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Level 2: Backwater Station
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Level 9: New Gettysburg
Level 10: The Hammer Falls

StarCraft Terran Tips

General Tips:
  • The initial goal of any Terran level is to build enough SCVs at the Command Center in order to be able to mine minerals and gas quickly enough to build everything else. In some levels, you will have to build other buildings or create other fighting units more quickly in order to survive.
  • Some levels can be won by creating enough Marines, Firebats, Goliaths, and Siege Tanks.
  • Learn how to "hotkey" units or buildings by holding down the CTRL key and typing a number. The next time that number is typed, the view shifts to that unit or building. This is useful when organizing fighting units. It can also be used to quickly go to one of the buildings to accomplish some task. Quickly moving to a Barracks, for example, allows a player to build units quickly.
  • In a related point, it is worthwhile learning the shortcut keys for selecting units or building units.
  • A very effective setup: 3 Bunkers in triangular configuration (1 forward, 2 to the rear) with a Siege Tank between the 2 rear Bunkers and behind the forward Bunker with Missile Turrets or Goliaths in there somewhere. An alternative to this is to place 4 Firebats in the forward Bunker with 4 Marines in each of the other 2. Firebats in a bunker are particularly effective against Zerg, in my opinion -- just an impression.
  • Many of the buildings can be lifted off of the ground and landed somewhere else (e.g., Command Center, Engineering Bay, Barracks, Starport, Factory). This feature can be used in defense. Buildings can be lifted and moved away when enemy forces attack a base. This feature can be used in offense in two ways.
    Indent - First, buildings can be built in one base and flown to an area being developed as a new base.
    Indent - Second, a building such as the Barracks can be flown into the "back yard" of the enemy where Marines and Firebats can be pumped out for a quick, unexpected attack.
  • At times you will need multiples of certain buildings. Two Armories and Engineering Bays will speed up upgrades. Two Command Centers, each at a different mineral field, for example, speeds up accumulating enough resources to destroy the enemy. The same can be said for the Factory, the Barracks, and the Starport.
  • Goliaths, Vultures, Siege Tanks, all buildings, and all air units can be repaired by SCVs. Keep an SCV or 2 near repairable units that are on the attack or on defense.
  • Check the General Tips for the other groups. Other ideas may be gleaned from them.
  • Ground Units:

  • Firebats are very effective against Zerg. I always place one Firebat in each Bunker when fighting Zerg.
  • Ghosts are good due to their ability to be cloaked. If the enemy does not have any detector units nearby, this allows them to attack without being seen. They also have the ability to target Nuclear Missiles -- a powerful punch. Finally, Ghosts have the ability to lock-down any enemy unit. Lock-down will completely stop the enemy unit and allow allies to attack the enemy without fear of counter-attack.
  • Goliaths are good in large groups. Goliaths can be used to support Siege Tanks, Bunkers, Marines/Firebats, etc. Groups can be used to attack both ground and air. Susceptible to close attack (e.g., Zerglings, Zealots). Can be repaired by SCVs.
  • Marines can be very effective in groups of 10 or more. You can choose a large group and command them to attack one enemy at a time. This will destroy a group of enemy faster than if each of Marines each attack one.
  • SCVs are the backbone of the Terran. They gather minerals and gas, build buildings, and repair buildings and repairable units. Can be repaired by other SCVs.
  • Siege Tanks are great in groups of 5 or more (the more the merrier). The Siege Tank walk strategy is one that will work against most enemies. This strategy is accomplished by using a large group of Siege Tanks. The rear ward units are repaired and then moved up to the front. No enemy ground units can get close to a large group of Siege Tanks. If the enemy has air units, Siege Tanks are vulnerable from the air -- especially cloaked air units such as Wraiths or Protoss Scouts that are shadowed by an Arbiter. They may need support of Goliaths and/or Marines and possibly Science Vessels (for detection). Susceptible to close-range attack (e.g., Zerglings, Zealots) or long-range attack from Protoss Reavers. Can be repaired by SCVs.
  • Vultures are great in groups of 5 or more. Laying Spider Mines can be a great early warning strategy, and they can provide continual view of terrain. Can be repaired by SCVs.
  • Air Units:

  • Battle Cruisers can work well in groups of 5 or more, but they are very expensive. The Yamato Cannon can quickly destroy buildings or enemy units.
  • Drop Ships are useful for carrying units from one place to another. A player could move units quickly to a remote spot to start a new base or attack an enemy from behind their lines.
  • Science Vessels are important for detecting when the enemy has cloaked units. Irradiating works great against Zerg (particularly Overlords and Ultralisks). EMP’ing works great against all Protoss and any Zerg or Terran that requires energy for an attack. Another important ability of Science Vessels is to place a defensive matrix around selected units making them less susceptible to damage.
  • Wraiths are better in large groups. They are more effective when they are cloaked and when they are attacking air to air. Their air-to-ground attack is weak.
  • Terran Mission 1: Wasteland

    Initial Resources: 40 minerals, 0 gas.
    Initial Forces: 5 SCVs, 5 Marines.
    Initial Structures: Command Center, 1 Supply Depot
    Mission Objectives:
  • Find Jim Raynor
  • Build a Barracks
  • Train 10 Marines
  • Jim Raynor must survive

  • Tips: Move SE across a bridge and then S to find Raynor. Include Raynor in your group and move S some more. Soon your forces will be attacked by 2-3 Zerglings. Raynor and your Marines should be able to handle this attack. (This is a good opportunity to learn to target all Marines on one target at a time. Targeting all on one Zergling at a time minimizes damage and speeds up the end of the battle.) Move further S to a base. Begin mining minerals and making more SCVs. Keep mining until you have enough to build a Refinery and a Barracks. Train enough Marines to fill out the 10 Marines you will need.

    Terran Mission 2: Backwater Station

    Initial Resources: 200 minerals, 200 gas.
    Initial Forces: Jim Raynor (Vulture), 4 Marines, 2 SCVs.
    Initial Structures: Command Center, 2 Supply Depots, 1 Barracks.
    Mission Objectives:
  • Destroy Zerg structures
  • Jim Raynor must survive

  • Tips: Set the SCVs to collecting minerals. Create more SCVs and have them gather minerals. Train more Marines. Kill Zerglings in canyon N of base. Keep pumping out Marines and clear out patch of Zerg creep and Zerglings in plateau N of the gas vent. Move N to connect up with the Backwater Base. Place Marines in any Bunkers. Set SCVs to collecting minerals and gas. Destroy the Zerg base to E of Backwater Base. Keep pumping out Marines and Firebats. Keep repairing Vulture after each attack. Finally, destroy the Infested Command Center.

    Terran Mission 3: Desperate Alliance

    Initial Resources: 100 minerals, 0 gas.
    Initial Forces: 3 Vultures, 16 Marines, 3 SCVs.
    Initial Structures: Command Center, 3 Missile Turrets, 2 Bunkers (empty), Engineering Bay, Academy, 3 Supply Depots.
    Mission Objectives:
  • Survive 30 minutes

  • Tips: Place Marines in Bunkers. Repair Bunkers. Gather minerals. Train Firebats and place them in Bunkers. Build at least two Bunkers at each bridge which are choke points for Zerg ground forces. Survival should then be relatively easy.

    Terran Mission 4: The Jacobs Installation

    Map Type: Installation.
    Initial Resources: None.
    Initial Forces: Jim Raynor (Marine), 7 Marines, 4 Firebats.
    Initial Structures: None.
    Mission Objectives:
  • Retrieve data disks from the Confederate computer network.
  • Bring disks back to the pickup point.
  • Jim Raynor must survive.

  • Tips: Make sure that you always have all your forces selected and target one enemy at a time. This will minimize losses and allow you to move your forces through the whole installation. Don't be timid about killing unarmed civilians. That's OK. Keep poking around, and you'll find the computer network and acquire the disks.

    Terran Mission 5: Revolution

    Initial Resources: 300 minerals, 300 gas.
    Initial Forces: Jim Raynor (Vulture), 8 Marines.
    Initial Structures: None.
    Mission Objectives:
  • Take Kerrigan to confederate Command Center
  • Raynor and Kerrigan must survive
  • Destroy the confederate base

  • Tips: Move S, pick up Kerrigan, cross 2 bridges. Then follow coast N and then E. Destroy Bunkers. Connect up with the Antigan Command Center. Put SCVs to work. There is another set of minerals S of the Command Center. Build another Command Center. Build Missile Turrets along coast -- including on island with 2 bridges. This will keep most of the enemy Drop Ships and Wraiths away. Keep churning out Goliaths, Marines, and Firebats. Create some Wraiths and Drop Ships. Cloak the Wraiths and cross the water to the S of the 2nd Command Center. The Wraiths can be used to destroy a Refinery and some SCVs. Bring many forces over with Drop Ships. Destroy everything.

    Terran Mission 6: Norad II

    Initial Resources: 75 minerals, 0 gas.
    Initial Forces: Jim Raynor (Vulture), 6 SCVs, 4 Marines, 1 Firebat.
    Initial Structures: None.
    Forces at the base: 1 Goliath.
    Structures at the base: Command Center, 6 Supply Depots, Engineering Bay, 3 Bunkers (empty), 2 Missile Turrets.
    Forces near Norad II: General Duke (Battle Cruiser Norad II) , 2 SCVs, 3 Goliaths, 6 Marines.
    Structures near the Norad II: 2 bunkers (empty).
    Mission Objectives:
  • Protect the Norad II
  • Take Raynor and two Drop Ships to the Norad II

  • Tips: There are two ways to go — a quick way and a thorough way.
  • The quick way: Build enough Bunkers, Missile Turrets, Marines, Firebats, Goliaths, and Vultures to hold your starting base. Add the Comsat to the Command Center. Then build 5-6 Wraiths and 2 Drop Ships. Pick up Raynor and anything else you want. Scan in the middle along the bottom of the screen. There is a plateau with Zerg structures. The two lowest structures are Spore Colonies. Attack the left-most Spore Colony at the bottom of the screen with the Wraiths. Immediately start the Drop Ships along the bottom of the map until you get to the lower right (SE) past the Spore Colonies. Scan to the SE of the Norad II. There will be set of Spore Colonies, a break in the creep, and then a series of Sunken Colonies. Take the Drop Ships over the Sunken Colonies taking care not to get too close to the Spore Colonies. Right-click on the Norad II. Then drop Raynor next to the Norad II. This should trigger the victory.
  • The thorough way: Mine minerals and gas fast. Build Goliaths, Marines, and some Vultures. Place Spider Mines in front of base on all fronts in order to blunt ground attacks. Go N along the W side of the map to a plateau where there is a mineral and gas field. Build a Command Center and whatever else is needed to pump out more Marines and Goliaths. Move N with a force and then E along the plateau. Destroy Zerg base. Move a force off of the plateau down ramp to SE. Build a Command Center near the mineral field. Build more Marines and Goliaths. Move force to plateau to SW. This plateau surrounds the Norad II. Destroy everything on plateau. Move force off of plateau, then N past the newest Command Center, and then through the gap SW into the final Zerg base. Destroy everything there. Take Raynor and Drop Ships to the Norad II.
  • Terran Mission 7: The Trump Card

    Initial Resources: 170 minerals, 0 gas.
    Initial Forces: Sarah Kerrigan (Ghost), 11 Marines, 1 SCV w/ Psi Emitter, 4 SCVs, 1 Science Vessel, 2 Vultures.
    Initial Structures: Command Center, Refinery, Science Facility, Stargate, 2 Barracks, 5 Supply Depots, 3 Missile Turret, 1 Factory, 1 Engineering Bay, 1 Bunker (empty).
    Mission Objectives:
  • Bring the Psi Emitter to the Beacon in the enemy base
  • Kerrigan must survive

  • Tips: As soon as this level starts, part of the base will be attacked. Move any forces back across bridge from these buildings. They will be destroyed. Build 2 Bunkers at each bridge along with Missile Turrets. Place a couple Goliaths and a couple Siege Tanks at each bridge to defend Bunkers. Build Missile Turrets along part of the coast. Keep building Siege Tanks and Goliaths. Move across bridge to SW with force. Set up Siege Tanks and Goliaths to defend SCVs while one SCV builds a Command Center. Build a couple Bunkers and some Missile Turrets on plateau N of the mineral field near the ramp. Keep churning out Siege Tanks, Goliaths, Marines, and some Wraiths. Use the Siege Tank walk tactic to move E toward the enemy base with Goliaths and Marines as support. Wraiths, Goliaths, and Marines can kill Wraiths and Battle Cruisers that pop up. Destroy all buildings and forces you come in contact with. In no time, the Beacon should be accessible. Move the SCV with the Psi Emitter to the Beacon. (If you want to have a little fun, destroy every enemy building and fighting unit.

    Terran Mission 8: The Big Push

    Initial Resources: 250 minerals, 100 gas.
    Initial Forces: General Duke (Battle Cruiser Norad II), 3 Wraiths, 2 Ghosts, 4 Marines, 2 Drop Ships, 4 SCVs.
    Initial Structures: Command Center, 1 Factory, 1 Barracks, Starport.
    Mission Objectives:
  • Eliminate the confederate forces
  • Duke must survive

  • Tips: Move your forces NW over the gap onto the platform. Float buildings over to the same area. Some can link up to add-ons that are already available. Build some Bunkers and Missile Turrets to protect your base. Make several Siege Tanks, and Siege Tank walk (with Marines and Goliaths as support) to takeover the Red Confederate base. Build a new Command Center. Make sure to investigate the plateau to W of the the new base where there are Missile Turrets and a Starport. Build a few Missile Turrets NE of the new base. Build up forces and move across bridge to N of new base. Destroy first Orange forces' base to N. Keep building up forces during the attacks, and you can immediately attack the other Orange base to the E. Siege Tanks, Goliaths, and Marines should do the trick.

    Terran Mission 9: New Gettysburg

    Initial Resources: 250 minerals, 150 gas.
    Initial Forces: Sarah Kerrigan (Ghost), 1 Dropship, 4 SCVs, 2 Vultures, 6 Marines.
    Initial Structures: Command Center, 1 Factory, 1 Barracks, 3 Supply Depots.
    Mission Objectives:
  • Destroy the Protoss forces
  • Do not destroy any Zerg buildings
  • Kerrigan must survive

  • Tips: Build Bunker configuration described in "Terran Tips" above (3 Bunkers, 1 Siege Tank, Missile Turrets) at top right corner of initial base to defend against 2 ramps that come down from the Zerg base. Build another Bunker configuration W in front of other ramp to the Zerg (near the gas vent). Build Bunker configuration at SW entry point. Build Missile Turrets along edge of base to W and the SE corner. Build at least 2 Bunkers and place a Siege Tank at the bridge to the S where Protoss will cross. Throughout game, monitor health of all Bunkers and Siege Tanks. Build up forces (Siege Tanks, Goliaths, Marines) until sufficient to move out through SW opening. Build Bunker configuration below ramp that leads to Zerg base. Build base and mine minerals and gas in depression below the Zerg. Place Goliaths and Siege Tanks above gas vent. Build up more forces. Clear out plateau near gas vent. Move forces down to minerals above Protoss base #1. Begin to mine minerals. Several Siege Tanks and Goliaths supported by Marines will do the trick. Rally more Siege Tanks to the area. Begin attacking Protoss base #1 using Siege Tank walk. After knocking out Protoss base, mine minerals in Protoss base. Leave enough to defend against possible attacks. Move rest of forces to the bridge at S of original base. Clear out area of Protoss. Keep beefing up forces as these attacks continue. Use Marines, Goliaths, and Siege Tanks to move up into S part of Protoss base #2. Destroy everything.

    Terran Mission 10: The Hammer Falls

    Initial Resources: 500 minerals, 150 gas.
    Initial Forces: Jim Raynor (Vulture), 4 SCVs, 2 Tanks (not upgraded), 1 Vulture, 2 Firebats, 16 Marines.
    Initial Structures: Command Center, 3 Supply Depots.
    Mission Objectives:
  • Destroy the Tarsonis Ion Cannon
  • Raynor must survive

  • Tips: Your base is in a depression (lower than most of the Space Platform). Begin by placing a couple Bunkers to the E of the ramp which leads out of the NE corner of the base, and another two Bunkers to the NW near the opening above the ramps at the NW part of the base. Build Science Vessels as soon as possible and place at least one of them near the bridge to the NE of the base. This will be where Ghosts from the White base target Nuclear Missiles at your defenses. Support the Bunkers with Siege Tanks, Goliaths, and a group or two of Marines. Keep creating Goliaths, Siege Tanks, and Marines. Expand to the NW. There is an open area. You will be attacked by a few Marines. Destroy everything on plateau overlooking this open area. The main part of the plateau is E of the open area (N of your main base). Stock this plateau with Goliaths, Siege Tanks, Marines, and some Missile Turrets sprinkled in for good measure. These forces will be attacked periodically by Marines and Battle Cruisers.
    Destroy Red base: Move a large force down the ramp toward the Red base. Begin a Siege Tank walk with support of Goliaths and Marines toward the Supply Depots and anything else you find. Destroy everything. Destroy buildings on plateau E of the main part of the Red base. Build Bunkers to block access to the old Red base to the E and N. Support Bunkers with Siege Tanks and Goliaths. Build a few Missile Turrets on the plateau to the E. Build up forces and keep Science Vessels in strategic places to detect Ghosts. One thing you can try is to cloak a Ghost and navigate him over to near the Supply Depots of the Red Base to launch a nuclear device. The nuclear missile will destroy, if you do it right, all of the Supply Depots. Then you can launch missiles against some of the other buildings.
    Quick Option: You could attempt at this point to use Drop Ships and land a force on the platform where the Ion Cannon is, but this platform is defended by a contingent of the White force, and they would be supported from the White base. If you attack the main White base, forces are moved from the Ion Cannon platform - making the final attack on the Ion Cannon pretty simple.
    Recommended Option - Destroy White base: Move out from main base across bridge to the NE. Clear out area across from bridge of all White forces. Move forces up along wall/plateau to the E, then move to the other side of the wall. Move some of the forces S to a ramp. Build a Command Center near the ramp, and build Missile Turrets along edge of plateau to the E. Mine minerals at N end of plateau. Periodically scan area N of this new base. It is a staging area for White forces. If needed, a well-placed Nuke can clean it out. Use a Siege Tank walk strategy (supported by Goliaths, Marines, and Science Vessels) to move right into White's base. Destroy everything.
    Destroy the Ion Cannon: Attack one of the Missile Turrets at one of the corners of the Ion Cannon platform with Wraiths or a Yamato Cannon blast. Land a force of Siege Tanks and Goliaths in the cleared area. Destroy everything.



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