Tips:
  • Shortcut Keys: Every Gateway should be designated with a shortcut key. You can do this by selecting the Gateway and holding down the Control key and hitting one of the number keys. Any other key building where units are warped in could also be designated with a shortcut. So then, if you are in another part of the map, you can quickly go back to that building by just hitting the number key (don't hit the Control key this time). You will also notice that all of the units start with a capital yellow letter. You can just type that letter to cause that unit to be queued up. So you can type '2d' (without the quotations) to queue up a Dragoon at the Gateway that has the shortcut of '2'. All the time your point of view will still be at the part of the map you started. You are not taken back to the key building. The only way to get to that building is to move the cursor or click on that part of the mini-map. That is a very powerful technique.
  • Rally Points: If you select a building and choose the Rally option (or you can hit the 'R' key -- or you can hit the 1r combination if the building is set up with a shortcut), you can then choose a point on the map (even on the mini-map) where any unit that warps in will go to after it appears. If you combine that with the previous tip about Shortcut Keys, you can go through all of your key buildings and queue up boat-loads of units in just a few seconds.
  • Scouts: I discovered a neat little trick on Protoss level 5 -- Choosing Sides. P5 is where you can get bedeviled with Zerg Guardians and their long range attack, and the Overlords seem to be very persistent in attempting to drop Zerg forces even though there are plenty of Photon Cannons or Dragoons with surface-to-air attacks. It was here that I realized that I could set up a row of Scouts just ahead of the favored landing spots for the Overlords and attack points for the Guardians. Then select the Scouts and select 'Hold'. That way the Scouts become a forward type of Photon Cannon that will harass the Overlords and Guardians (and even groups of Mutalisks) before they can attack the base. You may lose a few Scouts, but your base will be much more peaceful, and this will allow you to get the upper hand more quickly.
  • There are some General Tips for the other groups (Terran and Zerg) from which you may glean some ideas.
  • Ground Units:

  • Archon: Archons are created by the uniting of 2 Templars. Select 2 Templars and a box at the lower right will become enabled. When you click on this box/button, an Archon will be created. Archons are almost completely made of shield. They are vulnerable to EMP shockwave by Terran Science Vessels. They have a strong attack. If gas is plentiful and a lot of Templars can be created, consider creating some Archons out of Templars that have used up their energy with Psionic Storms or Hallucination.
  • Dragoons: Dragoons can be used in much the same way that Zerg Hydralisks are used. They are good units against ground and air units as well as structures. They are more vulnerable to close attacks (such as that of Zerglings) than Hydralisks are.
  • Reavers: Reavers are non-robotic units. They attack using Scarabs at long-range. Choose one or more Reavers and click on the Scarab button (15 minerals each). Reavers can hold a maximum of 5 Scarabs each, but in later levels there is an upgrade to enable Reavers to hold 10. If there are a group of Reavers, they must be monitored in order to prevent all of the Reavers from attacking one Zergling or Hydralisk, for example, at the same time when an attack from one Reaver would have accomplished the same thing. The Reavers end up empty before you know it.
  • Templar: (AKA High Templar)
    Indent - Two Templars can develop into Archons.
    Indent - Their only method of attack is by Psionic Storm. This is an electric storm that will damage larger units and destroy smaller units.
  • Zealots:
  • The grunt of the Protoss ground force. Its attack is exclusively a close-up account. Large groups are very effective.

    Air Units:

  • Arbiter:
    Indent - Arbiters are localized cloaking units. The cloaking is in effect for a limited range. Think of them as the opposite of the Terran's Science Vessel in this regard. This is very useful during an attack on areas of the enemy's base where there are no detector units or structures.
    Indent - Arbiters can place other units within a certain range of a target into a Stasis Field. This is similar to the Lockdown capability of the Terran Ghost, but, unlike Lockdown, Units in Stasis Field cannot be attacked.
    Indent - Arbiters have a Recall ability. They can target units and teleport them back to where the Arbiter is. Very useful during a strong counter-attack by the enemy.
  • Carrier: Carriers are very effective in groups of at least three. They send out Interceptors, up to 10 at a time.
  • Observer: Flying cloaked detector units.
  • Scout: A unit much like the Terran's Wraith.
  • Shuttle: The equivalent of the Terran Drop Ship. Even though this is an air unit, it is warped in at the Robotics Facility -- not the Stargate where the Scouts are warped in.
  • Protoss Mission 1: First Strike

    Initial Resources: 400 minerals, 100 gas.
    Initial Forces: 5 Zealots, 2 Dragoons.
    Initial Structures: None.
    Fenix's Forces: Fenix (Zealot), 3 Dragoons.
    Fenix's Base Structures: Nexus, Assimilator, Gateway (unpowered), Forge, 2 Pylons.
    Mission Objectives:
  • Meet Fenix at Antioch
  • Destroy the Zerg base.
  • Fenix must survive

  • Tips: Move your forces N, taking care of any Zerg on the way. Cross the first bridge and then go SW to join the forces in Antioch. Pylons may need to be built in order to power up some of the buildings. Only the Assimilator and Nexus do not need power from Pylons. The Zerg base is N of the Protoss base. Build Photon Cannon or two at the entrance. Keep building Zealots and Dragoons. Attack the Zerg base and destroy it.

    Protoss Mission 2: Into the Flames

    Initial Resources: 170 minerals, 0 gas.
    Initial Forces: 3 Probes, 4 Zealots, 2 Dragoons.
    Initial Structures: Nexus, 2 Pylons.
    Mission Objectives:
  • Distract the Zerg while Fenix gets into position.
  • Kill the Zerg Cerebrate.
  • Fenix must survive

  • Tips: Build Pylons and Photon Cannons E of the base. There is a mineral field S of this base. Create a lot of Dragoons and Zealots to defend against Zerg attacks. After a while Fenix, 3 Reavers, and some Dragoons and Zealots are transported to the NE corner of the map. Create Scarabs for the Reavers. Attack the Zerg base and destroy it and the Cerebrate.

    Protoss Mission 3: Higher Ground

    Initial Resources: 300 minerals, 100 gas.
    Initial Forces: 4 Probes, 4 Zealots, 3 Scouts, 3 Dragoons.
    Initial Structures: Nexus, 3 Pylons.
    Mission Objectives:
  • Destroy the Zerg colonies.

  • Tips: There are 2 Zerg bases, one to the NW (in a depression) and another to the N (within a series of walls). Build up your main base and place Dragoons and some Zealots in strategic places. As soon as your forces are relatively strong, move some of them along with a Probe to the W where there is a large mineral field. Build a Nexus, build up a force here to defend against attacks, and mine the field. Build up more forces (Dragoons mostly) at the main base and move NW along the top of the plateau. Place a group near a ramp on the eastern side of the plateau, and move more further along the plateau to the NW. There are two sets of minerals fields and one set of gas vents near the top of the map. Develop one Nexus at each mineral field, and build one Gateway to pump out Dragoons, etc. Group a mass of forces and attack the Zerg base W of the plateau (NW of the main base). Destroy the base. Replenish your forces. Attack and destroy the final Zerg base.

    Protoss Mission 4: The Hunt for Tassadar

    Initial Resources: None.
    Initial Forces: 4 Dragoons, 4 Zealots, 1 High Templar.
    Initial Structures: None.
    Mission Objectives:
  • Find Tassadar and Raynor
  • Take them to the Beacon.
  • Tassadar and Raynor must survive.

  • Tips:
  • This level takes place on a space platform.
  • There are 2 Zerg bases -- one E of what will be your main base, and another W of your starting position, the Beacon.
  • This is the level where you will first have to handle an Ultralisk, getting broodlinged by Queens, and Overlords transporting Zerg ground forces around your Dragoons and Photon Cannons. You will be able to warp in a Stargate and Scouts. You can win this level with Dragoons only, so warping in Scouts will be up to you. They may be useful to hunt down Overlords.
  • Move NW to a Sunken Colony, taking care of any Zerg forces along the way. One way to do this is to find out where the Zerg forces are burrowed, retreat, and send the Templar in to cast a Psionic Storm. That will destroy anything standing or burrowed, and the other Protoss units can then go in and mop up. If you like that tactic, then you have to sit and wait until the Templar's energy is high enough to cast the next Psionic Storm before proceding to the next spot. Destroy the Sunken Colony and go NE to another Sunken Colony. From that point move NW to the first place you can turn NE again. To the left will be a depression. Move your forces into the depression and then toward the NW, up a ramp, and into the base where Raynor and Tassadar are waiting. Select one of your units and right-click on Tassadar (the Templar) in order to gain control of the whole base. After doing the basics of creating enough Probes to gather resources, begin pumping out Dragoons. There are 3 ramps up which Zerg ground forces can come. The main focus of attack will be the ramp farthest to the NE, since there is a Zerg base not too far away. Use Raynor to place a Spider Mine at each of these 3 access points. Then place a Pylon and 3 Photon Cannons at each ramp. Begin lining Dragoons near the NE ramp along the edge that goes from the N to the SE towards the ramp, and, of course, put more forces near the ramp. The Zerg will attempt to transport ground forces north of this ramp. They will then attack the Probes and buildings in the base. Place Dragoons along this edge of the plateau in order to fend off the Overlords. Continue massing Dragoons at the NE ramp, but don't forget placing a few at the other ramps now and then. Reserve at least 400 minerals in order to build a new Nexus. Attack and destroy the Zerg base to the E. There are minerals and a set of gas vents there. Line up Dragoons to fend off Overlords and Mutalisks from the new base. Mass all forces that are not needed at the new base, along with new ones that are warped in, at the 3rd access point to the main base -- the one farthest W. Attack and destroy the second Zerg base along the W side of the map. Take time to clear out the forces that are still posted along the depressed level along which you marched up to the main base at the beginning of the game. Choose Raynor and Tassadar and right-click on the Beacon at the bottom of the map.
  • Protoss Mission 5: Choosing Sides

    Initial Resources: 150 Minerals, 0 gas.
    Initial Forces: Tassadar (High Templar), 4 Probes, 1 Shuttle, 4 Zealots, 3 Dragoons.
    Initial Structures: Nexus, Warpgate, 3 Pylons.
    Mission Objectives:
  • Bring Tassadar and 2 Zealots to the installation entrance.

  • Tips:
  • The map for this level consists of a series of islands. There are 3 main islands across the top of the map, 3 main islands across the bottom of the map, and 2 main islands across the center along with several smaller ones. The starting base is on the island at the NW corner of the map.
  • Begin by making sure that you can defend you base from any air-related attacks, including those of ground forces that are transported by Overlords. Build up enough forces and attack the main island SE of the starting base. There are some resources there. Develop a new Nexus and set of Probes to gather minerals along with the Photon Cannons or Dragoons to defend against air attacks. This island is important for the resources and its strategic placement. One option is to attack the island to the E which is held by Terrans. As soon as the Terran island is attacked, Duke will appear in a Battle Cruiser with a sizeable force of Wraiths. Lure him back to a group of Photon Cannons and Dragoons to destroy all of his force. Then you can attack the two islands and acquire the resources that are on them. Eliminate whatever defenders are found on the other islands across the middle of the map. There is a landing area on the eastern end of the island at the SW corner of the map. Destroy all resistance and take the island. Then take the other island to the E on the bottom of the map. This leaves the island at the SE corner of the map -- the most heavily defended. Destroy all the ground forces and structures. There is even an Infested Command Center. Bring Tassadar and 2 Zealots to the Beacon on this island.
  • Protoss Mission 6: Into the Darkness

    Map Type: Installation.
    Initial Resources: 0 minerals, 0 gas.
    Initial Forces: Tassadar (High Templar), 2 Zealots.
    Initial Structures: None.
    Mission Objectives:
  • Rescue Zeratul and escort him to the Beacon. Tassadar and Zeratul must survive.

  • Tips: Level 6 occurs on an installation. I hate installations. I can't do any more than tell you that there are 3 Beacons which you have to get to and trip to trigger getting reinforcements or opening of doors. Any Terran or Protoss should be considered to be an ally, and any Zerg should be an enemy. There are large groups of Zerglings and small groups of Hydralisks burrowed throughout the maze. There are also some Infested Terran burrowed and above ground. Save often, and investigate every nook of the maze. near the end of the game there is a rush of about 50-75 Zerglings, Hydralisks, and Infested Terran. Accumulate as many allies as you can and conserve your forces for this Zerg rush. The Marines should be stimmed, and Tassadar's energy should be at its maximum level in order to Psionic Storm the bunched up Zerg. After this you will need to trip the 3rd Beacon after destroying 5-6 pop-up machine guns. A door will open through which you can make contact with Zeratul.

    Protoss Mission 7: Homeland

    Initial Resources: 2500 minerals, 2500 gas.
    Initial Forces: Fenix (Dragoon), Zeratul (Dark Templar), Tassadar (High Templar), 4 Dark Templars, 1 Scout, 4 Dragoons, 1 Observer, 6 Zealots, 2 Probes.
    Initial Structures: Nexus, Assimilator, Citadel of Adun, Stargate, Forge, Cybernetics Core, 9 Pylons, 4 Photon Cannons.
    Mission Objectives:
  • Destroy the heart of the Conclave.
  • Tassadar, Zeratul, and Fenix must survive.

  • Tips: There is an easy way to win this level. I have yet to win this level any other way. The easy way is to group Zeratul and the other Dark Templars with an Observer (the Observer is optional). Move this group down to the 2nd bridge from the W side of the map. (There are 5 bridges. the one furthest to the W is at the bottom of the map. The bridge you should take is the one which is just outside of the Red Protoss base to the W.) Nothing is guarding this bridge, and there are no detectors nearby. As soon as this group crosses the bridge it will encounter a wall that runs NE to SW. You must go SW along this wall until it turns to the SE. There is an opening to the Orange Protoss base here at the very bottom of the map. (To the W is another bridge to the western Red Protoss base.) Keep moving this group E along the bottom of the map. Eventually you will run into the Orange Protoss's Nexus. Probes will be mining minerals and taking them to the Nexus. Attack with all 5 Dark Templars or as many as you have at the time. If you do this right, the level can be won in less than 5 minutes. Sometimes, if you attack at the very beginning of the game, there may be one or two Orange Observers near the opening in the wall or near the Orange Nexus. The Orange Observer(s) will detect you and destroy the Dark Templars. But you can definitely win this if you wait for a while until you've weathered a few attacks. There must be a couple attacks by the orange Protoss where you destroy the accompanying Observer(s). You can also create an Observer and move it down with the Dark Templars and carefully explore the opening in the wall to the Orange base. If you detect no Orange Observers, you can attempt to move your Observer further into the base. When you can get your Observer to the Orange Nexus without being detected, then you can be sure that your Dark Templars will be successful. As always, save the game at some key points along the way.

    Protoss Mission 8: The Trial of Tassadar

    Initial Resources: 70 minerals, 0 gas.
    Initial Forces: Fenix (Dragoon), Jim Raynor (Battle Cruiser), 4 Probes, Carrier (no Interceptors), 3 Dragoons, 4 Zealots.
    Initial Structures: Nexus, Forge, 3 Pylons, 1 Photon Cannon.
    Mission Objectives:
  • Destroy the Stasis Cell.
  • Raynor (Battle Cruiser) and Fenix (Dragoon) must survive.

  • Tips: Build up Photon Cannons just outside of the two entrances to your walled-in base. Build more along the inside of the wall to the SE. Rally Dragoons and Zealots and Templars in front of the sets of Photon Cannons at each wall opening. There will be one large force of Scouts and 1-2 Carriers that you will have to face. Use Raynor, some Dragoons, and Psionic storms from Templars to destroy the attack. And there are other attacks of Zealots and Reavers. A well-place Psionic Storm and Yamato Cannon blast should help you survive these. There are two Purple Protoss bases -- one to the E and another to the SW. Most of the attacks at the beginning of the game are from the Purple bases. I've always won this by attacking the Purple Protoss base to the SW first. Raynor's Yamato Cannon works great against Photon Cannons and Reavers. But you need to set up a small force of Zealots and Dragoons to block the other Purple base from sending reinforcements. This small force must be left at that point until the other Purple base is destroyed, because single Probes are sent periodically to set up a new Nexus. After destroying the one Purple base, set up Photon Cannons and a large force of Dragoons along the plateau. There is a Red Protoss base along the bottom of the map. Attacks from the Red Protoss base will include Arbiters which will place groups of Dragoons, etc. in stasis, so you will need a large force along the edge of the plateau in order to defend the new base. Rally forces to the E of the main base and move anything you don't need from the new base to this point. After destroying the other Purple base, begin gathering whatever resources you can. A large mineral field that is lightly defended can be found along the E edge of the map in the middle (i.e., S of the eastern Purple Protoss base). Take a large force of Dragoons to acquire the minerals/gas and to defend it, and start a new base here. Warp in a Gateway at the new base and begin rallying new forces at the base of the plateau. Use Raynor to Yamato Cannon the Photon Cannons while you build up your forces and defend the bases. As soon as the Yamato Cannon shoots, right-click on a part of the mini-map where you want the Battle Cruiser to retreat to. That will give Raynor a head start if he is pursued, since Battle Cruisers are very slow. An optional part of the game is to attack the small Red base at the SW corner of the map. There is no ramp to the plateau on which the base is built, so Shuttles will be necessary. First, you'll have to destroy all Photon Cannons and Dragoons. You may have to alternate attacking parts of the Red base in order to draw off the Protoss forces and make the final assault on the SW base successful. Now you can begin attacking the main Red base. As soon as the Stasis cell is destroyed, the victory is yours.

    Protoss Mission 9: Shadow Hunters

    Initial Resources: 1000 minerals, 1000 gas.
    Initial Forces: Fenix (Dragoon), Zeratul (Dark Templar), 2 Dragoons, 4 Probes, 1 Arbiter.
    Initial Structures: None.
    Mission Objectives:
  • Use Zeratul to destroy the Zerg Cerebrates.
  • Zeratul and Fenix must survive.

  • Tips: Your forces start in the middle of the bottom of the map. There are 2 sets of minerals and 2 sets of gas vents along the bottom of the map. Eventually, you'll have to set up a Nexus at each of the resource sites -- making 4 Nexuses (Nexi?). You will need to use Observers to detect burrowed Defilers. The Defilers will plague your forces and buildings periodically until they are destroyed. This should be a priority. They will plague Zeratul and Fenix if you're not careful. Your base(s) along the bottom of the map are below two plateaus. Zerg ground forces will come in through the opening in the middle between the two plateaus, and air force units will come across the plateau. Templars will be useful against Guardians and Mutalisks as well as large groups of ground forces. As soon as your forces are strong enough, Shuttle some up to the plateau to the E. There are more minerals up there that you'll need. Place Photon Cannons along the northern edge of the plateau. These will attack all Zerg force units within range, blunting potential Zerg attacks. Take the other plateau and place Photon Cannons or Dragoons along the northern edge of this plateau. They will attack Zerg units and structures within range. Destroy the Zerg forces and structures N of the eastern plateau. There is another mineral source. Destroy all Zerg forces and structures N of the western plateau. There is another mineral source. Use Observers to expose Spore Colonies for Dragoons to destroy. Create landing areas on all the plateaus that begin at this point. Land forces on each of the plateaus and destroy all Zerg forces and structures. Move forces up the valleys/canyons to the Zerg base at the top of the map. Destroy all Zerg forces and structures. Bring Zeratul up and destroy the Cerebrate.

    Protoss Mission 10: Eye of the Storm

    Initial Resources: 100 minerals, 100 gas.
    Initial Protoss Forces: Aldarus (Carrier), Zeratul (Dark Templar), 3 Probes, 4 Dark Templars.
    Initial Protoss Structures: Nexus, Forge, 2 Pylons, 2 Photon Cannons.
    Initial Terran Forces: Jim Raynor (Battle Cruiser), 4 SCVs, 6 marines, 2 Firebats.
    Initial Terran Structures: Command Center, Barracks, Engineering Bay, 3 Supply Depots, 1 Missile Turret, 2 Bunkers (empty).
    Mission Objectives:
  • Destroy the Overmind.
  • The following must survive: Tassadar (Carrier), Raynor (Battle Cruiser), and Zeratul (Dark Templar).

  • Tips:
  • This level combines the Terran and Protoss forces against Zerg. It is easy to win if you deny the Zerg from their minerals. This will blunt the strength of the Zerg attacks as the game goes on. There are plenty of mineral and gas sources all over the map that the Zerg are not using. Send out Science Vessels or Observers to locate them.
  • Begin by placing Marines in Bunkers at the Terran base and building Photon Cannons N of the Protoss base. Build a Gateway at the Protoss base as soon as possible. Search the plateau NW of the Protoss base. There are 2 sets of minerals (one to the W and one to the N of the Protoss base). Part of the plateau overlooks another set of minerals that is being mined by the Zerg. Place Photon Cannons (more than you think necessary) as close to the edge of the plateau at this point as possible. They will destroy all the Drones and any others that are created by the Zerg. They will also damage any Ultralisks and destroy Overlords, Zerglings, and Hydralisks that come close. After the attacks on the Terran base die down some, move Siege Tanks down to the south end of the plateau and place them along the edge of the plateau overlooking minerals the Zerg are mining. They will accomplish what the Photon Cannons are doing. Build up forces of Dragoons (Zealots, too, if you want). They should be able to walk through all the Zerg base. There will be Ultralisks, Hydralisks, etc. left that you will need to kill, but after weakening the Zerg by denying their resources the game should be relatively easy.



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