These are the two websites that I go to in order to get puzzles:
They have 4 levels of puzzle. has Easy, Medium, Hard, and Tough. has Easy, Medium, Hard, and Evil. I no longer do Easy or Medium, since they are too easy. Some Hard puzzles are very easy, and some are very hard. I rarely can do the Tough puzzles on with making guesses for certain squares, but I can regularly complete the Evil puzzles on
Recently I bought a widget that allows me to play 9x9 puzzles and 16x16 puzzles at different levels of difficulty. I mostly work on 16x16 evil now.
I'm accumulating a series of tips for solving Sudoku at any level.
Sudoku Rules-Tips-Strategies
Date Created
The Latest Puzzle:
Sudoku 17   Evil   16x16   20111230

Other Puzzles:

Sudoku 16   Evil   16x16   20111027
Sudoku 15   Hard   9x9   20070715
Sudoku 14   Evil   9x9   20070304
Sudoku 13   Hard   9x9   20070218
Sudoku 12   Evil   9x9   20070217
Sudoku 11   Hard   9x9   20070128
Sudoku 10   Evil   9x9   20070126
Sudoku 9   Evil   9x9   20070125
Sudoku 8   Evil   9x9   20070121
Sudoku 7   Medium   9x9   20070119
Sudoku 6   Medium   9x9   20070119
Sudoku 5   Hard   9x9   20070114
Sudoku 4   Hard   9x9   20070113
Sudoku 3   Hard   9x9   20070113
Sudoku 2   Medium   9x9   20070113
Sudoku 1   Medium   9x9   20070111