Events and Details of the Book

          This page is still under development.
          The story contained in the book "The Hobbit" will be divided up between three movies. This makes sense, since it allows more of the story to be portrayed -- though it also allows the director and screenwriter to add detail not contained in the book).
          I have tried to indicate if I thought that a certain item would end up in the film. At times I have used terms like "probably", "maybe", "doubtful". It is very difficult, after thinking about his for quite a while, to predict what Mr. Jackson will do. I have a list of key statements and actions/events, but what is Mr. Jackson's list? I have had no advance knowledge of what would be in the movies.
          My list will be of verbal/vocal and visual things that are actually in the book - items which could easily be portrayed in a movie. These items should be simple to determine if they are in the movie. But as we've seen in the LotR movies, Jackson inserts extra things.
          Hopefully there will not be any dwarf-tossing in the three movies.
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Will It Be In The Movie?

Chapter 1 
An Unexpected Party
1   Opening description of Hobbits and hobbit holes
          Comment 1: Key action of Bilbo #1. Key actions are things Bilbo did or said that are key to the success of the dwarves mission. Hosting the unexpected party is the first key event - though he didn't initiate it.
          Comment 2: One of the things that endears the book to its readers, but how will this be accomplished?
          Comment 3: Bilbo is the son of Bungo Baggins and his wife, "the fabulous Belladonna Took".
          Comment 4: It will be interesting to see how the heights of Hobbits, Dwarves, and Men are shown. From what I've read, Hobbits could be 2-4 feet tall. "The Hobbit" says, simply, that hobbits are half the height of men. How tall was the average man in Tolkien's time? I've heard that three year old children are about half their adult height, so when you think of hobbits, think of three year olds. Kind of a rule of thumb.
          Comment 5: Tolkien entitled this chapter "An Unexpected Party." The first chapter of Fellowship of the Ring "A Long Expected Party."
2 April 26,
TA 2941
Bilbo is standing outside of Bag-End, and then he sits down to smoke a pipe blowing smoke rings
          Comment 1: Smoke Rings #1. I guess I should explain "Smoke Rings #1" type comments. (There are other lists below, as you will see if you keep reading.) I'm kind of a collector. I see patterns, and I like to make lists. It's interesting to me to see that there are multiple references to smoke rings or multiple incidents where Bilbo makes a difference. It's a way to accumulate as much detail from the book as possible. In no way do I think that the moviemakers will put all the smoke ring incidents (if any) in the three movies, and I don't expect them to include all the incidents in the other lists in the movies either. Lists are my thing.
          Comment 2: Bilbo's pipe nearly reaches his toes
          Comment 3: Bag-End had a round green door. Bilbo was outside the door when Gandalf walks by. Outside of Bag-End is an area where Bilbo had a bench or a chair, so there probably is a flat area. Thorin says that Bag-End has a porch. What the front of Bag-End (porch and all) would have looked like is open to interpretation.
Not sure about the smoke rings or the length of the pipe - or the standing and sitting
3   Gandalf walks along the path by Bilbo's door Yes
4   Gandalf's eyebrows are long enough to be past the brim of his hat They probably will not be that long
5   Gandalf, "To think that I should have lived to be good-morninged by Belladonna Took's son, as if I was selling buttons at the door."
          Comment: A key statement by Gandalf in the story. By "key", I mean that it is humorous to me. It keeps the story light, and it informs the reader a little about Gandalf's personality.
6   Bilbo goes inside to hide, closing his round green door. Yes
7   Gandalf marks his door
          Comment: Important because it explains how the dwarves find Bilbo.
8 April 27,
TA 2941
The next day, Bilbo is puttering around Bag-End Yes
9   Later Gloin says that the unexpected party was on a Wednesday
          Comment: Gandalf walked by Bag-End on a Tuesday, and the journey of Bilbo begins on a Thursday.
10   Knock on the door. Bilbo thinks it is Gandalf. Yes
11   Dwarves arrive:
Dwalin - blue beard, gold belt, dark green hood
Balin, son of Fundin - white beard, scarlet hood
          "They have begun to arrive."
Kili - blue hood, silver belt, yellow hood
Fili - blue hood, silver belt, yellow hood
          "Let us join the throng."
2 purple hoods (probably Oin and Gloin), 1 grey hood, 1 brown hood, 1 white hood; gold and silver belts:
     Dori, Ori, Nori, Oin, Gloin
2 yellow hoods (likely Bofur and Bombur who were brothers), 1 pale green hood (probably Bifur, their cousin):
     Bifur, Bofur, Bombur
Thorin - sky blue hood w/silver tassel
          Comment 1: Bofur and Bombur are brothers, and Bifur is their cousin.
          Comment 2: All the dwarves have to be in the movie, since the nickname "lucky number" would not make sense otherwise.
          Comment 3: Thorin and Balin were alive at the time of the attack of Smaug, and they are probably the oldest of the thirteen dwarves. Roäc, the raven who talks to them after Smaug flies toward Lake-town, says that he is over 150 years old, and he says that Thorin and Balin were familiar with his father. I have my doubts that Thorin and Balin will be portrayed to be the appropriate age.
          Comment 4: Later, it is noted that Fili and Kili's mother is Thorin's younger sister. At Laketown, Thorin calls them "the sons of my father's daughter."
          Comment 5: Fili and Kili are also carrying tools.
not sure if colors will be accurate
12   Tea and supper. Yes
13   Bag-End has a cellar where Bilbo kept barrels of beer (and probably wine, too).
          Comment: The room(s) is called a "cellar", but, according to the description of Bag-end at the beginning of the book, all rooms including the cellar(s) are on the same level as the main hallway starting at the door.
14   Music after tea and supper
          Comment 1: Fili and Kili had fiddles in their bags; Dori, Nori, and Ori had flutes in their coats; Bombur had a drum in the hall; Bifur and Bofur had clarinets stashed among the walking sticks; Dwalin and Balin had viols on the porch; Thorin's harp was on the porch in a green cloth; no mention of whether Oin and Gloin had instruments. There isn't any information about what happened to these instruments.
          Comment 2: The music that the dwarves play must have had a good beat, because Gandalf is said to be bobbing his head in time to it. This reminds me of what it would be like in an Irish pub, and hopefully that's the feel that will be given during the movie. Hopefully, the instruments are reminiscent of that style of music.
          Comment 3: Fili and Kili were relatives of Thorin. After Smaug leaves The Lonely Mountain, Fili and Kili take harps off of the wall and begin playing them.
Doubtful that the dwarves will have the right instruments
15   Bilbo - "Struck by lightning, struck by lightning!" Hopefully
16   Gloin - "He reminded me more of a grocer than a burgler."
          Comment: Gloin was the father of Gimli. Gloin has serious doubts about Bilbo, but by the end of the adventure Gloin must have changed his mind, because his son Gimli has a high regard for Bilbo at The Council of Elrond.
17   Thorin - "The usual one in the trade."
          Comment: Thorin was talking about the mark on Bilbo's door.
18   Hectic cleanup. Yes
19   Thorin and Gandalf blow smoke rings.
          Comment: Smoke Rings #2
Maybe. Not 100% sure.
20   Gandalf brings out the map and the key
          Comment 1: The dwarves, Gandalf, and Bilbo look at the map with light from a lamp that has a red shade.
          Comment 2: Both the door and the passage are 5 by 3. The door is 5 feet high and 3 wide (in "On The Doorstep"). The passage is 5 feet high and three can walk abreast. Three abreast for the passage could be about 6 feet wide. A five foot by three foot door makes sense, but a three foot wide passage does not. So the passage widens after you get past the door.
21   Bilbo has a map of Hobbiton and the surrounding area on the wall of Bag-End marked with walking paths. Doubtful
22   Dragon drawn in red on the map.
          Comment: Smaug is a red dragon. Later, when Bilbo sees him the first time, Smaug is described as having a red-golden color. It is possible that the golden tint is a reflection from the piles of gold, though it might be that the painting on the map was simplified. The person who drew the map, probably Thorin's father or grandfather, actually saw Smaug when he was rampaging around the Lonely Mountain. Only Tolkien can know for sure, but my suspicion is that Smaug is red.
23   Gandalf says that Thorin's grandfather was killed by Azog, the goblin, and Thorin's father was captured by the Necromancer.
          Comment 1: Later, as the Battle of the Five Armies is about to begin, Gandalf calls to Dáin saying that Bolg and his forces have arrived at The Lonely Mountain. Bolg was the son of Azog. Azog killed Thror, and he killed Nain, the father of Dáin, before Dáin killed Azog. Bolg wants revenge.
          Comment 2: Gandalf says, "Your father went away on the twenty-first of April, a hundred years ago last Thursday." To me, this is kind of humorous, but it does give us information. Since the unexpected party was on a Wednesday, the date of the unexpected party would be April 27.
          Comment 3: During Thorin's explanation of the conquering of The Lonely Mountain by Smaug, Thorin refers to the men of Dale and of Esgaroth as "mortal men" - which is interesting. Dwarves - and elves and men who have elvish blood - seem to live an extremely long time - much longer than the average man.
24   Bilbo finds a place for everyone to sleep in Bag-End. When Bilbo is trying to go to sleep, he hears Thorin singing "Far over the Misty Mountains." Doubtful
Chapter 2 
Roast Mutton
25 April 28,
TA 2941
Next morning the dwarves are gone Yes
26   Gandalf comes while Bilbo is resting after cleaning up. Probably
27   Gandalf - "Great Elephants!" Probably not
28   Note left on mantle. Maybe
29   Bilbo has to rush out the door Yes
30   Hands his keys to Gandalf as he runs off Probably not
31   Balin, on the look out for Bilbo at the Inn at Bywater - "Bravo!" Probably not
32   Bilbo wears borrowed weathered dark green cloak and hood. Probably
33   Bilbo rides a small pony. The dwarves ride larger ponies. Gandalf rides a white horse. Probably
34 May 25,
TA 2941
Gandalf goes off by himself without telling dwarves and Bilbo
          Comment: The book says that up to a certain point in their journey Gandalf talked and laughed the most, and then suddenly they noticed that he wasn't there.
35   Thorin tells Bilbo to hoot twice like a barn owl and once like a screech owl
          Comment 1: This line - and the one where Tolkien says that Bilbo couldn't hoot like any owl - make me laugh every time I read them.
          Comment 2: All this dwarvish racket #1 occurs around this point.
36   Trolls:
     Tom, Bert, and William "Bill" Huggins
          Comment: Only one of the trolls' last name is provided by Tolkien.
There will be trolls
37   Bilbo first Yes
38   Bilbo tries to pickpocket, but William's coin purse calls out Probably
39   William caught Bilbo by the neck. Then Bilbo is held by his feet, and later he's held by the hair on his head. not sure where Bill will grasp Bilbo
40   Bilbo - "Bur - a - Hobbit" Yes
41   Bilbo - "Lots - er - none-at-all" Yes
42   Balin next
Dwalin next
Fili and Kili next
Dori, Nori, and Ori next
Oin, Gloin, Bifur, Bofur, and Bombur next
Not sure about the order
43   Thorin last Thorin should be last
44   One troll (Bert) got poked in the eye, and another lost a tooth They'll be hurt, but who knows how much and where?
45   Tom kicked Bilbo into the top of a bush when the trolls were fighting with Thorin Probably not
46 May 26,
TA 2941
Gandalf comes to the rescue Yes
47   Gandalf - "Dawn take you all!" Yes. A key line in the book.
48   Bilbo found the key on the ground and gives it to Gandalf
          Comment: Key action of Bilbo #2. The finding of Orcrist and Glamdring are key to their escape from the goblins.
49   Treasure in cave including Sting and two other swords Yes
50   The treasure taken out of the cave and buried Burying the treasure will probably be left out. It's a subtle detail that might slow down the story.
51   They place spells on the buried treasure so that it is protected until they dig it up Doubtful
Chapter 3 
A Short Rest
52 May 29,
TA 2941
The path on which Gandalf leads Bilbo and the dwarves is marked with white stones Doubtful
53   Bilbo - "It smells like elves"
          Comment: An interesting statement by Bilbo. Lots of questions arise from this one line. For example: What do elves smell like? How does Bilbo know what elves smell like? At one point it is mentioned that Bilbo had contact with elves before The Hobbit, but it was rare.
54   Arrived at Rivendell They'll be in Rivendell
55   Rivendell is reached by crossing a very narrow bridge
          Comment: Not necessarily how it's portrayed in LotR.
56 June 20,
TA 2941
Elrond identifies Thorin's blade: Orcrist, AKA Goblin Cleaver which the goblins call Biter Yes
57   Elrond identifies Gandalf's blade: Glamdring, AKA Foe Hammer which the goblins call Beater Yes
58   Elrond reads the map Yes
59   Durin's Day - last day in fall when the sun is in the sky at the same time as the last moon of fall
          Comment: Statement by Thorin. Will it be in the movie, and will Thorin or Elrond say it? Jackson may give it to Elrond if Elrond doesn't have very many lines.
Who will say it?
60   Dwarves in Rivendell for at least 14 days until the morning of midsummer's day
          Comment: Movies usually don't deal in these kinds of time lapse
Chapter 4 
Over Hill and Under Hill
61 June 21,
TA 2941
Departure from Rivendell Yes. They will leave Rivendell
62   Bilbo, pointing to the Misty Mountains - "Is that the Lonely Mountain?" Probably
63   Trying to cross the mountains Yes
64   Boulders loosed from melting ice and snow
Later, there is a storm battle
Giants are throwing boulders
          Comment: These three parts will be simplified
65   Cave - Fili and Kili find the cave There will be a cave. Not sure how it will be found.
66   Ponies have their nosebags on in the cave Not sure
67   Gandalf blows smoke rings in cave
          Comment: Smoke Rings #3
68 July 5,
TA 2941
Bilbo calls out
          Comment: Key action of Bilbo #3. Key for the book; most of them are actions which enabled the dwarves to succeed.
69   Captured by goblins Yes
70   Gandalf disappears in a flash, killing several goblins, but he follows Yes
71   Thorin's sword is brought out by one of the goblins Probably
72   The "Great Goblin" is incensed and runs at Thorin Not sure what the "Great Goblin" will do
73   Lights and fire went out Probably
74   Smoke from the fire goes up to the ceiling and sparks come down, burning the goblins. Maybe
75   The goblins begin fighting each other Not sure
76   The smoke makes it hard for the goblins to see Probably, since it will make it easier for the dwarves to escape
77   Goblin leader is killed - cut in half
          Comment: Jackson probably will have the head of the goblin lopped off
A version of it will happen
78   Even though their hands are tied, Dori picks up Bilbo. Probably, though I'm not sure if their hands will still be tied
79   The 14 flee with hands still tied.  Gandalf cuts their chains with Glamdring.
          Comment: This is the kind of detail that Jackson may eliminate.
They will flee. Not sure about the hands tied or the cutting of the bonds.
80   After their bonds are cut, the dwarves take turns carrying Bilbo. Probably
81   When Bilbo gets separated, Dori is carrying Bilbo again Probably
Chapter 5 
Riddles in the Dark
82   Finds the Ring
          Comment: Key action of Bilbo #4
83   Bilbo meets Gollum Yes
84   Gollum sees Sting and backs off. Not sure
85   Riddles:
     1. Mountain
     2. 30 teeth (Gollum only has 6 left)
     3. Wind
     4. Sun on daisies
     5. Dark
     6. Egg
     7. Fish
     8. Fish table stool cat bones
     9. Time
          Comment: Some of the riddles may be eliminated. The reason will be the pacing of the film. The story may bog down with all nine riddles.
Some of them will be in the film
86   Bilbo - "What have I got in my pocket?"
          Comment: According to the book, Bilbo kept the Ring in his left-hand pocket, so he probably put the Ring on his left index finger.
87 July 7,
TA 2941
Bilbo escapes Gollum using the Ring.
          Comment: Bilbo's use of the Ring #1
88   Bilbo follows Gollum to the exit gate Yes
89   There is a door ajar that is guarded by goblins. It is a real door, because the guards close it more than it was before. Bilbo puts the Ring back on and makes his way toward the door. The guards see Bilbo's shadow. Bilbo escapes but loses buttons as he squeezes through the slightly open door.
          Comment: Bilbo's use of the Ring #2
90   Bilbo jumps three feet over Gollum Yes
91   Bilbo arrives at the exit gate, The Ring had fallen off into his pocket. He realizes it, and puts the Ring back on.
          Comment 1: Bilbo's use of the Ring #3
          Comment 2: After Bilbo jumped over Gollum he came into the guard room by the exit gate. He was blinded by the light. It took him long enough to recover from being blinded to realize that the goblins saw him. The length of time was long enough that he was in danger (the goblins began rushing towards him), but it was short enough that he could slip on the Ring and avoid the crowd.
Chapter 6 
Out of the Frying-Pan, Into the Fire
92   Bilbo reunites with the dwarves Yes
93   He was wearing the Ring and gets past Balin who is on guard duty Not sure
94   They are chased up trees by wolves Expected
95   Dori first reaches down his hand to pull Bilbo up, but Bilbo can't grab it.
          Comment: Here I'm probably over-analyzing the book, but here goes. Bilbo had jumped three feet off of the floor of the tunnel in the mountain in order to get by Gollum. (That was a remarkable jump for a Hobbit, according to Tolkien, so Bilbo could not jump that high every time.) Yet Bilbo could not grab Dori's hand when Dori reached down from the tree he was in. I would think that dwarf arms are 2+ feet long. If I jumped 3 feet off the ground, the top of my head would be about 9 feet off the ground, and I could touch a spot on a wall at 11 feet above the floor. If Bilbo jumped 3 feet and still couldn't grab Dori's arm that was reaching down from the lowest branch, what does that mean? Does it mean that Bilbo is really really short? If Hobbits are 2-4 feet tall, and Bilbo is near the taller end of that range, and he jumped 3 feet off the ground, he could touch a spot about 8 feet off the ground (where is hand would be maybe one foot above his head), and yet he could not grab Dori's 2 foot long arm. If my logic is correct, the branch would be about 9 feet up - if Bilbo was really good at jumping and grabbing an outstretched hand. I think Dwarves are no taller than 5 feet. Maybe the branch was lower, and Bilbo was just bad at grabbing Dori's hand. Or Dori was exceptionally good at getting up to a branch that was higher than he could reach. Or Tolkien hadn't thought through the math of the implications of what he was saying when he wrote this scene.
Probably not. The Dori-Bilbo sequence here will be summarized.
96   Dori helps Bilbo up the tree Probably
97   Gandalf sends flaming pine cones down Maybe
98   Goblins come Yes
99   The Lord of the Eagles was "black in the moonlight" when he first heard the wolves. Possibly, maybe
100 July 8,
TA 2941
Rescue by Eagles Yes
101   Bilbo held onto Dori's legs under the eagle. Not sure
102   First taken to the eagles' aerie Probably
103   Dinner cooked by dwarves Doubtful
104   Farewell to the Eagles
          Comment: Gandalf - "Farewell! wherever you fare, till your eyries receive you at the journey's end!" The king of the eagles - "May the wind under your wings bear you where the sun sails and the moon walks."
Not sure
Chapter 7 
Queer Lodgings
105   Eagles let them down near the forest on "The Carrock". Yes
106   Gandalf takes them to Beorn:
Gandalf and Bilbo
     "with a friend or two"
Thorin and Dori
Nori and Ori
Balin and Dwalin
Fili and Kili
Oin and Gloin
Bifur and Bofur and Bombur
          Comment: Beorn is kind of like Tom Bombadil in LotR. I had my doubts about Tom being in the FotR movie. Beorn may have a better chance, though if he makes it, I'm not sure if the film will show the animals serving dinner.
107   Bilbo could walk between Beorn's legs. Not sure if the difference in height will be that great
108   white ponies and long-bodied grey dogs Not sure how much detail Jackson will go to
109   snow white sheep and one coal black ram Not sure how much detail Jackson will go to
110   The next morning, Bofur tripped over Bilbo and woke him up Not sure
111   Gandalf comes back after being away from a while
          Comment: I'm not sure about these partly because I don't know how much of Beorn will be in the film.
Not sure
112   Gandalf creates smoke rings of various shapes which end up going up the chimney
          Comment: Smoke Rings #4
Not sure
113 July 10,
TA 2941
Beorn comes back after confirming their story Not sure
114   Beorn says, "Killed the great goblin! Killed the great goblin!" Deleted. Not in The Desolation of Smaug. I would have liked to see/hear this.
115   Head of goblin and warg skin Not sure
116   Loan of horses/ponies Not sure
Chapter 8 
Flies and Spiders
117 July 13,
TA 2941
They reach the edge of Mirkwood Forest Yes
118   The dwarves release the ponies, and Gandalf rides off on the horse. Beorn is in the distance. Probably
119   Gandalf - "Stay on the path." Probably
120 July 14,
TA 2941
They start down the path Yes
121   eyes in dark Yes
122 July 31,
TA 2941
Enchanted River Yes
123   The rotting remains of a wooden bridge Doubtful
124   Bilbo sees the boat while kneeling down on the bank of the river
          Comment: Bilbo's key actions 5-8: There is a whole series of key actions of Bilbo here. He sees the boat, he guides Fili in his tosses, he catches the boat before it gets away, he calls out when Bombur falls into the river. All of these are key actions. The dwarves had to cross the river. The series of actions related to the boat are key to that. And without Bilbo Bombur might have drowned.
Not sure what his position will be
125   boat tied on other side of river Yes
126   Bilbo estimates that it is 12 yards away. Not sure
127   Thorin - Dori is the strongest, but Fili is the youngest and has better sight. Not sure
128   First Fili and Kili pull on the rope. Then Oin and Gloin join in. Not sure if the whole sequence will be in the movie
129   A rope is securing the boat to the embankment on the other side. It finally breaks. Yes
130   All the dwarves cross to the other side one or two at a time until they are all across the river. Probably
131   deer - shooting all arrows Probably
132   Bombur falls into the Enchanted River Probably
133   Bombur is asleep and cannot be woken up Probably
134   The dwarves take turns carrying Bombur in teams of four. The other nine (eight dwarves and Bilbo) carry the 14 packs. Four dwarves and Bombur makes five, and there were 13 dwarves and Bilbo. (14-5 = 9) Probably
135 August 4,
TA 2941
Area of beech trees Doubtful
136 August 6,
TA 2941
valley of oak trees Probably
137   Bilbo climbs oak and sees black butterflies Probably
138 August 7,
TA 2941
Bombur wakes up Probably
139   Bombur tells them of his dreams of a feast Probably
140   Bombur plops down on the ground and refuses to go further Not sure
141   feast and lights
          Comment: This is an intricate series of events that will probably be summarized in the movie. The first time the lights appear, all the dwarves rush toward the feast. The lights go out. Then they appear again, and Bilbo is sent. The lights go out, and they have to search for Bilbo. Bilbo is found asleep on the ground. He wakes up and tells them he was having dreams of feasts similar to those of Bombur. Then the lights appear again. This time Thorin goes toward the feast. The lights go out. The elves find Thorin asleep (under an enchantment) and take him to their fortress.
142   Twelve dwarves captured by spiders Yes
143   Bilbo taunts the spiders, and at least 50 spiders go toward his voice
          Comment: Key action of Bilbo #9. Really, this is a series of actions by Bilbo that saves them from the spiders.
Not sure how many spiders there will be
144   The dwarves are bound by spider webs and hanging from an upper branch - maybe a second level, because Bilbo stands on a branch while freeing the dwarves. And the branch has to be very thick so that they can stand on it. Not sure
145   Bilbo kills his first spider, and then he puts the Ring on again. He takes the Ring off when he's cutting the dwarves out of their bonds.
          Comment: Bilbo's use of the Ring #4
146   Bilbo frees six dwarves and then has to fight off spiders that are coming up the trunk
          Comment: Wiki article about spiders - This wiki article explains that spiders have two-part bodies along with eight legs (rather than three parts and six legs - which is true for insects). The abdomen/tail is where they pull the web from, and the fangs are on the head. The RotK movie showed what was supposed to be a spider, but it had a stinger in the tail. It was more like a wingless wasp with eight legs. It will be interesting to see what the anatomy of the spiders in The Hobbit will be.
Not sure
147   Bilbo jumps down off the branch to the ground in order to save Bombur from being recaptured Probably
148   Bilbo puts the Ring on again in order to draw the spiders off.
          Comment: Bilbo's use of the Ring #5
149   Bilbo's taunting - Attercop, Tomnoddy, Lazy Lob Yes
150   Fili had to cut off much of his beard in order to get rid of the spider webbing.
          Comment: The Hobbit also says that the other dwarves were in similar condition when freed. They were all physically weakened, but I'm not sure if that refers to the beard as well.
151 August 8,
TA 2941
battle and escape from the spiders
          Comment: Key action of Bilbo #10
152   Thorin captured by elves Yes
153   Thorin is interrogated by the Elf king
          Comment: The treatment of Thorin and the dwarves by the Elf king portrays the Elf king to be villainous. IMO, nothing the Elf king does before the end of the book makes up for what he does during the dwarf captivity.
Chapter 9 
Barrels Out Of Bound
154   Dwalin - "Where's Thorin?" A dwarf will say it.
155   Bilbo has taken the Ring off. The dwarves and Bilbo vote which direction to go. Decision: 8 to 5. Doubtful
156   Rest of dwarves captured by elves
          Comment: I'm not sure if he'll have Thorin captured separately from the other elves.
157   Bilbo quickly slips the Ring on in order to avoid detection by the elves. He probably doesn't take it off until the shore of the river - weeks later.
          Comment: Bilbo's use of the Ring #6. Key action of Bilbo #11. Putting on the Ring and being able to follow the dwarves and elves into the elf fortress is a key action.
158   The twelve dwarves are escorted through the stone gate where the interior of the cave was lit by the red light of torches. Possibly
159   The twelve dwarves are interrogated by the Elf king Probably
160   Balin speaks for the twelve Probably
161   The Elf king wears a crown of berries and red leaves, and he holds a carved oak staff. Hopefully
162   The Hobbit says that the wood elves live in homes on the ground or in the beech trees. The king's fortress is in the cave. I think only the cave will be shown
163 August 20,
TA 2941
Bilbo discovers Thorin
          Comment: Key action of Bilbo #12.
164   The king's butler and the captain of the guard get drunk. Yes
165 September 20,
TA 2941
Bilbo steals keys
          Comment: Key action of Bilbo #13.
166   Bilbo returns keys
          Comment: All this dwarvish racket #2 occurs around this point.
167   Escape from elves in/on barrels
          Comment: Key action of Bilbo #14
168   Bilbo did not jump in. He grabbed a barrel as it was being pushed.
          Comment: This might be simplified by Bilbo jumping.
Not sure
169   Gate opened Yes
170   Elves fend the barrels away from rocks into the river Doubtful
171   Stopped overnight on river coast. Bilbo sneezes
          Comment: There are three events between the opening of the gate and the arrival at Lake-town - elves fending off the barrels, barrels brought to river's shore at night, arrival at Lake-town. This may be whittled down to one, and Bilbo may sneeze on the Lake-town shore.
Chapter 10 
A Warm Welcome
172 September 21,
TA 2941
Stopped at edge of lake Yes
173   Bilbo lets Thorin out of the barrel first. They gradually find the others. Fili and Kili help. Yes
174   Fili - Never wants to smell apples again Yes
175 September 22,
TA 2941
Arrival at Lake-town Yes
176   Surprised guards Yes
177   Told to leave weapons.  They said they had none.  No one mentions that Bilbo has a knife/sword Not sure
178   Thorin says that Fili and Kili are "the sons of my father's daughter."
          Comment 1: Note that Thorin does not say that they are the sons of his sister - or half-sister. I'm not sure if this implies something about the father having a second wife, or if that is just how dwarves talk.
          Comment 2: This is one of the few references to female dwarves in The Hobbit or The Lord of the Rings.
Not sure
179   Master of Lake-town is at a feast with the prominent citizens of the town. Yes
180   Wood Elf representatives declare that the dwarves were prisoners of their king.
          Comment 1: Yet at one point the Elf king says that Thorin was his "guest".
          Comment 2: After the dwarves escape, Tolkien tries to portray the elf king as good. In my mind, nothing will make up for the imprisonment of the dwarves. The king claims they should have come to him to get permission to be in his realm. How could they have done that? His reaction to the dwarves was totally unreasonable. Tolkien calls him and his subjects "good people." It's hard to understand.
          Comment 3: I've always puzzled about the reaction of the Wood Elves at Lake-town, and then I think I put it together. First, the Wood Elves declare that Thorin and the dwarves were some vagabond dwarves that harrassed the Wood Elves when they were feasting in Mirkwood, and then they begin to think that their king made a mistake. I think this means that the Elven King did not believe that Thorin was the King Under the Mountain, the heir of Thror and Thráin. When the Wood Elves said they were vagabonds, they were repeating what every elf in Mirkwood assumed was true. It is at Lake-town that they begin to realize that Thorin was more than their King thought he was.
Not sure
181   They stayed in the town for a fortnight
          Comment: Time-lapses like this will be left out.
182 October 5,
TA 2941
Talked to the master about leaving Maybe
183 October 6,
TA 2941
Sent ponies ahead - being led by lake-men. No
Chapter 11 
On the Doorstep
184 October 7,
TA 2941
They depart from Lake-town Yes
185   Bilbo, the dwarves, and Lakemen row across the lake and up the Running River in three boats. They arrive that the meeting place where other Lakemen and the ponies are waiting. The dwarves get out of the boats, and the Lakemen who guided the ponies get into the boats. The Lakemen return to Lake-town, and the dwarves and Bilbo proceed up toward the Lonely Mountain. Not sure about the rowing
186   They meet the lake-men who brought the ponies up part-way to the Lonely Mountain. Not sure
187 October 11,
TA 2941
They reach Ravenhill.
          Comment: In the book, the dwarves arrive at Ravenhill where they meet the ponies, explore the main entrance, and then go to the west of the Lonely Mountain at the encouragement of Bilbo. Some of that will be left out.
Not sure
188 October 12,
TA 2941
They scout and explore the area outside of the main entrance. Not sure
189   Smoke coming out of "the steaming gate" Probably
190   The ruins of the town of Dale Probably
191   Balin complains about crows Probably
192 October 13,
TA 2941
They encamped between two spurs on the west of the Lonely Mountain.
The spurs created a somewhat sheltered valley,
since their walls were steep and the valley was somewhat narrow.
          Comment: The book says that there is an eastern spur, a southern spur, and two western spurs. I haven't found mention of anything to the north, though that doesn't mean nothing is there. The town of Dale was between the eastern and southern spurs - as is main gate into the Lonely Mountain. The two western spurs create a narrow valley/dale above which the hidden door is found.
Not sure of this type of detail
193 October 18,
TA 2941
Fili and Kili and Bilbo went to the SE part of the valley
and found a standing stone behind which was a rough stairway up the mountain.
They climbed the stairs up to a ridge that went along the southern exposure of the mountain.
The ridge turned north along the western side so that they could look down on their camp.
It was a very narrow path along the edge of the cliff to the east of the valley where they were encamped.
Then it opened up a bit.  There was a notch in the mountain with a flat wall on the mountain.
It was not a cave, since it had no roof and was open to the sky.  It was recessed so that the cliff blocked anyone seeing it from below,
and it was such a small notch on the large mountain that most creatures (Smaug in particular) would not have noticed it.
The flat wall had no features, but it was obviously made with enchantments built into it.
          Comment 1: The event will probably be simplified. I've had to analyze Tolkien's description of how they find the door. It's extremely interesting to read this part of the book. The two ridges, the exploring at the southeast of the valley, the discovery of the stairs (that disappear now and then on the way up). And there is the east-west ridge they arrive at, which turns to go along the western side of the mountain. Narrow and 150 feet above the valley floor.
          Comment 2: Key action of Bilbo #15
They'll find the door
194   The path is very narrow - so narrow that they could not carry packs. The packs had to be hoisted up from the valley. They'll probably carry packs
195   The path is 150 feet above their camp in the valley Not sure
196   They try to use tools on the door, but the handles of the tools shatter Not sure
197 October 24,
TA 2941
Thrush and snail; "crack, crack, crack" Yes
198   The thrush is coal black with a yellow breast with dark spots.
          Comment: The American Robin is in the thrush family. It is mostly dark. Could be thought of as coal black. While the American Robin has an orange-red chest, the thrush in The Hobbit has a yellow breast with dark spots.
Not sure what the color combination will be, but there will be a thrush
199   Opening the door: moon, shaft of sunlight, and Thorin's key
          Comment 1: From what I've read, I believe the moon is supposed to be a New Moon. Not sure the movie will show a New Moon, but that probably isn't important. If the moon and the sun are there, it would be close enough.
          Comment 2: Key action of Bilbo #16.
Most of it
Chapter 12 
Inside Information
200   Bilbo starts down the tunnel. Balin follows a short distance. Yes
201   Bilbo puts on the Ring part way down.
          Comment: Bilbo's use of the Ring #7
202   Smaug is a red-golden dragon
          Comment: The map shows Smaug as a red dragon. I don't think Thorin's grandfather would have made a mistake. It is possible that the gold tint is a reflection of piles of gold.
203   Smaug is snoring or rumbling during sleep Yes
204   Stealing of cup Yes
205   Smaug's anger Yes
206   rescue of Bofur and Bombur Maybe
207   Smaug eats six ponies
          Comment: It's interesting that later Smaug admits to himself that he has never eaten anything like a Hobbit. The scent of Bilbo puzzles him. That may imply that one of the six ponies Smaug ate was Bilbo's.
Probably not. Smaug may mention it to Bilbo.
208 October 25,
TA 2941
Bilbo goes down the tunnel to Smaug a second time
          Comment: It will be interesting if Bilbo talks to Smaug twice.
209   Bilbo puts on the Ring part way down.
          Comment: Bilbo's use of the Ring #8
210   Bilbo sees Smaug's suddenly open eye
          Comment: The gist of Tolkien's description is that Smaug was not sleeping. When he sensed Bilbo's smell and movement of air, he opened his eye a crack. Bilbo saw it just in time.
211   Bilbo's conversation with Smaug #1: 'I come from under the hill, and under the hills and over the hills my paths led. And through the air. I am he that walks unseen. I am the clue-finder, the web-cutter, the stinging fly. I was chosen for the lucky number. I am he that buries his friends alive and drowns them and draws them alive again from the water. I came from the end of bag, but no bag went over me. I am the friend of bears and the guest of eagles. I am Ring-winner and Luckwearer; and I am Barrel-rider.' It might be shortened
212   Bilbo's conversation with Smaug #2:
(1) O Smaug, the Tremendous.
(2) O Smaug, the Chiefest and Greatest of Calamities.
(3) O Smaug, the Mighty.
(4) O Smaug, the Unassessibly Wealthy.
(5) Lord Smaug, the Impenetrable.
(6) Your Magnificence.
Probably not all of them.
213   Bilbo sees Smaug's bare spot
          Comment: Key action of Bilbo #17.
214   Has to run up tunnel Yes
215   Bilbo's hair is burned off the back of his head and feet, and his skin is scorched. Not sure
216   The dwarves try to do something for Bilbo's burns. Not sure
217   Bilbo throws a stone at the thrush. Probably
218   Thorin says not to bother the thrush, and the thrush may be one of the birds that was alive 200 years ago.
          Comment: This may be an indication of how long ago Smaug conquered the Lonely Mountain, and it indicates that Thorin and Balin are at least 200 years old. Later, Roäc says he is 153 years, and his father knew Thorin (and his grandfather and father) at the time of the appearance of Smaug. Tolkien's ravens and thrushes lived long lives.
Not sure
219   Bilbo tells dwarves of Smaug's bare spot Yes
220   The thrush flies to Esgaroth Yes
221   Smaug destroys outer entrance to tunnel Maybe
222   Smaug flies off to attack Esgaroth Yes
Chapter 13 
Not At Home
223 October 27,
TA 2941
Bilbo and the dwarves go down the tunnel. Yes
224   Bilbo puts on the Ring part way down. He takes it off when they get to the treasure room.
          Comment 1: Bilbo's use of the Ring #9
          Comment 2: All this dwarvish racket #3 occurs around this point.
225   Bilbo explores the treasure room himself. The dwarves hang back. Yes
226   Bilbo finds the Arkenstone
          Comment 1: Key action of Bilbo #18.
          Comment 2: The Arkenstone is so big that Bilbo cannot hold it in one hand.
Yes. A key event.
227   Bilbo falls down, and his light goes out. He calls out "Light, light!" and the dwarves finally come out of the tunnel. Probably
228   Dwarves explore the treasure Yes
229   Bilbo is given mithril armor for an elven prince Yes
230   Thorin rattles jewels in his pocket Probably not
Chapter 14 
Fire and Water
231 October 25,
TA 2941
Smaug attacks Lake-town Yes
232   Town baiting by Smaug Yes. Dramatic visual scene movies usually have.
233   It is dark - after sundown - when Smaug attacks Lake-town Yes
234   Thrush speaks to Bard, the archer from Dale, during Smaug's attack Yes
235   Light from the moon hits Smaug. His wings are "silvered", and the bare spot is shown. The bare spot will be seen
236   Bard shoots Smaug with special black arrow he had inherited from his father who had inherited it. It had been passed down from father to son in Bard's family for many years.
          Comment: Not sure about inheriting part.
There will be a black arrow
237   Bard shoots at a spot on the left breast of Smaug
          Comment: Smaug exposes the bare spot of his left breast as he flies in front of Bard. In order for the left breast to be exposed, Smaug had to be flying from right to left. It will be interesting to see how it is portrayed in the film.
238   Bard dives into the lake after shooting the arrow Not sure
239   Smaug dies, destroying town Yes
240   Elves march toward Lonely Mountain.  Intercepted by messengers from Bard.
          Comment: Not sure if this will be portrayed, or if the Elven King will just march to Lake-town.
Not sure
Chapter 15 
The Gathering of the Clouds
241 October 28,
TA 2941
Roäc son of Carc tells dwarves that Smaug is dead Yes
242   Roäc calls Smaug "The Guardian" Probably not
243   Roäc son of Carc tells Thorin that he is 153 years old Probably not
244   Roäc son of Carc is going blind and is losing his feathers on top of his head Probably not. He will be old.
245   Fili and Kili are led by a raven to find the three ponies and some of their supplies No
246   Bombur, Fili, Kili did not agree with Thorin about not parleying with Bard No
247 November 5,
TA 2941
Elf host reaches north shore of lake Yes
248 November 8,
TA 2941
Host reaches Dale
          Comment: The ruins of Dale may not be in the movie. Simplification and cost savings.
249 November 9,
TA 2941
First approach to the Gate Maybe
250   Dwarves had built wall of defense Yes
251 November 10,
TA 2941
First parley with Bard and the Elven king
          Comment: The multiple parlays may be simplified.
252   The elf king's green banner, and the lake men's blue banner Maybe
253   Thorin shoots an arrow that hits a shield Probably
254   Siege begins Yes
Chapter 16 
A Thief in the Night
255 November 16,
TA 2941
Bilbo puts on the Ring as he goes down.
          Comment: Bilbo's use of the Ring #10
256   There is no moon in the sky, so it is the New Moon, and it is extremely dark. No
257   Elf - "Maybe it's that queer creature who is their servant." Hopefully
258   Elf - "Are you the dwarves Hobbit?" Hopefully
259   Bilbo meets Bard at fireside with elf king Yes
260   Bilbo gives Arkenstone to Bard
          Comment: Key action of Bilbo #19.
261   Bilbo talks to Gandalf  
Chapter 17 
The Clouds Burst
262 November 17,
TA 2941
Second parlay with Bard and Elven king Not sure
263   Gandalf reveals Arkenstone in a wooden box Yes
264   Dáin arrives
          Comment: It's interesting that on the audio version, Robert Inglis pronounces Dáin as if it rhymes with "dine". Yet he pronounces Thráin as if it rhymes with "thane". I've received emails about Dáin and Thráin. Some say Thráin should be pronounced "Tra-een". I've been doing some research, and it turns out that Tolkien didn't leave very much information on the pronunciation of dwarf names. Please see The Encyclopedia of Arda article on Tháin II
265 November 18,
TA 2941
Battle of Five Armies Yes
266   Bats block out the sun. Probably
267   Bilbo puts on the Ring early in the battle.
          Comment: Bilbo's use of the Ring #11
268   Bolg, the goblin leader. Probably
269   Part of the wall the dwarves built falls outward by levers, and Thorin and Bilbo's friends dash into the fight Yes
270   Beorn appears at the battle in bear form Yes
271   Bilbo yells, "The Eagles!" Yes
272   Thorin injured Yes
Chapter 18 
The Return Journey
273   Fili and Kili are dead Maybe
274   Bilbo invisible on battlefield among dead, but he is found Yes
275 November 19,
TA 2941
Thorin call Bilbo "child of the kindly West"
          Comment: A key statement of Thorin to Bilbo.
Not sure
276   Thorin dies Yes
277   Bard gives Bilbo two chests, one filled with gold and one filled with silver Not sure
278 November 25,
TA 2941
Journey home begins
          Comment: The whole journey home will probably be simplified. A lot of things in LotR that happened after the crowning of Aragorn were left out. I'm not sure how the end of The Hobbit will be handled. However, he is splitting the story up between three movies -- the same number for LotR which was a longer, more involved story.
Not sure
279   Bilbo gives a silver and pearl necklace to the elven king Not sure
280   Bilbo, Gandalf, and Beorn travelled around the north of Mirkwood Not sure
281   They stay with Beorn for a while Probably not
282 May 1,
TA 2942
Arrival at Rivendell Maybe
283   At Rivendell, Gandalf tells Elrond and Bilbo what he was doing while he was away from Bilbo and the Dwarves
          Comment: I think Jackson will handle this event in a different way.
Not sure
Chapter 19 
The Last Stage
284 May 8,
TA 2942
Gandalf reveals to Elrond and Bilbo what he was doing when the dwarves and Bilbo were in Mirkwood Forest. He was involved in a coordinated fight of the White Council against the Necromancer at Dol Guldur.  
285   Departure from Rivendell Probably
286   Bilbo and Gandalf dig up chest they found in the Troll cave. They split the treasure, placing it in bags, and placing the bags on their ponies. Not sure if the treasure will be buried
287 June 22,
TA 2942
Sign in black and red: "Sale by Messrs. Grubb, Grubb, and Burrowes - the effects of the late Bilbo Baggins Esq. of Bag-End, Underhill, Hobbiton"
          Comment 1: In one way, the sale of Hobbiton is a little like the Scouring of the Shire in LotR, but it kind of ties up the story in The Hobbit, so who knows?
          Comment 2: Sale of Bag-End might be in the film. Not sure about the wording of the sign.
Not sure
288   Bilbo stops sale of Bag-End Yes
289   Visit by Balin. Balin's beard was longer, and he had a jewel-encrusted belt. Gandalf is there, too. Bilbo's waistcoat is bigger, and he has gold buttons. No
290   Bilbo is writing "There and Back Again, A Hobbit's Holiday" Probably
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