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Level 9: The Invasion of Aiur
Level 10: Full Circle

StarCraft Zerg Tips

General Tips

  • Healing: Zerg units and buildings gradually will heal themselves after an attack, if they are left alone.
  • Burrowing: Defilers, Drones, Hydralisks, and Zerglings can burrow in order to conceal themselves from attack, in order to ambush, or to heal up after an attack.
  • Shortcut Keys: Every Hive should be designated with a shortcut key. You can do this by selecting the Hive and holding down the Control key and hitting one of the number keys. So then, if you are in another part of the map, you can quickly go back to that hive by just hitting the number key (don't hit the Control key this time). Then you can hit the 'S' key to select all of the larvae. You will also notice that all of the units start with a capital yellow letter. You can just type that letter to cause all of the larvae to mutate into that unit. So you can type '1sh' (without the quotations) to create up to three Hydralisks at Hive #1 or '1sz' to queue up the mutating of up to 6 Zerglings. All the time your point of view will still be at the part of the map you started. You are not taken back to Hive #1. The only way to get to Hive #1 is to move the cursor or click on that part of the mini-map. That is a very powerful technique.
  • Rally Points: If you select a Hive and choose the Rally option (or you can hit the 'R' key -- or you can hit the 1r combination if the Hive is set up with a shortcut), you can then choose a point on the map (even on the mini-map) where any unit that mutates will go to after it appears. If you combine that with the previous tip about Shortcut Keys, you can go through all of your Hives and queue up boat-loads of units in just a few seconds.
  • There are more General Tips on the pages related to the other groups, and some of them may be pertinent to the other groups.
  • Ground Forces

  • Broodlings: The result of a Queen's broodling attack -- 2 Broodlings for each unit broodlinged. Their life span is short and is determined by a count-down of their health points. If they are not immediately attacked, they can cause damage to structures or be consumed by Defilers (see below).
  • Defilers:
    Indent-IndentConsume: A Defiler can consume units of its forces (one at a time) in order to replenish energy faster and plague or dark swarm more frequently. Try consuming Broodlings or Zerglings to minimize the resource cost. Avoid consuming larger units like Ultralisks, since the return in energy is not enough.
    Indent-IndentDark Swarm: Should be used on ranged attack units (especially stationary ones) like:
    IndentIndentoIndentTerran: Bunkers, Missile Turrets, Siege Tanks, Goliaths, Marines
    IndentIndentoIndentProtoss: Photon Cannons, Dragoons
    IndentIndentoIndentZerg: Spore Colonies, Sunken Colonies, Hydralisks
    Indent-IndentPlague: Can only be used on non-robotic units or on buildings. Particularly good against Protoss who cannot be repaired or healed after damage occurs. Good against any other race if the plaguing is followed soon after by attacks. Larger units like Battle Cruisers or Ultralisks require some time before the full effect of the plaguing is complete. Some Terran buildings are damaged enough to burn down to the point of destruction.
  • Drones: Resource gatherers. They can mutate into Zerg structures. Little use as an attack force. Generally, they are used in attacks as a desperation tactic. When you see Drones attacking, you can pretty much determine that the enemy has little left.
  • Hydralisks: Hydralisks are good in groups. They are versatile, since they can attack buildings, ground units, and air units. Can be treated as mobile Sunken and Spore Colonies. I like having a combination of Hydralisks, Guardians, and some Zerglings thrown in. The Guardians can attack at long range, and the Hydralisks can defend the Guardians from ground and air attack.
  • Infested Terrans: One of the great joys of playing Zerg is being able to infest a Terran Command Center (see Queen). In that case, the Command Center can lift off like a normal Command Center, but it will heal itself from damage and it can pump out Infested Terrans. Infested Terrans are explosive and must be used with care. They will cause a lot of splash damage with their suicide attacks or accidental explosions. They are good against Supply Depots, Missile Turrets, Bunkers, etc.
  • Ultralisks: Ultralisks are heavy-duty ground forces. They cause a great deal of damage. They attack at very close range.
  • Spore Colonies: Drones can mutate into Spore Colonies. They are defense against air units.
  • Sunken Colonies: Drones can mutate into Sunken Colonies. They are defense against ground units.
  • Zerglings:
  • Zerglings can do a lot of damage when attacking buildings and ground units in large groups. They are good against units that have long-range attack like the Terran's Siege Tanks and the Protoss Reavers or Dragoons. This is especially true when the unit they are attacking is otherwise engaged. For example, if a Reaver has been assigned by the enemy to attack a building, the Reaver will continue to attack the building until it is destroyed. If you are quick, you can send the several Zerglings to attack the Reaver. Another tactic is to send Zerglings against a Reaver one at a time. The Reaver will use up its ammunition (Scarabs), and eventually one of the Zerglings will get through without being hit.

    Air Forces

  • Guardians: Mutalisks evolve into Guardians if the Spire has mutated into the Greater Spire. Great for attacking ground units, especially those which cannot shoot air units (e.g., Terran Siege Tanks, Protoss Reavers). They are vulnerable to attack, since they are soooo slow. They must have ground support (Hydralisks) or air support (Scourges, Mutalisks). See my note above under Hydralisks about unbeatable ground and air forces.
  • Mutalisks: Mutate into Guardians. Great for attacking in large groups, especially when their weapons are fully upgraded. However, they are like sheep -- easily led astray. They can be drawn right into a group of Photon Cannons, Spore Colonies, or Missile Turrets and destroyed. They must be watched constantly or commanded to hold where they are or given specific attack commands.
  • Overlords: It is highly recommended that the speed and distance of sight upgrades be acquired as soon as possible. Overlords have many uses.
    Indent-IndentThey correspond to the Terran's Supply Depot and the Protoss's Pylon.
    Indent-IndentThey are moveable detectors like the Terran's Science Vessel and the Protoss's Observer.
    Indent-IndentThey also correspond to the Terran's Drop Ship and the Protoss's Shuttle, since they can carry units from one part of a map to another.
    Indent-IndentIf the enemy has Dark Archons (like in Brood War Zerg 10), it is a good idea to use the Queen to parasite your Overlords in case they get mind controlled. Then, even though you lose them, they can be of some use and give advanced scouting.
  • Queens:
    Indent-IndentParasite. Parasite can be used on ground or air units. It reveals parts of the map wherever the parasited unit goes. If fighting against Zerg, one must always be aware that some of the allied units might be parasited, thus giving the enemy valuable advanced information of your base or units.
    Indent-IndentBroodling attack: Can be used to destroy non-robotic ground units. Create 2 Broodlings for each unit destroyed. The Broodlings can then be used to attack other units. (See Broodlings under Ground Forces.)
  • Scourges: Flying Kamikaze units. It takes 2 Scourges to destroy Wraiths, Science Vessels, Overlords, Scouts. It takes 5-6 to destroy Carriers or Battle Cruisers. If the enemy uses Carriers or Battle Cruisers a great deal, Scourges may become vital to survival. Scourges can also be set on patrol. They will attack any air unit that comes within their area of sight.
  • Be flexible with your attack. In most levels, minerals are more plentiful than gas (at least at the beginning). Hydralisks are the best for attacking anything, and they have the right ratio of cost (minerals to gas). If you are being attacked by one Protoss Carrier or one Terran Battle Cruiser, Hydralisks are the thing. More than one of each, Scourges will help you through some scrapes. Other levels have plentiful gas. If you are attacked by one or more of the above units, Scourges are the thing. They can be set up in groups of 5-6 which can be easily gathered up to attack.
  • StarCraft Zerg Levels

    Zerg Mission 1: Among the Ruins

    Initial Resources: 200 minerals, 0 gas.
    Initial Forces: 12 Zerglings, 2 Drones, 1 Overlord.
    Initial Structures: Hatchery, 1 Creep Colony.
    Mission Objectives:
  • Protect the Chrysalis.
  • Destroy the Terrans.

  • Tips: Build a lot of Hydralisks. Place several to the E. The vast majority of them should move N. There you will find another mineral field. Build a second base. Move N of this base onto the plateau. Destroy the Terran base to the E. Then take your force S to destroy small group of Terran forces and buildings.

    Zerg Mission 2: Egression

    Initial Resources: 300 minerals, 0 gas.
    Initial Forces: 2 Mutalisks, 3 Hydralisks, 6 Hunter Killers, 3 Overlords, 2 Drones.
    Initial Structures: 2 Hatcheries, 1 Creep Colony, 1 Spawning Pool.
    Mission Objectives:
  • Take the Chrysalis to the Beacon.

  • Tips: Build a lot of Hydralisks. Place them to the E, SE, and W. Move the Hunter-Killers to the access point to the S. Keep the vast majority of Hydralisks to the SW. Begin moving the latter group toward the Protoss base at the SW corner of the map. After destroying the base, search for other Protoss forces in unexplored areas of the map. Finally, use a Drone to carry the Chrysalis to the Beacon.

    Zerg Mission 3: The New Dominion

    Initial Resources: 150 minerals, 50 gas.
    Initial Forces: 3 Overlords, 2 Drones, 4 Hydralisks, 4 Mutalisks.
    Initial Structures: Hatchery, Hydralisk Den, Spawning Pool, 3 Spore Colonies.
    Mission Objectives:
  • Protect the Chrysalis.
  • Eliminate the Terran presence.

  • Tips: Create a force of Hydralisks and Zerglings. Build a few Sunken Colonies NW of the Chrysalis. Use part of the ground forces to take over plateau N of the base. Build a new base there. Pump out Hydralisks and Zerglings. Use the Zerglings to destroy Siege Tanks that attack. Create 8-10 Mutalisks. The Terran base is to the N on a plateau that covers the whole map. Destroy Missile Turrets and Siege Tank at SW corner of the Terran plateau. Move large force to the easternmost ramp leading up to the Terran plateau. There is a mineral field that will give much needed resources. Keep pumping out Zerglings and Hydralisks. Destroy the Terran base.

    Zerg Mission 4: Agent of the Swarm

    Initial Resources: 250 minerals, 250 gas.
    Initial Forces: 2 Overlords, 3 Drones, 2 Queens, 6 Zerglings, 4 Hydralisks.
    Initial Structures: Hatchery, Creep Colony, Extractor, 2 Sunken Colonies, 4 Spore Colonies.
    Initial Mission Objectives:
  • Protect the Chrysalis.

  • Final Mission Objectives:
  • Infest or destroy Duke's Command Center.
  • Kerrigan must survive.

  • Tips: The map is made of several islands. Build a new Hatchery N of the main base. Build Spore Colonies along the edge of the island to defend this shore. Place a row of Hydralisks along shore to S of the main base where the Creep will not go. Place large force of Hydralisks in a row along shore to the E of the main base. Transport some Hydralisks and a Drone to an island SE of the main base. Build a Hatchery there to mine the minerals and gas. Build an attack force and attack the Terran base in the SW part of the map. At the N part of this SW island is a perfect area to land forces. There is a Command Center which a Queen to infest. Clear out this island and start another Hatchery. To the E of this new base (in the SE corner of the map) is another island with some Terran forces on it. Transport a force of Hydralisks on the SW shore of this island. Destroy all Terran. One island to go -- in the NE part of the map. Use some Mutalisks to clear out the Missile Turrets at the S of this island. Land a large force at this southern end. They will not be far from Duke's Command Center. Destroy everything. Either destroy is Command Center or infest it, and victory is yours.

    Zerg Mission 5: The Amerigo

    Map Type: Installation.
    Initial Resources: None.
    Initial Forces: Infested Kerrigan, 6 Zerglings, 2 Hunter Killers.
    Initial Structures: None.
    Mission Objectives:
  • Take Kerrigan to the supercomputer.
  • Kerrigan must survive.
    Tips: Kerrigan is a powerful weapon. She can be cloaked during an attack. She also can consume members of her brood which will replenish her energy, allowing her to remain cloaked longer. There will be times when she can be uncloaked to conserve her energy and to put off the necessity of consuming Zerglings. Kerrigan will remain undetected unless there is a detector. All of the guns or rocket launchers which pop up from the floor are detectors. In one hallway, there are 6 of these guns that pop up. At the top of some of the stairs there are detectors with ground forces as backup. Most of the time, it is best to attack the pop up guns/rocket launchers first in order to destroy the detecting they can do. Kerrigan may need to hesitate before attempting some of the stairs in order to replenish her health. Also, along the way are circular Beacons. Kerrigan must step on these Beacons to open doors or reveal parts of the map.

    Zerg Mission 6: The Dark Templar

    Initial Resources: 250 minerals, 250 gas.
    Initial Forces: 4 Drones, 2 Overlords, 4 Hydralisks, 2 Mutalisks, 2 Guardians.
    Initial Structures: Hatchery, Hydralisk Den, Spawning Pool, Spore Colony, Sunken Colony, Creep Colony.
    Mission Objectives:
  • Exterminate the Protoss intruders.
  • Kerrigan must survive.
  • Take Kerrigan to meet Tassadar the Templar, alone.
  • Defeat Tassadar.

  • Tips:
  • The name of this level is misleading. There are Protoss units known as "Dark Templars," but there are no Dark Templars to fight against in this level. Dark Templars are introduced later.
  • This level can be won with ground forces alone, but air forces are certainly useful.
  • Build up forces of Hydralisks (with some Zerglings and Mutalisks thrown in) at the bottom of each ramp to your main base. A couple Sunken Colonies at the top of each ramp is also good. Research transporting as early as possible. There is a plateau to the E and another to the S which have no access ramps. Each plateau has minerals and gas that will be necessary. Expand to these plateaus after building up your forces at your main base. On the plateau to the E, after starting to build a Hatchery, begin building a row of Spore Colonies along the edge of the plateau to the S. Follow the same pattern of development on the plateau S of the main base (except build Spore Colonies to the E). The Protoss will attempt to land ground forces on each plateau periodically, so always be prepared. Keep building ground forces (mostly Hydralisks) at the main base and rally them to the SE in front of the two bases you have established. Build mostly Mutalisks at the other 2 bases. Any ground forces build on these plateaus should be for the purpose of defense against Protoss landing parties. Mutate a Mutalisk every now and then into a Guardian. Upgrade at the Hydralisk Den, Evolution Chamber, and Spire/Greater Spire as much as possible, since resources are plentiful. Begin moving forces from the 2 northern bases toward the E. Your forces will encounter a small Protoss base and its forces at the edge of the map. Destroy all Protoss. A medium size mineral field will then be yours. Keep moving your forces SE from the former Protoss base. The major Protoss base will be on a plateau along the S edge of the map (mostly in the middle). Mop up the rest of the Protoss buildings and forces.
  • After destroying everything, you will be instructed to take Kerrigan to an island in the middle of the map in order to meet Tassadar, the Templar.
  • Zerg Mission 7: The Culling

    Initial Resources: 800 minerals, 200 gas.
    Initial Forces: 4 Overlords, 4 Drones, 4 Mutalisks, 8 Hydralisks.
    Initial Structures: None.
    Mission Objectives:
  • Eradicate every last remnant of the Garm brood.
  • Kerrigan must survive.

  • Tips: This is one level where it pays to upgrade as much as possible at the Evolution Chamber, Spire, and and Hydralisk Den (and the Spawning Pool to a lesser extent). Build a Hatchery in your starting area. Create more Drones and build a couple Sunken Colonies on the enemy's Creep to the NE. The Sunkens will begin to destroy buildings. Build a couple more Sunken Colonies on the enemy's Creep to the NW. Begin mining the minerals near the enemy base north of your initial base and destroy any buildings or forces that you come into contact with. Develop a new Hatchery and Extractor in the area you just conquered and a Spawning Pool and a Hydralisk Den. This will be your main base. Start pumping out Hydralisks and placing them at the opening to the E along with a 3rd Sunken Colony, and place an even larger group of Hydralisks at the bottom of a ramp to the SW of your new base along with another 3 Sunkens. Place a row of Hydralisks (command them to hold) along the edge of the new base to the N. Mass a force of Zerglings and Hydralisks to the SW by the ramp. Move up the ramp in force and destroy the enemy base. Build a Hatchery and Extractor here. Begin creating Drones to gather resources and pump out Hydralisks. Start massing forces beyond the 3 Sunkens to the SE of the main base. Move a group of Guardians or Mutalisks along the canyon that begins at this SE point. Destroy an Ultralisk that is waiting. Move the Hydralisks up to support the Guardians and begin attacking the enemy base N of the Ultralisk. Destroy the base, move your Hydralisks and Guardians north of the former enemy base, and build a Hatchery there. Mine the minerals, and pump out more Hydralisks. Begin moving Hydralisks down from the N end of plateau to the W of your main base. There is a path that leads from this northern ramp toward the NE into the main enemy base. At the same time, move your forces N from your easternmost base N and NW into the enemy base. Keep pumping out Hydralisks, and keep attacking the enemy base until it is annihilated.

    Zerg Mission 8: Eye For an Eye

    Initial Resources: 350 minerals, 350 gas.
    Initial Forces: Infested Kerrigan, 6 Hyralisks, 2 Ultralisks, 2 Drones, 9 Zerglings, 3 Overlords.
    Initial Structures: 3 Hatheries, 2 Nydus Canals, 1 Creep Colony.
    Mission Objectives:
  • Destroy the Protoss base.
  • Let no Dark Templar escape.
  • Kerrigan must survive.

  • Tips:
    First, you will need to keep forces of Hydralisks and Zerglings with at least one Overlord near each of the Beacons. Dark Templars are cloaked, so without the detecting capabilities of the Overlord one of the Dark Templars may get by -- at which point you lose.
    Second, it also pays to choose each Hatchery and hotkey them (hold down the CTRL key and type a number). You will then be able to just hit the number and do whatever you need.
    Third, learn to use the Nydus Canals. Remember where each of them end up in order to react quickly if needed.
    Fourth, set rally points in front of the Beacons.
    Pump out Hydralisks from each Hatchery/Hive and place them by the Beacons and in strategic places in your bases. Move a large force from the SE Beacon up a ramp to the NE. There is a large mineral field defended by a couple Dragoons and Scouts. Build a new Hatchery here, and begin collecting minerals and pumping out Hydralisks. Bring part of the large force you have by the NE Beacon and a combined force from the SE Beacon and your newest base, and attack and destroy the easternmost Protoss base in a pincher attack. Build a new base here. Begin massing forces at the NW Beacon and begin moving S. Attack and destroy the small Protoss base here. Build another Hatchery here, mine the resources, and pump out Hydralisks. Keep massing your forces (1) below this new base and (2) to the W of the SE Beacon. Alternate attacks on the main Protoss base from both of these groups of forces. Use Queens to broodling Dragoons and Templars and Guardians to destroy buildings and Reavers. Mass the Hydralisks as support. It is not necessary to destroy all the Protoss. Destroy the final Nexus and you win.

    Zerg Mission 9: The Invasion of Aiur

    Initial Resources: 750 minerals, 750 gas.
    Initial Forces: 3 Overlords, 4 Drones, 6 Zerglings, 2 Hydralisks.
    Initial Structures: Hatchery, Evolution Chamber, Spawning Pool, Sunken Colony.
  • Initial Mission Objectives: Take a Drone to the Khaydarin Crystal.
  • Final Mission Objectives: Defend the Crystal and survive Protoss attack for 10 minutes.

  • Tips: Begin building some Sunken Colonies at the perimeter of the main base. Create a lot of Drones to gather resources. Then begin creating Hydralisks. Develop 6-10 Guardians from Mutalisks. Begin clearing out the plateau to the S and SE of the main base. (Tip: Before attacking the plateau, be prepared for counterattacks at the initial/main base. You will need some Mutalisks to take care of Reivers, and you will need Mutalisks to take care of Zealots and Dragoons. There are periodic attacks of Reiver/Dragoon groups on this base, so it is a good idea to keep some Mutalisks/Guardians and Hydralisks around at all times.) Transport 10-15 Hydralisks to the plateau and command them to hold positions above the two sets of minerals. Place the Guardians just N of the Hydralisks in a row. The Hydralisks and Guardians will destroy buildings and ground units within range. The Hydralisks will prevent Protoss Shuttles from landing forces that would take the plateau back. (The tactic of placing these units on the plateau near the mineral fields will stop the Protoss from gathering more minerals and creating more units to attack with.) Move a large group of Hydralisks along with some more Guardians through the opening to the E of the main base. Destroy Pylons and Photon Cannons nearby. (Another tip: The diamond shaped Pylons are the energy source for surrounding Protoss buildings. Targeting the Pylons deactivates the capabilities that the energized buildings give the Protoss. So, when possible, make the Pylons a priority.) Move a Drone E near the upper part of the map N of a small water inlet. There is a gas vent an mineral field. Start a new Hatchery here and begin gathering resources and creating more Hydralisks and Guardians. There is another resource field S of the inlet, N of another plateau, and at the E edge of the map. Build another Hatchery, begin gathering resources, and creating more Hydralisks. Clear out the plateau S of this third base. Place a large group of Hydralisks in a line along the edge of the plateau near the minerals S of the plateau. There is a part of the plateau that juts out to the SE, and another mineral field is here. Place a group of Hydralisks here as well. Line a group of Guardians at each point. Broodling any Dragoons or Templars that come within range. Destroy any buildings or Probes that are within range. The main idea is to prevent the Yellow Protoss group from gathering any more resources. Keep pumping out units and gathering them between the two plateaus. Attack the Yellow Protoss base to the W with Hydralisks, Zerglings (for Reavers), and Guardians. Scourges may be necessary to destroy any Carriers that come along, though targeting a Carrier with a group of Hydralisks will work, too. Begin a new base here. After replenishing ground and air forces, attack the Yellow Protoss base to the E. Build another base here if you like. The Orange Protoss forces will begin a series of periodic attacks. Move your forces further S in the center of the map to cut off Orange ground forces. Begin attacking buildings on a plateau S of your western base along the W edge of the map. Keep pumping out Hydralisks with rally points at the central part of the map near the Khaydarin Crystal. Destroy any Reavers with Guardians. Attack buildings and forces with Hydralisks and Guardians along with lower portion of the map. Destroy all Orange. Bring a Drone to the Khaydarin Crystal. The 10 minute count-down will begin, but there will be no forces to be attacked by. (If all of the Protoss are not destroyed before mining of the Crystal begins, the attacks may be fierce.) Take the Crystal to the Beacon in the original base. (A final tip: This level is the first which features the Carrier -- a Protoss air unit. The Carrier looks kind of like a zeppelin, but it sends out individual flying units called Interceptors that shoot as they circle around. Hydralisks tend to go after the circling Interceptors rather than the main threat, the Carrier. You will need to choose a group of Hydralisks and physically target the Carrier. There are times when the Carrier is just out of reach. That is when you need to use the Scourges. You will need at least 6 Scourges to take out a Carrier. Carriers are a problem in the next campaign as well.)

    Zerg Mission 10: Full Circle

    Initial Resources: 1000 minerals, 1000 gas.
    Initial Forces: 4 Overlords, 1 Ultralisk, 6 Zerglings, 3 Hydralisks, 3 Drones.
    Initial Structures: Hatchery, 2 Creep Colony.
    Mission Objectives:
  • Initial Mission: Destroy the Protoss temple.
  • Final Mission: Take Khaydarin Crystal to Beacon.

  • Tips:
  • The Protoss bases which you must first eliminate are to the E and W and along the N of the map.
  • During this level you will build multiple Hatcheries. Resources will not be a problem. You may reach the resource limit (200/200) multiple times.
  • Hotkey each of the Hatcheries/Hives. You can type "1SH" to select all Larva and mutate Hydralisks at Hatchery number One, and "1SM" will mutate all Larva for that Hatchery/Hive into Mutalisks, etc. etc. The same system can be used at each of the Hatcheries that are created during the game.
  • It is good if you can wait until you have built up large forces before attacking.
  • Build a Spawning Pool early, so you can mutate the Creep Colonies into Sunken Colonies. Create a lot of Drones to acquire resources. At the edges of the visible part of the map are more minerals and a gas vent. Build a lot of Hydralisks and place them at key points around the base. Build a group of 6 or more Guardians as soon as possible. Attack the S end of the plateau to the W. Mass about twice the forces (Hydralisks and Zerglings) to the W and begin attacking up the ramp to the plateau to the W. Set rally points on the plateau. Eliminate this Protoss base. Begin a new base here. Move the Guardians to the E and begin attacking Protoss structures along the edge of the plateau to the E. Transport Hydralisks and Zerglings to support the Guardians in the attack on the plateau to the E. Begin rallying forces to the upper part of the plateau in the E and begin a pincher attack. Destroy all of this Protoss base and begin a new one for the Zerg. Make sure that when Protoss Carriers appear to target them with a group of Hydralisks or Scourges (Hydralisks are better, though). Move a force of Hydralisks N of the plateau to the W where there is another mineral field, and another force N of the plateau to the E where there is another gas vent. Begin moving your forces N up the middle of the map, and set rally points further N. Begin destroying the rest of the Yellow Protoss base. When the Temple near the Beacon is destroyed, the Red Protoss swing into action. So it may be a good idea to begin attacking the Red Protoss before the Temple is destroyed. When the Temple is destroyed a Drone appears holding the Khaydarin Crystal. Keep rallying new forces to strategic spots to the N. Destroy the Red Protoss base. Bring the Khaydarin Crystal to the Beacon.

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